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I was given this ARC off of Netgalley for an honest review.

I took a few days to figure out how to word my review, but I still find myself stumped. This book wasn't bad, but I found myself angry half the time by majority of the decisions that half the characters made in this book. I try to be mindful that these are teenagers, so essentially they run on bad decisions and impulses, but a lot of stuff could have been handled or resolved in people just talked to each other? I mean, of course that was the main conflict in this story was that the Darcy siblings don't actually share what they're feeling to each other, but a lot of it felt contrived simply for the narrative. I just wanted to scream at both of them for being so incredibly dumb.

My biggest issue with this book was the fact that Fitz had guardianship over Darcy, and he had guardianship over since he was 16. I don't care how emancipated you are, how fucking rich you are, no judge in their right mind is going to be like, "Yeah sure, that's totally cool." There are times where a book needs to stay true to the source material, but this was not one of them. Fitz had no business being her guardian when he was barely fit to take care of himself. They both ran away from their grief and trauma, and it made their whole relationship borderline toxic. By the time they resolved their issues, I just wanted Georgie to tell Fitz to fuck right off. Especially when he threatened to cut her off from the family money if she didn't go back to school.

Speaking of the school, why wasn't she placed somewhere else? This girl had her educational career destroyed by some gaslighting drug dealer, and yet her "responsible and put together" brother thought it was best that she continue there? To be traumatized and bullied because of what was happened TO her? Also, the fact that it came off as she just didn't make friends and she was a "Darcy" was a poor excuse to make her feel like some ice queen. This girl had abandonment issues out the ass, yet it was her fault she couldn't make friends. Get this girl in therapy, get this whole damn family into therapy, and get her an actual guardian who can actually drink legally.

This is fine and if I was a teen, I'd probably really like it. But as someone who is well above all that teenage angst, I couldn't move on from that WTF moments. This book isn't bad, but it wasn't for me so that's why I'm only giving it 3 stars.

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I didn't find Georgie to be particularly relatable and was less invested in what happened to her than I might otherwise have been. That said, I didn't find OG Georgiana all that relatable either, so maybe that was all part of the plan.

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I mean! It started off okay but wth is up with all the pop culture references. It was too cringey and corny to be entertaining

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Thank you net galley for the advance reader copy of this novel. This was a contemporary retelling of pride and prejudice but had Georgianna Darcy as the main character. For me, the novel was hard to get into. The focus on Georgiana (George) didn't keep to the pride and prejudice storyline quite like I was expecting. The was language in this book that I didn't appreciate that as a YA novel was accurate? Overall this one was a bit flat for me.

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Georgina Darcy is trying to get her life back on track after “The Incident” turned her life upside down last year, all thanks to Wickham Foster. Georgie wants to be the best Darcy she can possibly be to prove to herself, her peers and most importantly her big brother Fitz that she is able to take care of herself. Unfortunately, her comeback is more difficult than she imagined. Faced with new challenges, obstacles and visits from old friends, Georgie soon realizes that it’s okay to accept help from people, even if it is an old friend.

Wow this book was everything I needed and more. I was hooked from the very beginning. I loved the storyline and the characters as they developed throughout the novel. I was so happy with how things ended in the book and cannot wait to purchase this book and add it to my collection!

I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves a feel good read with a few surprises along the way!

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Accomplished: A Georgie Darcy Novel by Amanda Quain is an excellent Young Adult book that takes the classic Pride & Prejudice novel and gives it a modern, fresh, younger, and unique spin with its beloved characters. I really enjoyed this unique narrative.

I am a huge fan of P&P, so I am very picky with what is done to my beloved characters. I really liked this one. It is definitely geared towards the upper teen/young adult audience, but adult readers can enjoy this one as well. This book focusses on Georgiana Darcy ( the infamous and unjustly looked over younger sister) and makes her the main character. She is the opposite of her famous older brother…and it is hard to live up to those standards…so she doesn’t even try. A huge mistake brings Darcy back to upstate NY to help keep Georgie out of “trouble” during her “probation”. Their relationship is imperfect, difficult at times, but the reader can see that both siblings care for one another. This ultimately is a story about second chances, forgiveness, love, family, friends, and the age-old growing up and finding oneself and who/what really matters in life.

