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As a beginner collage artist, I was drawn to Melanie Mowinski’s Collage Your Life on NetGalley to see if I could find inspiration, new techniques, or general principles for collage creation. I obtained a copy and wish to give my unbiased opinion. I have to say I found a great deal of usable information in this title.

The book jumps right into the collage process without any long introduction or explanation of the author’s background and experience, which I honestly appreciated. The information on tools, adhesives, materials and ephemera, etc. was well documented and illustrated. It provides a clear picture of how to get started in collage without providing limitations to the artist’s personal preferences and aesthetic.

The author spends time going over general design concepts and color theory. This is at a pretty basic level, but there is enough here to get the process started and to inspire the beginner. I don’t expect a book of this type to deeply cover these concepts as they can be more fully explored through other books, online, classes, etc. This is true of many of the techniques described, as well. There is enough explanation, and adequate illustration to get the beginner going on a variety of techniques.

The best part of Collage Your Life is the incredible volume of inspiration. Many artist’s work is presented with a brief overview of their use of materials and techniques, as well as their personal preference in collage. A beginner can see how an artist chose to use the medium to tell their story or their viewpoint. In addition, the author has created a series of prompts to help the beginner get started their exploration of materials, techniques, and story telling. The prompts can push the beginner to experiment and push past the fear of making “bad” art, as the author states.

I found reading Collage Your Life to be very inspirational and motivated me to dig through my garbage for found materials. This is the type of book a new artist to a medium needs - information and inspiration to get them started without formulaic instruction that limits their creativity.
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Absolutely beautiful book for anyone interested in art and crafts. It is full of inspirational projects and guidance for beginners and experienced artists alike. Beautifully illustrated and it has definitely got my creative juices flowing and I would highly recommend it as a cool gift for creatives.
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In recent years I have started journaling more. I am also a self-confessed hoarder and am always keeping tickets, leaflets, and photos I was looking for a way to incorporate these into my journal.

Collage Your Life is a great introduction to collaging and making art! The book has three sections. The first focuses on the building blocks of collages. Helping you build a toolkit for your artwork. Explaining the materials and also giving in-depth information about the different types of tools. E.g. explaining all the different types of glue and when to use them. The second section is about developing your technique and style, explaining all the different styles and showing examples of each style. However, it is the third section that is the most fun, the one with the prompts!
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This book is beautiful to look through and has a great mixture of helpful guidance, inspiration from collage artists and lots of ideas to inspire collage projects.  A book to return to again and again for inspiration.
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Not quite what I was expecting, this book is more serious about collage as an art form, rather than the scrapbooking ideas I thought it would have.  I'm not a serious artist, so that side of things didn't really work for me.  Some of the collages were rather strange to my eye, but it was interesting to see how about 20 artists used collage to express themselves.  Not something I'd look at again though.

What I did like - the introduction to equipment and the summary of some ideas to consider using when collaging - repetition, perspective, lines etc.  That I can see myself using when putting pictures together.
Didn't quite meet my expectations but a good book if looking for a more serious guide to this art form.
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This is the perfect book for beginners looking to explore collage! It has a list of supplies you will need and goes through all the basics like color theory, space, and design. I loved the ideas of other materials use, like creating your own stamp, ink transferring, and making your own stencils. I would even recommend this book to those who are already developed in their practice, as it has great examples of collages, and 55 different prompt ideas. I can't wait to use them!
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The sky is the limit!  Children and adults of all ages can enjoy making collages! 

"Collage Your Life" by Melanie Mowinski details how basic household supplies like scissors, adhesives, brushes, gesso, tapes, doilies, stencils, stamps, magazines, paint, pens, and lace (to name a few) are used to make special collage keepsakes.  The author explains simple techniques and surfaces one can collage on.  Readers are encouraged to engage in projects that are special to them by using their own personal taste. 

There is an extensive section on using color to make mixed media art.  This outstanding book features lessons from twenty-three well known artist.  The pictures are absolutely fabulous!  The special artists featured projects provide a wealth of information and ideas! 

 I am in love with "Collage Your Life" and can't wait to purchase my copy when it's published on June 21, 2022. 

Thank you NetGalley and Storey Publishing for allowing me to review this gorgeous e-book.
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Melanie Mowinski shares basic collage techniques with beautiful color photographs. She includes the selection of tools, materials, and adhesives. The book features 55 prompts to jumpstart your practice. The prompts feature basic projects that inspire you to exercise your creativity and uniqueness. 

There are profiles of collage artists that include their backgrounds and their artistic processes.

The last part of the book features instructions for creating handmade collage books and journals.

Collage is my favorite kind of art so I tend to gravitate toward books like this. This is a gold mine of inspiration for collage artists at all skill levels.

The author believes a successful art practice takes "commitment, regular preparation and rehearsal, and focused attention on continual skill refinement." You should strive to create a piece of art every day. Practice takes practice.

If you commit to making one collage a day using the techniques and prompts in this book, I guarantee you will see great improvement in your process and the end results of your efforts.
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Collage your Life is a guide to creating collages of paper ephemera and mixed media. 

