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I really liked the idea of a modern Pride and Prejudice retelling focused on Georgiana Darcy. I just struggled getting into this novel. The characters didn't feel well developed to me and I did not enjoy all the swearing especially in a YA book.
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I am nearly 100% of the time suckered in by Pride and Prejudice retellings or adaptations or even if they mention “inspired by.” That’s why I was excited to read Accomplished, as it calls itself a “Georgie Darcy Novel.” Great! I’d love a modern adaptation of P&P told from the viewpoint of Georgiana Darcy.

Dear readers, this was not that.

I feel like just the characters named were adapted from the original novel, as the characters themselves did not resemble their namesakes. Georgie was a very unlikable character, and I actually hated Darcy (my own true love, how could it be??).

And so I didn’t finish Accomplished. Once Georgie made the most ridiculous decision ever, I just couldn’t do it. Sorry, y’all.
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A modern retelling of pride and prejudice's Georgina Darcy character. This novel focuses on Darcy's younger sister trying to redeem her reputation after her involvement with the notorious Wickham character. The updated boarding school plot is wonderful as well as having Georgie interests in writing fan fiction for a regency show called Sage Hall. However the book is based on her relentless conflict with her brother and her own sense of self worth. I wish they had made the Darcy character more understanding as their relationship in the original novel was one of his saving graces so his being overbearing to the point of cruelty seemed a bit off here.
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Amanda Quain shines a light on the often overlooked Georgianna Darcy. Quain created a contemporary Darcy family that holds true to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Fitz Darcy, the perfect Darcy, is the closed off older brother that rather act like a helicopter parent than a friend. Georgie Darcy is the shy younger sister that unfortunately makes one mistake - trusting Wickham- and has to deal with finding her place at Pemberley High School without her brother or Wickham. I didn't like the conditions of the bet she makes with Wickham (what kind of bet is that?) and the fact that Pemberley was the boarding school. What I did love is Georgie's friendship and maybe more with fellow marching band mate Avery, Georgie scheming to matchmake Fitz to his annoying classmate Lizzie Bennet, and frat boy Charlie Bingley. Overall, I enjoyed it, even though as a reader you just want to scream "TALK TO EACH OTHER!" to help the Darcy siblings, but they're Darcys, they need a Lizzie Bennet to give them that push.
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pride and prejudice by jane Austen is one of my all time favorite classics, and all time favorites. I really adored this retelling with so much spunk and self-discovery. I was so happy when i was reading this. P and P retellings are always about my faveorite, lizzy and darcy, but I loved this nonetheless.
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This was a really fun reimagining of the Pride and Prejudice world, focused on the Darcy sibling that we never get to hear enough about, Definitely worth a read!
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DNF at 15%

This one was just not for me. I was sucked in by the premise of a modern P&P retelling featuring Georgiana Darcy. She's at an elite boarding school where she was taken advantage of by Wickham who is a drug dealer, using her single as a distribution center to the other rich, bored high school students.

I think that some of the modernizations at the point where I DNFd were rather clever, but it also just felt rather info dumpy trying to include all these details. Georgie was not a YA character that I particularly love to follow as she was full of self-doubt and shame for the events that occurred, and she is super isolated. I definitely think that this is a character that a lot of teenagers could relate to, but I just didn't enjoy being in her head. 

Overall, I definitely think that there will be an audience who relates to and loves this book, but I was just not it. I got to the point that I was doing everything I could to avoid picking this book back up, so It is more fair to DNF at this point. I hope that this book finds it's way into the hands of those who would love it.
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Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for an egalley in exchange for an honest review.

Added a star because this is YA and seems intended for a YA audience.  This is a Pride & Prejudice retelling from the perspective of a high school aged Georgiana Darcy. Starting her junior year, she is on a quest to be the "Perfect Darcy," like her brother Fitz, after an incident with Wickham that almost got her expelled.  

Although P&P is one of my favorite stories and I love a good retelling, this was a bit too juvenile for me. The references to original P&P characters were a bit on the nose and I would have preferred if they had different names and were merely nods to the original characters. 

I think a teen would enjoy this story, especially after reading P&P for the first time but not really for adults.
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Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this Arc!!!

This book was everything I wanted! I laughed and cried, I was frustrated and angry, while feeling tons of warm fuzzies while my heart was happy.

This is a modern day Pride and Prejudice but for Georgiana Darcy, Fitz Darcy's little sister. And if that's not enough then: Prep school kids and all that drama, Georgiana's attempt to a fresh start at this school, fanfic, and... BAND!!   

Georgiana was frustrating at first to read about bc she came across the wrong away, a little too used to her privilege.   But the more I got to know her and see her story fold out, the more I fell in love with her character and this book. I think this is going to be one of my favorites this year!

I definitely recommend this! A really great read. 

Out July 26, 2022!
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I really enjoyed this book. You never really get to see a book written from Georgiana's point of view. I would love to see another book in this world.
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I absolutely loved this version of Georgiana Darcy or Georgie as she prefers. I liked that we get to see a young girl trying to find herself apart from who she is to the men in her life. She certainly had some growing up to do, but I could see how she was trying her best to do the right thing. Anytime Wickham or Fitz or even one of her classmates made her feel lesser than, I just wanted to protect her. I’ve never been as enamored of Mr. Darcy as everyone else who loves P&P is (cue gasps), but I thought this was an interesting take on him. We get to see the burdens of being a Darcy and having all the responsibilities that come with it. I did love seeing how much he cared about Georgie though, even if he didn’t always show it the right way. I thought Avery and Georgie’s relationship was a really nicely developed slow burning friends to lovers. Avery was the absolute best. I loved him. I just really liked this book. A really sweet take on a minor P&P character with a lot of heart and inner strength. ALSO Bingley as a frat boy? HILARIOUS. 

