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“Sheesh. Campbell. We’ve got a police force in this town. They’re pretty good. It’s not your job. Tell your detective friend. Let him do the work. It’s what we pay him for.”


Campbell, travel agent, isn’t surprised when close friend Bitsy Carter disappears to Mexico for a spa vacay through her agency. But, when she’s declared missing a couple of weeks later, gaps start to form. What could make a devoted and loving mother leave her children behind?

This was a nice cozy mystery, and I loved the story, but personally it moved too slowly for me. At the start the story is very slow moving, and there’s a bit too much romance thrown in for my liking in a ‘mystery’, but then at the end it seems to all quickly end in the last couple of chapters, like it was rushed.

I also don’t understand why a travel agent takes a police case that comes across as dangerous into her own hands. To me, that doesn’t make sense. The characters and the storyline, other than the amateur detective travel agent, seemed well thought out. 

The chapters were small bite sized chunks, so at any point there was a nice stopping point, helpful if like me you have a toddler who likes interrupting your reading, and I loved the fact that this can be read as a stand-alone, even though it’s supposed to be part of a series.

I recommend if you’re looking for something lightweight, but not a heavy thriller mystery type.

Thank you to Canongate Books, Severn House, Peggy O’Neal Peden and NetGalley for providing me with a copy!
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Gone missin by Peggy O'Neil Peden.
A Nashville mystery Book 2.
Travel agent Campbell Hale isn't surprised when she hears her good friend, socialite and talented artist Bitsy Carter, has booked a luxury Mexican spa vacation through her agency. Bitsy often takes solo trips abroad, and who'd want to spend February in grey Nashville when they could avoid it?
A very good read with good characters.  I liked Campbell.  Well written.  4*.
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Happy to start 2022 discovering an excellent cozy mystery series: entertaining, fast paced and compelling.
Campbell is a great character: curious, clever and never too reckless. A likeable and well developed characters.
I also liked Sam, her significant other.
The mystery is solid, full of twists, and the solution surprised me and was satisfying.
Good character development, a vivid background, lots of humour.
Even if it's the second in a series it can be read as a standalone.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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There's something very odd about Bitsy's trip to Mexico.  Campbell, who usually books her trips, is surprised to find out she used someone else and that she went on her own.  And then she doesn't come back. OF course she has to find her so she convinces her romantic interest Detective Sam Davis to join her in Mexico as she looks fro Bitsy.  No spoilers from me but this is not just a cozy, it's also about friendship, secrets, and lies.  I liked Campbell and the Nashville setting is terrific.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  I missed the first book in this series but I won't do that again- it's a good read.
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This well-written drama immediately held my attention from the first page to the conclusion. The author did a great job in staging this intrinsically intriguing and suspenseful tale that had me glued to the pages as the story played out. The more the story moved forward, the more it became apparent that something was amiss. With visually descriptive narrative, I felt the rush in the search for a friend by Campbell and the engaging dialogue emphasized the worry. I like seeing a different side of Campbell and getting to know what makes Sam tick. Overall, what a great mystery and I hope there are more adventures with Campbell and her friends.
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Travel agent Campbell Hale’s friend Bitsy goes missing and Campbell is determined to find her. The second in a series, this can also be read as a stand alone as I have done. Though, I seem to have found a new favorite author and need to go back and read the first book.
The characters are well developed, the dialogue snappy, and overall the writing is descriptive and eloquent. Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for a copy of this digital ARC. All opinions are my own. This review can also be found on my Goodreads page.
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Love this series! Set in an ever changing Nashville, both in topography and customs, the author sets the scenes beautifully and accurately, which enhances the book. Travel agent Campbell Hale is an excellent main character, who’s warm and caring. So when Bitsy goes missing after booking a trip through her agency, Campbell feels compelled to find out what has happened to her friend. Good writing and mystery, I’m already looking forward to the next installment.
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What an excellent start to a cozy series! Lots of twists and turns that make for an interesting read. Love the well developed characters! I want more! Thanks #netgalley and #CanongateBooks and #SevernHouse for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.
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Another Adventure, Another Mystery…
The second in the Nashville Mystery series and a catch up with travel agent Campbell Hale, another adventure and another mystery to solve. Once again, Campbell is determined to uncover some truths. Witty, interesting and enjoyable with a likeable protagonist in the endearing Campbell and a plot populated with a colourful cast of characters and a solid sense of place.
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Nosy, warm-hearted travel agent Campbell Hale gets mixed up in a missing persons case when beloved Nashville socialite Bitsy Carter vanishes during her Mexican vacation.
This is a fun mystery with a travel agent/detective with a fast car and always in trouble. Overall a good mystery with well developed characters.  
#GoneMissin #NetGalley
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This book was sent to me by Netgalley electronically for review…it is a mystery with intrigue and many red herrings..the protagonist is a travel agent by day and a detective at night…and on vacations…in love with a police officer and her sports car…she solves the Sumter of what happened to her friend…al5ough it is easy to predict the end, the author has woven a good story…hope to read more by this author…
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