The book begins with an introduction of tools followed by a comprehensive look at colour and design theories.  The second section is all about HOW to create your designs.  From planning to printmaking, painting and transfers, stitching and glueing and all other ways of altering paper.  The third section is all about inspiration: art prompts, artist profiles and samples of works. And the final section gives a brief look at bookbinding, for you to store and collate your collages.

Ideal for scrapbookers or collage artists, this book is all about developing the practice of collaging.

~Many thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review~
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there are some fun ideas in this book and I can see carving out some "me" time to have fun making some of these pages.
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Absolutely loved the imagery, imagination and the detailed way to start collating.

Lots of techniques are also discussed like transfers, gesso, block printing. Various profiles are also discussed.

Really enjoyed reading the book and all the creative forms of collage. This could start out as a great hobby and turn into something much more immersive.

My thanks to the publisher and netgalley for the ARC.
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Very lush photography with clear directions and prompts that spark inspiration.
I think with some alteration, this could provide some ideas for our library adult crafts.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Collage Your Life is a beautiful craft book full of I spiraling, prompts and guidance.
I've always wanted to make a scrap book and keep scraps of things but get nervous in how to display and use them. This book has given me so many ideas and lots of inspiration. The author gives advice and information on everything from glue and cutting tools to projects and materials. This is so beautifully put together and I'm now itching to get started on my own scrap book very soon. 
This is a great book for beginners like me but could also be inspirational to people with experience in scrapbooking too.
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC :). 
This was a good discovery for me. I never did collage and this book give good inspiration and techniques. However I think this is actually made for people that are family with collage as it appear a little bit complicated and technical. 
The book is nice to look and turn the page, there is nice illustrations :).
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Not at all what I expected! 
I was a little silly assuming the bit of scrapbooking I have done was what "collage" was about - so I was not prepared for what this taught me. 
While I probably won't use it (I was looking for ways to use mostly pictures), it was a book I would've never otherwise picked up and I learnt a lot of new techniques which I can apply in other art projects, but I also read for the first time about the theory behind art and all the elements to consider. 
For a novice, it's very detailed and in-depth, but definitely interesting!
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This is an excellent guide to collage in many ways and has a great deal of information about supplies, techniques and inspiration. The style of the projects reminded me quite a lot of ATCs (altered trading cards). Most of the examples are not really my style of artwork and I can't put my finger on why I didn't enjoy it more, but that's on me and not a fault of the book. I think perhaps it was just too packed and cluttered with projects and art and words, which shouldn't be a bad thing but somehow felt claustrophobic for me. It will be an especially good fit for those new to collage and crafting, but who want detailed instructions and more sophisticated tutorials. Loaded with photos.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for review.
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As I’ve got older I have really started to enjoy art, particularly collage and the use of it in scrapbooking so this book sounded fabulous. I really liked reading about various techniques, different papers & the mixing of various materials for effect. The photos and artwork are really beautiful (although not all to my taste) and I really think this book would look fabulous both in an artist’s studio or as a coffee table book. It was really informative and I can’t wait to treat myself to a physical copy.
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I loved this book!  I love to collage and have been very random about it, but this  book taught me so many techniques and how to use them.  Ideas to no end.  I would purchase this book!
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I'm going to be honest, I have zero art skills. I might be able to rustle up a stickman, but if you didn't know better, you would be forgiven for thinking a child did it.  However, I do have happy memories of being sat in my room with a magazine, cutting it up to make collages. With that in mind, I was really intrigued by "Collage Your Life" by Melanie Mowinkski.

It's a stunning book with examples of collages throughout, that I felt I wanted to pour over for hours.  The book is formatted into helpful sections from an inspiring introduction "What you make doesn't matter. All that matters is that you make something!" as well as chapters on materials, tecniques. prompts for collages and even steps on how to create your own book for your collages.  There's profiles of artists who use collages as their medium.

What can I say - this book is many things at once - its' a coffee table art book, it's an informative guide to collaging and I even think I will use it as a new years resolution and start collaging in 2022. 

I can't wait to buy a physical copy of the book when it comes out next summer. 

Thank you to the author, the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to review an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review - I am so glad I got approved, I have loved the book.
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This book is packed full of inspiration and ideas for the reader to create their own collages. 
It begins with lots of useful information, for example, about materials you might want to use, or tools that might come in handy, plus an overview of colour theory, the principles of composition and a guide to some techniques you may want to try. All are illustrated with colour photographs. 
Throughout the book there are full colour examples of the author's own work plus a multitude of works from other collage artists. 
The second half of the book has 55 prompts to "jumpstart your practice". These are a great way to get you making, so often the hardest part of art is that first mark on the paper. The prompts aren't full step-by-step instructions, but thoughts and ideas and suggestions of techniques to try. These also have examples of relevant collages to accompany them. Interspersed between the prompts are short profiles of professional collage artists, 
At the end, there are also instructions on how to make idea-generating cards to help you get creative. The book has a long list of suggested cards covering the topics of medium and technique, elements and principles of design, narrative, portraits and more. I really like this idea and can see me putting this into practice, and not just for collage art.

This is a great book for kickstarting your creativity and get you making some collages. There is also lots of information that could be transferred to other art forms. I recommend this book.

Thank you to Storey Publishing and NetGalley for the eARC
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