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for an advanced digital copy.
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I'm a sucker for Pride and Prejudice. Like it's easily one of my favorite books of all time. Let me tell you...THIS BOOK LIVES UP TO ALL OF MY PRIDE AND PREJUDICE DREAMS!!!! (and yes, I am very picky with my beloved characters, so I do not take "living up to my dreams" lightly)

It was amazing to see things take a modern twist in a boarding school (duh literally amazing trope) AND the fact that it was all about Georgina instead of focusing on Darcy. A lot of retellings tend to still focus on Darcy and Elizabeth, and while they are still in it, it was very refreshing to see the lead be cast down to Georgina and truly show her story in this comedic, romantic gold mine of a book. It truly shows the ups and downs in (posh) high school, giving a new perspective on the lives of the elite regency. I loved following Georgie through all of her adventures of living up to standards, friendships, boys, and all other shenanigans, (a part of growing up in high school that is always overshadowed with the romantic aspects of the book.)  

If you weren't convinced yet...Bingley as a frat boy??? YES!

Amanda Quain this is an amazing books and I want everyone to give it the love it deserves. The refreshing retelling of Pride and Prejudice (a masterpiece in its own right) should not be overlooked, and it has created one of my favorite places to be <33 To that I do send all of my thanks

The banter that Georgie had with Avery was CHEFS KISS. muah. muah. muah. I really enjoyed This May End Badly and when St. Marten's Press gave me the opportunity to read this book via an e-arc I QUITE LITERALLY JUMPED UP AND DOWN AND SQUEALED WITH JOY.

If you had to do one thing! And one thing only! Read this book. Read the rom com, retelling, and banter full book that made me not want to put it down. The plot progressed excellently and it was wonderful to see the different sides of the characters, showing you don't have to be perfect all the time and compare yourself to others <33

(thank you to the publishing house and netgalley for providing me an e-arc of this masterpiece)
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I'm always here for a Pride and Predjudice retelling and this one was delightful. A fresh update of this tried and true story, Accomplished brought us the characters we know and love in a fun, modern way. Soild, engaging writing bolsterous ya narrative. The characters are charming in their own ways. I fell in love with this story and an already wanting to reread this. 

I highly reccomend this book to anyone who loves, young adult fiction or Pride and Predjudice.
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I really wasn't a huge fan of this story.  I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters and felt like the overall story didn't keep me engaged.  What I did appreciate about the story was the main character discovering or rediscovering herself.   I do think this will be a huge seller for it's target audience which wasn't me.
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Did not love or hate this book. Easy to read and has great moments. However, I was easily distracted and found I was not fully grasped by story line/characters.
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I barely finished this book. This was due partly to unexpected drug-related content and partly due to how I didn't feel the writing or Georgie’s character was enough to redeem the book. While I'm obviously the odd one out about this novel, I just couldn't get behind it, regardless of my love for everything Pride and Prejudice. In order to avoid repeating myself, I'm going to end the review here, but nonetheless, thank you to both the publisher and NetGalley for granting me access to this title.
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Cute, lighthearted read. I enjoyed most of thr characters and felt it was the perfect pace for the book.
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This read is a modern take on characters in Pride and Prejudice. This read a bit heavy as there is some tougher themes like drug use/dealing, relationship manipulation, abandonment etc. However, there is also some lightheartedness throughout the book too (matching band, matchmaking and lots of pancakes). So if you are looking for a read that has some emotion, romance and coming of age to it- this would be a good choice.
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DNF at 26% 

I originally requested Accomplished because I was interested in a Pride and Prejudice marching band retelling. And while there are marching band scenes included, the main plot of the story is about Darcy trying to fix her mistakes after being caught in the middle of a drug scandal.

I found the main character Darcy to have a very self-deprecating personality, she was constantly belittling herself and I found it hard to handle reading from this point of view.
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Inspired by the classic characters of Pride & Prejudice, "Accomplished" is the YA story focusing on the life of Georgie Darcy after a scandal with a drug dealer, Wickham Foster, ruins her reputation and causes a rift between her and her brother, the always surly Fitzwilliam Darcy. In a bid to get her now overly-attentive brother off her back and on the road to happiness, Georgie concocts a plan with her classmate to set him up with a classmate she's convinced is perfect for him, Lizzie Bennet. 
As a lover of all things Austen, I was absolutely chuffed to get this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Despite the original source material being written for adults, I felt the author did a good job of solidifying the younger voice of Georgie Darcy for this YA retelling. While I generally read YA books, at times this felt a little too young for my personal tastes, however I recognize that not all readers will feel that way. Georgie is a girl in high school just trying to figure out how to manage it all: her schoolwork, her bad reputation, her bandmates hating her, her last name and the privilege that comes with it. I love how real and raw I felt Georgiana was in this adaptation. At times it felt like her self-loathing was a bit over the top and her gestures were tone deaf in a couple of scenes, but in general she felt like a genuine teenage girl trying to do it all.

Act 1 of the book started very slowly and I found it difficult to get drawn in. The tension between her and her brother felt forced and abrupt to start the book with. However, once Georgie is in her own world at school things start to pick up. The tension between both her and Wickham is well written and you can feel her loathing for him mixed with the remnant of a teen-girls broken heart leap off the page. Her friendship with Avery felt really natural and while the stirring of romance between the two was predictable, I felt like the author did a good job of balancing the awkwardness that comes with being a teen with a crush. The author kept their moments on the page playful and young in the best way.

Overall, I think lovers of YA contemporary stories will find this enjoyable, whether or not they're familiar with the source material!
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