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Funny and fun taking some of the tropes from classic fantasy novels and giving them an LGBT+ twist, I would love to see more from these characters and see how they develop along their adventures.
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It's like a little D&D game came to life!

The diversity (specifically LGBTQ+ rep) in characters was nice and this book, or specifically Eugene, was so horny. I liked the illustrations, though I think it would have improved from a bit of complexity since they were rather simple--which is completely fine! There is some allusion to a mysterious backstory which I think would be perfect for sequels, which I would completely read. 

What I would have liked:
I wish there would have been a bit more story...I just wish it was longer, there was like a red-herring or two... something to make it more like a D&D campaign or just to flesh it out a bit.

I'd recommend this for:
People who like simple stories and enjoy a bit of spice. I think anyone who has ever played a D&D campaign will enjoy this graphic novel, as they might find themselves in some of the characters.
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A quick and enjoyable read about a wanderlust royal who joins a questing party. The story follows the basic D&D tropes of party types, missions, and storytelling while boasting a diverse cast of races, genders, and sexualities! The art style is very modern (I'd compare it to many webcomic styles) and the color and backgrounds are gorgeous and well detailed. 

We didn't get to find out too much about all the characters and only saw a little action in the story so I hope there will be more issues to come! Even though this isn't the best fit for my libraries' collection I'm definitely going to get a copy for myself.
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I love the title a lot! I knew this was going to be awesome and I was right! Prince Eugene is bored and he so wants to be a hero of course and he actually does it. An adventuring group that consists of Michel, Hocus, and Ani need a fourth member that can actually fight and then enters our bastard prince. Eugene is actually quite good a fighter and the group takes him with them on a journey to save a village from a nasty priest. But, the plot ins't the thing here really. It works and is good, but the best thing is the group dynamics and how Eugene starts a sexual relationship with Ani and they both hate each other. It's perfect. The characters are awesome personas and there's lots of lgbtq+ stuff in the comic too. I loved the verbal abuse and jokes and all a lot, totally the best part.

The art looks very game-like in a sense. I do like the line art, it's webcomic style. The colors could vary a bit more and have more layers, but it works like this too. I just love good humor comics with big and pervy heart at the core. It takes no time to read this, but it's surely not for people without humor. It's crude and great!
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2.5/5 rounded up to 3. There is some good character design and artwork and an interesting story, but everything is very surface level and the story lacks compelling themes or any sort of deep exploration of those themes. This reads as an adaptation of a D&D campaign, which would be very fun for those who played it but lacks a lot to latch on to for those who are just reading along. This is a VERY horny story, but some of the humor is strong and the characters are interesting enough to entertain. The story and art are a +, the dialogue is a -.
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An absolutely delightful romp into fantasy adventure! Kendra really captures the goofiness, as well as the true heart, of every good adventuring questing party. This is a queer, magical, ridiculous adventure that really proves that a hero can be anyone. Even a spoiled, selfish, brash, purple horned prince.
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OMG I loved it!  It really just put a smile on my face!  I got access to the ARC through NetGalley and saw that at the beginning of my lunch.  I couldn’t resist reading it right away even though it isn’t out until early next year.  Besides!  I can plow through a graphic novel in an hour. 😁
It  has the same silly sense of fun as Adventure Zone while the content rating might be more on par with Rat Queens with less gore.  The art is bright and cheerful and the party is all likable enough to enjoy their characters in different ways. If you’re a RPG gamer and have a sense of humor about your reading you should read this!
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