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I did not realize this was a Christian book. Not my cup of tea. Sorry. I have anxiety and I hope this helps others.
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Excellent and transparent read given by Shawn Johnson. He holds nothing back as he shares about his anxiety and how it has affected his life.
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I have struggled with anxiety for years and was encouraged to see a book about attacking anxiety. It can feel like such a hard thing to discuss so I love that there are more resources out there. I appreciated that Shawn shared his story and gave some practical ways to help when you are struggling with anxiety.
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I'm not really that into so called self help books but I really really struggle with anxiety and depression and wondered if this would give any useful tips. 
As I suspected, with most things related to mental health there's a lot of the usual stuff, but actually in amongst it there was some helpful guidelines and little activities to practice. I will keep hold of those and keep using them when I'm struggling in future, and for that alone I'm very grateful.
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One of the best last books I've read. So raw and honest and totally related to the  actual world. Shawn gives us a perspective în his struggles and all the weapons we can use whenever we find ourselves in time of trouble.
Also, I can aknowledge that a recomendation by another will not let you pass by a wonderful book.
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A must read for anyone who is suffering from any type of anxiety or depression or a mix of both.  Shawn so eloquently writes this all while coming from a Christian perspective and makes readers truly feel they are not alone in their journey.  Just because someone appears to have it all together on the outside, they are truly a different person on the inside.  Shawn gives such incredible tactical steps to help those who are in the thick of anxiety and depression and ways to combat stress.  Highly recommend and will recommend for anyone who is suffering silently and openly.
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Title: Attacking Anxiety: From Panicked and Depressed to Alive and Free by Shawn Johnson 

Shawn Johnson is a lead pastor at the Red Rock Church. Full disclaimer, I didn’t know who he was before I read the book and I have zero word familiarity with Red Rock Church. 

What I appreciated about this book was that it’s an easy read. Johnson’s writing style is very forward and simple; I don’t mean that negatively, either. The difficulty I’ve found with some #selfhelp style books is that authors get too technical. Most people don’t want the science behind the issue, they want relatable stories and clear cut steps to begin their journey to achieving success. I felt this book gave that in spades. 

Also, full disclosure, religion plays virtually no role in my life. Like the author I also lost my father to suicide but unlike the author I never reached a breaking point that lead me to church. As a non-religious person I wasn’t distracted by the Bible versus’ used or the Biblical stories that reinforced points. 

Another thing that I appreciated was the authors push to seek out professional help. The majority of people need intervention from a mental health specialists and for some the use of medication. While the author never specifically says anything about antidepressants, I wanted to note that those are also a factor in treatment plans. 

I would like to thank @netgalley, author Shawn Johnson and publisher, Nelson Books for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I needed this book! I read this book during a period when I wasn't feeling well and had a lot of panic attacks and it truly helped me. If you struggle with the same issues I couldn't recommend it more.
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Such an amazing and encouraging book! I would highly recommend for anyone, struggling with anxiety or not. This book is hopeful and practical and is a good resource for anyone who wants to understand how to help a close friend or family member with anxiety.
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I suffer from crippling anxiety during to chronic pelvic pain.  I feel always on edge, jittery and borderline crazy for feeling this way. Reading Shawn's personal struggr with anxiety as a Christian was relevant.  The book is encouraging, instructional, and a look at the pain of anxiety.  It is so good to know  that you are not crazy, you are not alone, and this will end.
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I have battled anxiety for well over 25 years. I've been on medication coupled with therapy as well as read more books than I can count on this subject and have yet to conquer it. 
Shawn Johnson's,  Attacking Anxiety, just may have changed the game for me. 
What sets this book aside from the many I have already read is that it speaks TRUTH, not just on Anxiety & Depression, but spiritual too. 
It's a short and easy read but packed with affirmation and coping skills to fight the anxiety demon that often cripples us from living our life with joy. 
I highly recommend this book to not only help overcome anxiety but to strengthen the bond between you and the Lord, who will always be there to back you off of that ledge when you feel overwhelmed with panic. 
This is my first encounter with Shawn Johnson but I will be seeking out more of him. He's straightforward and holds no punches. He speaks truth.
Thank you NetGalley for approving my request.
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