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Jeneva Rose does it again!!! For starters, I love the cover. I love how this story takes place in a beauty salon. It is so fitting for a rich neighborhood and we all know we share every little thing with our stylists. The story is so realistic and exactly how I imagine rich neighborhoods to be. I loved all of the POVs. I had no clue what Bryce and Dean's jobs really were🙊 I think we all knew who was going to be killed but I had no clue who did it and man, that ending!! Another absolute killer from Jeneva.
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One of my favorite things about this author is that no two books of hers are ever the same. I really enjoyed the multiple POVs, and past/present storyline. This book was devious, deceptive, and delightful. Ending felt a bit rushed, especially with the slow burn suspense built in the first 200 pages. All in all, a winner!
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This story was so uniquely written, told with alternative POV of the five main women who live in the community of Buckhead. These women are ruthless, petty, competitive, and have way too much time on their hands! Olivia is the worst, yet at times, I kinda liked her! Not sure what that says about me! Crystal is new to the area, as she just married Shannon’s ex husband. Karen is a successful realtor and Jenny owns a salon where all the women are members and come almost daily. All of the drama goes down in the salon, and even more when the men join in!! This was seriously just such a delight to read!! I read as part of a buddy read/book club and I cannot wait to talk about it!! I felt Big Little Lies vibes, where the outrageously wealthy women will go to any lengths to cover for one another, mixed with the drama and cattiness of Real housewives! I could not wait to get to the end to see who was dead!! 

Did I just find another favorite author???? From The Girl I Was, to One Of Us is Dead, two uniquely different reads that I could not get through fast enough! And if you’re not following her on Instagram, you are missing out! She and her husband are hilarious!!
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This Desperate Housewives-style thriller was so much fun, I loved the backstabbing nature of the characters and all the social intrigue, and I'm a sucker for any story with multiple POVs that allow you to see different sides of the narrative while still not giving the entire story away!
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OMG how great. This Author can do no wrong. This book is beyond incredible and totally unputdownable! Just go in blind and you will read for hours. It's that great.
Thanks to Netgalley.
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Every once in a while I really need some entertaining drama in my life, just not my own.  I don’t really watch too many reality TV shows but have I watched The real Housewives?  Yes!  And am I currently addicted to Selling Sunset?  Yes!!!  So if you like those shows you will love One of Us is Dead.   And if you’ve read her debut, The Perfect Marriage, you can expect the same witty banter, major LOL moments as well as plenty of WTF’s in an engaging and clever thriller.

Centred around a hair salon and told from multiple POV’s, we meet the most influential women of Buckhead.  What do you do when you have too much money and are waiting for your next Botox injection?  You drink champagne, gossip and back stab of course.  Until someone winds up dead.  These women were seriously cray and I loved it!  This book was not only the perfect binge read, it cracked me up and was exactly what I needed.  
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Did anyone else ever go through a phase of watching soaps? One day you found yourself incredibly invested in Days of Our Lives and it wasn’t the best television programming you’ve ever seen, but you couldn’t get enough: the drama, the twists, the turns! That was this book for me. 
It was gaudy, it was southern, it had villains, class lines, salon gossip, botox, passive aggressive remarks, and it wasn’t particularly deep but it sure was a guilty pleasure. 
Take this book for what it is. It’s just a fun read. I had no idea who was going to end up dead (though I had opinions on who I wanted dead, lol) and at one point I thought I had the ending figured out but nope. And I always give kudos when a book can keep me in the dark because I’m decent at guessing the ending to mysteries. 
This will make a super fun, easy, light summer read. An escape when you need a break and want to read the book version of reality TV show.
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Jenny makes a living running a beauty spa for the wealthy and entitled women of Buckhead. When a murder investigation begins, she takes us back to the recent drama of the town… and the women.

Jeneva Rose has a solid spot as one of my favorite authors now. She hit it out of the park again. I’ve never seen Real Housewives but I imagine this book is similar, but on steroids. It’s drama, drama, drama, cattiness, scandal, and death. There’s also mystery, twists, and dare I say… friendships? You won’t regret picking this one up!

“Buckhead was complicated, intricate, like a spider’s web - so beautiful to look at, but so easy to get entangled in. Only the spiders know how to navigate the web without getting stuck. And I was a spider.”

One of Us Is Dead comes out 4/26.
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Wow. This was truly a phenomenal read and I could not put it down. The concept of this story was so unique and it was G O L D. I loved how we were dropped pieces of what happened but didn’t actually know who it was about. And then you think you have everything figured out and it’s tied up in a neat package, but NOPE! PLOT TWIST. From the characters, to the writing style, and the setting and the twists, this is a book I guarantee you’ll want to read in one sitting. One a rating scale of 1-5, I give this book 6 stars!
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Rich housewives thriller. It was pretty fast paced, I was never bored. The twists of course are all right at the end but it wasn’t painful getting there. The characters are all so over the top and self obsessed. If you liked Desperate Housewives or Big Little Lies you will like this book. 

I will be posting a review of this book on Instagram as well.
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Well this was a fun read!!!! Jeneva Rose's talent is clear as soon as you begin the first chapter. This book reminded me of the television show, Desperate Housewives but WAY better.

I love how the story is told through multiple points of view . Although some characters you will love to hate, the character development was on point and these women really came to life. I would consider this a bit of a thriller but it does have a bit of humor .