I loved the character cast. There are the classic characters: The Darcys, Lizzie, evil Wickham, and also new characters: Avery, Emily…. I liked the blend of old and new. It balances quite nicely. I like the use of Pemberley…and also merging names of locations with locations used within the story. I also really liked the changes and progression of the Darcy siblings as the story continues on. Growth, maturity, realization, and personal changes really make these characters realistic, likable, and endearing. I also really liked the positive messages and the superb ending.

A great book!

5/5 stars

Thank you NG and Wednesday/St. Martin’s Press for this wonderful arc and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.

I am posting this review to my GR and Bookbub accounts immediately and will post it to my Amazon, Instagram, and B&N accounts upon publication on 7/26/22.

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As much as I love Pride & Prejudice and the general story line, I was very put off by the immature and clueless Georgiana Darcy in this young adult retelling, at least at the start of the story. Georgie was so stupid regarding Wickham, who was so clearly not worthy of her attentions, that it was beyond annoying.

On the other hand, I loved the updated touches the author added to the story, such as the descriptions of Pemberley Academy, Georgie’s hobby of writing fan fiction, and one of the reasons Wickham was such a cad. It is not a spoiler to say, since we learn right at the beginning, that Wickham was dealing Adderall out of Georgie’s dorm room.

But Georgie’s big brother Fitz is a delight, as are his reactions to Lizzie Bennet. And Georgie eventually sees the light, as we know from the original. And of course, picturing Colin Firth while reading always helps one warm up to Darcy.

Other reviews have been more positive - perhaps I just chose not to remember how stupid I myself was at Georgie’s age, and prefer to think instead that she was extraordinarily so.

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Pride and Prejudice will always be one of my all time favorite classic books. I was so excited to read this galley of Accomplished

The Pemberly boarding school element was the best! I loved how the key elements of Georgiana’s story were taken and adapted into a YA novel. This one has romance, but it is contemporary fiction with a side of love.

I didn’t love her relationship with Darcy. It felt really unhealthy. It needed more. It developed in a way that was good until the end and it all just wrapped up too quickly. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I just wasn’t a fan of that or how Elizabeth was thrust into the story.

The themes of growing up, being responsible for your own actions, and learning from your mistakes were amazing. However, I wanted more romance and more from Darcy and Georgiana’s relationship.
★ ★ ★/5


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*****5 Stars!

“His love for you is so sharp it makes him bleed, sometimes.”

First I would like to thank St. Marin’s Press and NetGalley for allowing me to read an arc of this book. I am honored to have been given the chance to read it and give an honest review.

Accomplished is the story of Georgiana Darcy, a student at Pemberley Academy and it is no secret that she should have been expelled after a certain incident with Wickham Foster last year. Though being a Darcy she was able to escape expulsion, but that does not mean she could easily escape the disappointment of her most esteemed older brother, Fitz Darcy nor the scorn of the entire school and surely not Wickham’s influence. Georgiana has returned to Pemberley Academy for her junior year with a need to prove to everyone--Fitz, Wickham, her former friends and perhaps even herself--that she is so much more than just an embarrassment to the family.

Truly how hard could it be to become the perfect Darcy? With a complicated plan and the help of her fellow bandmate, Avery, and matchmaking ideas straight from her favorite fanfics everything starts to slowly come together. She is determined to see her plans come through, but the weight of the Darcy name is heavier to shoulder than expected. Will she be able to find a way before she loses everything permanently--including the one guy who sees her for who she really is?

This book was an absolute delight to read! Accomplished is by far one of the best Pride and Prejudice retellings I’ve come across, not only was the story original and engaging but Georgie was a character I found to be very relatable. There were so many wonderful points in this book, my favorite being the exploration of Georgie and Fitz’s relationship. I love being able to see their relationship open up especially in a modern setting and after the damage Wickham had caused to that close-knit relationship. I also enjoyed the emphasis on how heavy the Darcy name rested on her shoulders, surely it could not have been easy coming from a proud and prestigious family as well as being known as an outcast. I found it very interesting to see Georgie’s struggle with her family name and how she managed to cope with it. It is proven in the end, being true authentic self is the only thing that matters, regardless of where you come from.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the book was the chemistry between Avery and Georgie, not only was their relationship very easy and supportive but it was also very genuine. I thought it was very sweet how Avery was quick to stand behind her despite everything that happened and became that support she so desperately needed, not to mention the way Avery accidentally found his way into one of her fanfic characters. That made my heart melt! It was such a sweet and profound gesture on Georgie's part!

