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Really liked this book. The accessible way that pertinent issues were discussed make it ideal for research, self help or guidance.

I would say that it's suitable for all ages, abilities and confidence levels. Offering tips, scenarios and scripts is ideal for neurotypical and neurodiverse. Even if you're the most clued up person socially or struggle 1:1 or in groups, you will gain something from reading a chapter or two. 

Helpfully themes/issues are set out clearly in chapters, meaning you don't have to read the whole book taking notes to have a decent summary on a topic. Not all the scenarios met the mark, but that's to be expected, nor am I the target audience. But that said it tackles well the fundementals of new situations, what to say, when to say it and how to be comfortable being you.

Forgot to say that I got this via NetGalley and the formatting was pants even in the NetGalley app. That was probably the most annoying part of reading this book.
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Good books for adolescents especially because as they are discovering themselves, there are many questions that would go through their minds. I wish I had a similar book when I was growing up. Great book!
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I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My 6 years old really enjoyed this book- a communication book on how to address the difficult topics, stand up for yourself, and how to be a good understanding friend. She particularly enjoyed the chapter on what to say during embarrassing situations.
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I feel like every child should have a copy of this book. You see a lot of books targeted at younger children but I have never come across one like this. It is so colourful and imaginative and breaks down emotions in such an easy and understandable way. The pictures are fantastic and the little quizzes throughout are a lovely addition.
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This fantastic guide to social skills is perfectly pitched for the target audience of children aged 10+ With bright, humourous graphics and a warm, conversational tone throughout, it is an absolutely perfect 'how to' guide for a number of highly relevant topics including getting along with people, dealing with hard things, being an ally and caring for your community. The 4 step 'behaviour test' is something I can imagining displaying in a classroom to encourage self awareness among my pupils and the level of effort made throughout the book to be genuinely inclusive and supportive of every young person as they develop their social skills was really wonderful to see. I will definitely be buying a copy when it's published later this year! 
Thanks to NetGalley and Storey Publishing for a free eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Some readers may be disappointed by Newman's generous interpretation of social skills. Unlike more traditional self-help books that focus solely on individual growth, WHAT CAN I SAY? links this to collective well-being. I especially appreciate the emphasis on boundaries and consent, and supporting others in the way that's most helpful for them. Kudos for affirming different ways of being, not just IN the world, but OF it.
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Social skills are very important to learn at an early age. And what time is good as middle school. It is the basis and foundation of all relationships.

What made this book unique for me is that it gives tools that I wish I had at an early age. Nowadays we have social media where people can be very cruel to others. It all begins at an early age, which is why it is suiting that kids learn as early as possible as well.

 In What Can I Say?,Catherine Newman, author of the bestseller How to Be a Person, however in this book she gives children guidance and instruction to help them establish and maintain meaningful relationships and effective communication with friends, teachers, family members, and others in their communities.

This book gives guidance in the right things to say. I’d say, it teaches kids to be sensitive and assertive when it comes to different situations they may find themselves in.

The illustrations will make it user friendly for children, because it makes it relatable and firendly. And what a great way to learn with a bit of humor.

We live in a digital Era, where people can be so cruel on social media, this book gives children tools to deal with situations like that more.

I like this book because it teaches good communication skills to children. And it is children friendly in terms of pictures, it makes it interesting to read and learn. What I also loved is that it also touches the topic of bullying which is an issue that really needs to be addressed
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Such a wonderful guide for being able to talk to each other in a kind manner as middle school students. I had to put this on my order list as soon as I finished it. I loved that it was written as a graphic novel format with all the visual of what the scene of the conversation would look like. 

Thank you so much to @netgalley and @CatherineNewman for this advanced reader's copy for an honest review.
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Full review closer to publication date!