One of Us is Dead follows the lives of rich, privileged, catty women. These women love their wine but not one another. I get such a thrill out of books like this!
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Run to read this one! 
Gossip, drama, backstabbing ladies who you love to hate. This book was twisted and so entertaining! A scandalous thriller you definitely do not want to miss!!
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Buckhead is an upscale community with some very wealthy people and families. None more so then a group of women, Olivia, Karen, Shannon and the newly girl Crystal. The women spend a large chunk of their time gossiping and hanging out at the local salon owned by Jenny. Jenny is the owner/“therapist”of the community and everyone tells her everything. There is so much chaos going on in all their lives but When one of ladies turns up dead the police start to investigate what happened. There are many secrets among the women of Buckhead and its anyones guess which one got them killed.

This book was fantastic from start to finish. I had not had a chance to read the authors first book but I saw great reviews on it. The author also has a great Tik tok account which is fun to watch. I was hooked on this story from page 1. The chapters go between the present time and telling what occurred in the past. The present storylines has manny teasers that just keep you reading.  The ending was a complete shock and surprise in the best way possible. I highly recommend you check this out and I think you will really enjoy it if you were into Desperate Housewives or The Real Housewives as it has those vibes.
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Such a wonderfully written mind-candy of a domestic thriller. Packed to the brim with all things super rich people drama and how deep and dark their lives truly are. I absolutely loved the main setting of being in a high-end beauty salon and all of the juicy drama that was revealed there. I found the multiple similar POVs a little confusing at first but really enjoyed this one. I finished it in one sitting curled up on my couch, such a great popcorn read!
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Unlikeable characters, a bunch of catty women, a hair salon, and a lot of secrets! I’m not big on drama in real life but this book was a fun escape for sure. Thanks so much to NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!
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Out of all the “housewife” thrillers I’ve read, this one features the most deliciously evil villain! 

The women of Buckhead are known for being plastic/beautiful, wealthy, and downright vicious. 

Shannon has always been the most powerful woman of Buckhead…until now. Her politician husband, Bryce, divorces her and remarries a younger woman. Shannon is used goods. 

Olivia has been dying to be the queen bee-yotch for years, and finally gets her chance now that Shannon isn’t married to a powerful man. Olivia will do anything to be on top, and doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way. 

Crystal is the younger woman who marries Blake. She came from Texas and has never been around wealth. Just wait until she sees what she’s dealing with. 

Karen works hard for what she has, and is the only one with both a husband and child. If only life in Buckhead could be peaceful, but that’s not going to happen with this group. 

Jenny owns a salon that all of the women are serviced at. Just like a bartender or cab driver, she’s privy to plenty of tantalizing secrets. 

Too bad some of these secrets will get someone killed. 

This was an absolute blast to read. Some of the characters are so atrocious and wickedly deceiving. There are also some I rooted for. The biting dialogue is darkly humorous with plenty of snark and bitchiness. There are so many juicy secrets and threads, some of them downright cringeworthy in the best way. The different POVs are successful in building suspense, and the delectable ending is absolutely perfect for these folks! 

This is definitely a popcorn thriller, and so well done at that. I loved it, and look forward to reading more from this author. 

4.5 stars. 

Thank you to Blackstone Publishing for a widget of the ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Expected Publication Date: 4/26/22.

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Thank you to Netgalley, Blackstone Publishing, and Jeneva Rose for the ARC of this book! 

I read somewhere that this book was described as the book version of The Real Housewives — these women all have their own issues and they’re all just a bit catty. But OLIVIA - the biggest bitch of them all. This also felt more like middle school drama (one person trying to be the head bitch and control all her friends). 

The twists and turns kept me intrigued, the flip from past to present was a little weird for me and once it came altogether, it was explained away very quickly. I saw the death coming a mile away, even though the author was trying to hide who it was for a majority of the book.

The ending was very predictable but also not?? I’m not quite sure how to explain it! It just didn’t WOW me - I did enjoy it though and would recommend to anyone who loves The Real Housewives and enjoys a bunch of catty ladies trying to kill each other.
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Set in Buckhead, Georgia, this book is centered on 4 wealthy housewives and their hairstylist. Shannon, former queen bee, has been dumped by her husband and replaced by Crystal. Crystal, a country girl from Texas, is doing her best to fit in and find her place. Karen, a real estate mogul and mom is struggling in her marriage. Olivia, a manipulative mean girl, wants to be the new queen bee and she will stop at nothing to get there. Jenny, their hairstylist, knows all their secrets, but quietly blends into the background while pampering the women and playing peacekeeper. And one of them is dead...

This book is full of juicy secrets, designer clothing, and catty quips. I loved every second of it. It was like watching a combination of The Real Housewives + Big Little Lies. And even better, I never saw the ending coming! This is one of my favorite recent reads.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Jeneva Rose for the ARC of this book. This is my first novel by Jeneva Rose and I will definitely seek out more from her. Featuring some truly unlikable characters with a Real Housewives drama, this story was addictive. Told in dual timelines and from many different points of view, she crafted a crazy look into the heads of these rich and spoiled women. The plot twists were not easy for me to predict and I stayed up way too late needing to finish it!
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This book gives delicious vibes of The Real Housewives where you love to hate certain characters! I loved all of the delicious and juicy details and the plotting and murder! So much fun to watch it all unravel! This was definitely my guilty pleasure of thx year!
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