I also enjoyed the small snippets of Fitz and Lizzie’s blooming relationship with one another, both characters were very well written and true to the original Pride and Prejudice. I absolutely adored everything about this charming book and it is one I would highly recommend to those who not only enjoy Jane Austen but very well written retellings as well! I am very much looking forward to reading whatever Amanda Quain comes up with next!

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So, ridiculously good.

I have to admit that I am not a huge Pride and Prejudice fan....but I do love a good retelling. Accomplished puts a spin on the original novel that I have never read before, and I will certainly reread. Admittedly, Jane Austen purist might not enjoy some of the changes made to the characters, but I ate it all up!

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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Accomplished follows the main character, Georgiana 'Georgie' Darcy. Georgie wants to keep her perfect reputation but that all comes crumbling down after a drug dealing scandal with her ex.
Now, her brother, Mr. Darcy, also her legal guardian, no longer trusts Georgie and the only reason she is allowed back at Pemberley Academy is because of the many generous contributions her family has made to the school. Even though she's back her reputation is at rock-bottom especially with her peers in the marching band. Georgie has always fought hard for the approval of others but along the way of getting her unsoiled reputation back she discovers that it's up to her to decide what she's worth.

Amanda Quain did an excellent job of adapting Jane Austen's classic piece of literature into a more modern storyline. In Pride and Prejudice Georgie Darcy is only a background character but Quain managed to take her and make her into a protagonist. It was also fun to see how Quain took other characters from Pride and Prejudice and modernized them to fit this modern adaptation.

For anyone looking for a fun spin on a classic story then look no further. This book also delivers on many popular rom-com tropes!

Quain's writing makes this story impossible to put down.

Thank you to St. Martin's Press, NetGalley, and Amanda Quain for an ARC of Accomplished in exchange for my honest review.

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Pride and Prejudice adaptation? I'm there.

This was a really fun YA retelling of P&P with Georgiana Darcy as the main character. It will be a hit with Jane Austen fans, but will also appeal to YA readers who aren't as familiar with the Austen classics.

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Georgie Darcy wants to be the perfect Darcy. The only problem is that her reputation is shattered after a dorm room drug dealing scandal with her ex, and now her brother, who is also her guardian, doesn’t trust her. Her private school let her back in because her family has donated to the school, but that doesn’t help her popularity with her classmates or her marching band. Inspired by characters from Pride and Prejudice, Accomplished puts a present day twist on the story. Readers of the source material will love all of the references, but there’s a lot for those who are unfamiliar as well. Georgie is a character who is hard to like at first; she makes some bad decisions and comes off as a spoiled rich kid in some scenes, but her character also experiences a lot of growth throughout the story. There are a lot of interesting side characters too who deserve their own stories if the author decides to keep writing. This was a quick read with a satisfying ending that all YA contemporary romance readers should pick up.

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Thank you so much to St. Martin's Press, Wednesday Books.for.this beautiful eARC!

Mini Review:
Accomplished by Amanda Quain
WoW! What a beautiful book inside and out!
Absolutely loved this cover and once it hits the shelves I'm buying so it can sit pretty on my book case!
💜 Purple is my favorite and this gorgeous cover is stunning!

This Pride and Prejudice retelling is just perfect in every way possible.
I loved watching Georgie Darcy grow as a character.
And Amanda done such a fabulous job creating her.
Loved the high school setting at Pemberley Academy so much fun.
The setting is gorgeous and lush, filled with cinematic elements that gave so much depth and texture to the story.
This book had it all, I laughed, I smiled, I couldn't out this down!
When you don't want the story to end you know you have a five star book!

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This was a well-written, highly enjoyable retelling. It's tough to find an original way to do a P&P-inspired story these days, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Not only did Georgie get her own story, but you saw Fitz & Lizzie's love story unfold through her eyes, which was really interesting. Also Charlie is a great character, even if he's not very prominent.