I'd like to thank the publisher, Storey Publishing and Netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Catherine Newman is fast becoming a must-buy for my library. Between How to Be a Person and now What Can I Say, she is producing such great, accessible, inclusive social guides for young people. My student population has a large number of neuro-diverse kids and I already know how helpful this book will be for many of them. Will definitely be purchasing for both my library and also for my own kids!
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I loved this book and wish it had been around when I was a shy, awkward over thinking child. With tips on what to say and when to say it this is perfect for kids who choose to say nothing incase they say the wrong thing.
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Brilliant book, for adults, teens, kids (though parents need to walk through and only for some sections... more like see the age, refer to what's relevant).
Love the pop quizzes and various scenarios listed out.
Great book, especially for thise who are shy and need to network or simply make a friend! In fact, I can imagine many adults using this as reference ..... much needed reference lol..
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"What Can I Say" is a well written book about an important topic that is underpresented within the publishing world. It tackles difficult topics with empathy and clarity.
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The book was clear and easy for a kid/teen to read and understand and was simple and to the point. I love that it covered so many topics that kids will find themselves in or around and how to best handle them. There are topics that I didn’t realize would be covered in the book but society is changing and I thought the author did a good job giving high level information on the topics.
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I've loved Catherine Newman since she began writing about parenting her son, probably almost 20 years ago, while he was a toddler. I've followed her all thoughout the years, through my own parenting experiences, and she has long been a place of comfort for me. She knows how to say the things we are all experiencing. I've also enjoyed her advice column in Real Simple, and I was very excited when I found out she was writing a couple of kids books on manners and being good humans and good citizens. This book did not disappoint, and I immediately bought a copy for my own children.
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There have been other books on manners written through the years but this one is a bit different. It is truly written for young people to read. It is written in an easy-to-read way that would work for elementary school on up. What is good is that it is very current--discusses things such as texting, and how people act these days. It is one of those books that a family could have and pull out whenever a manners-related question arises; same for a classroom teacher.

For a classroom teacher, situations in books could be discussed and then the proper way to address that situation could be compared. It is also fun, if studying Shakespeare and Elizabethan England to compare their manners with today's. Quite a lot of fun.

This book was given to me by #NetGalley to review. #WhatCanISay
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I can’t wait to purchase this book. I know it will be read many, many times by my students, who are navigating a tricky period in their lives as they enter puberty and move up to secondary school. I loved the bright and not overly complicated illustrations by Debbie Fong, small easy to manage blocks of text and appealing font. The fact that this book acknowledges some of life’s more awkward situations and the massive array of emotions we all feel at some point and validated them as normal is just so crucial. The book covers a wide range of themes; with a great section on relationships that features lgbtq+ examples with natural ease; but also covers looking after our community and our planet as well as how to manage social situations and feel in control of difficult emotions.  Great book!
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This book is, in my honest opinion, very relatable and an easy guide not just to kids but for all introverts.  

During the course of the COVID-19, many of the kids and even adults have been more isolated and learning from home. In other words, face-to-face communication is very different from the "Zooming" and virtual world.  

This book shows us how to strike up conversations, how to be respectful, and how to be very clear about how to stand up for themselves and not be a wallflower who gets run over by others.  The cartoon visuals make this book fun to read and are very helpful. You don't feel like you are reading boring nonfiction of some sort. 

I greatly appreciated the book focusing on issues that need to be addressed, which includes racism and prejudice, pronouns, and sexuality. It's okay to ask questions and not know how to ask or who to ask, this is a great help.
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This book was a great read. I read it with my 13 year old middle grader, and the book definitely helps pre-teens & teens on topics that can be difficult to navigate. I appreciate Story Publishing& NetGalley for the Early digital ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, in all honesty I feel blessed that I was able to add this to my arsenal of tools to help my child navigate this new and sometimes difficult era of his life, especially since they are on the autism spectrum and that makes the topics in this book even more difficult to navigate sometimes. I highly  recommend this to everyone who has a child entering the preteen/teen portion of their lives and who as a parent like me is having difficulty navigating it with their child and who might not have all the answers
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The illustrations and the presentation are quite outstanding yet fun cute.

I feel this guidebook on social interaction for young readers is one of the best guidebooks I have come across. I do feel most kids feel left out and are quiet when they meet new people or people who they are not familiar with just because they do not know how to respond or start a conversation or just simply how to greet.

The illustrated guide on different common situations each kid might most possibly face are included and the tips on how to deal with them are explained well.

The book almost reads like a graphic novel. You will enjoy this one if you're reading with the kids.

One of the best young readers guidebooks I say!

Thank you, Storey Publishing, for the advance reading copy.
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