Things that needed work: the stakes were enough, but the "deal" Georgie makes with Wickham was... strange. Why would he care if he could prove herself? Why does "being a true Darcy" matter at all? That was a little strange and maybe even unnecessary. I also didn't love that Georgie went from one guy to another straight away, It's sort of addressed at the end, but I think a little more work could have been done upfront to avoid that damsel in distress trope. Another con: close to zero diversity.

Overall though, really great!

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Thank you so much, NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for reaching out to me and letting me read and review this book. Cannot wait to see how it does.
This book was amazing. Seriously so so good. Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorite books, the og enemies to lovers if you will. But, I don’t usually go for retellings of it because they just tend to be kind of a rehash of the original book. This book however was so amazing at being its own thing. I am so excited to see what Amanda Quain writes next and I cannot wait for this book to come out so that I can get my hands on it and re-read it again.

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Accomplished by Amanda Quain can only be read compulsively in one sitting. No, seriously, I finished the entire book in one sitting. Accomplished is a new take on Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice, told through the eyes of Georgie Darcy, Mr. Darcy's younger sister. Georgie, a junior at Pemberley Academy, is trying to recover from a ruined reputation. A ghost from her past haunts her as she tries to adjust to the new school year and she feels the full weight of the Darcy name on her shoulders. As a die-hard Pride and Prejudice fan, I was excited to see a retelling following this character. In the source material, she is a compelling background character, but in Quain's novel, she becomes a fully developed protagonist. The take on the character is honest and heart-warming. It's impossible not to root for George as she navigates what it means to be a Darcy. There are plenty of cameos from our favorite protagonists as well. Darcy - or Fitz- as a grouchy but caring older brother, Wickham as the sleazeball he always is, and a frat-boy interpretation of Charles Bingley round out the supporting cast. Perhaps the most compelling element is how the source material and character is interpreted into a story about how it isn't our successes that determine our worth, but rather what we learn from failure. Accomplished is a book that makes you laugh and cry at the same time. With its high school setting and witty banter, the book will appeal to teens. I’d recommend it to people who enjoyed This May End Badly by Samantha Markum. Accomplished was an incredible read. I can’t wait to read it when it is released.

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So, I was gifted this wondrous read by NetGalley in return for my review, which I am so ready to give! Cuz this book was just ssssoooooooo different than o could have guessed. I thought, “oh yeah, another P&P retelling…ok.” But no. Not that at all. It’s snarky and funny and super achy sad in parts and there’s fanfic and, well, marching band! I just loved it! 💜💜💜📚

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Accomplished is one of the most delightful and lively contemporary YA I've read in a long time! I adored Georgie and Avery, they felt so real and complex. Synopsis makes this sound like a Pride & Prejudice retelling, but it's not. The names are an homage, but the plot is its own original thing, and I enjoyed it so much more for that! I will be first in line to see what Amanda Quain writes next!

A special thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press & Wednesday Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This charming, sparklingly witty Pride and Prejudice retelling finally gives Georgiana Darcy her time to shine. Georgie Darcy is desperately trying to move past The Incident from last year involving a certain Wickham Foster, and she wants to redeem herself in the eyes of her perennially disappointed brother, Fitz. Georgie wants two things out of her junior year: for her brother to be proud of her and for Wickham to finally leave her alone. Embarking on her master plan and dragging her old friend Avery along for the ride, Georgie finds the solutions to her problems in rather unexpected places.

I binge-read this novel in one sitting, just because it was the most addictive kind of fun. I loved that this Pride and Prejudice retelling put Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, whose story has been done to death, to the side a little, and focused on Georgiana, who had a fascinating storyline in her own right. It is wonderful to watch Georgie grow as a character over the course of the novel, and to watch this girl who has been pushed aside by almost everyone stand up for herself and decide what she's worth. Georgie and Fitz are both just kids forced to grow up very fast, and they are simply trying their best, which is something that is really explored in the novel and adds a depth to it that really elevates the storyline. I absolutely love the way Charles Bingley and Lizzie Bennet are portrayed, and even though they only make brief appearances, they steal the scenes that they are in. Are spin-off novels in the cards? I can only hope.

I highly recommend this novel to fans of young adult rom-coms filled with all your favorite tropes, but with a twist!

Thank you so much to St. Martin's Press, Wednesday Books, and NetGalley for providing me with a free e-galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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