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I"m really not sure what I think of this book. I liked the story concept, was iffy about liking Harry, and am still a little iffy about the writing style. The murders were good, the suspense of that carried through nicely. The ending was a shocker and does make me want to grab up book two to see what happens.

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Willow Rose is a very prolific author whose books cover just about every category. This is the first in a new series, featuring a stressed Miami PD detective, a man who solves the crimes, even if he has to step outside the lines. Ms Rose's books are always a good read. Her characters are human, you'll recognize them from any circle of friends. The stories move quickly and never leave you wondering how the story ended. I'd recommend her books to anyone looking for a good, quick read or a new series. I've read many of her books and I'll keep reading them as long as she keeps writing them.

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A teenage girl is found murdered, her body in a dumpster. Four more teenage girls are found murdered while on a boat. What ties all these deaths together? All of them attended the same high school were witnesses to another crime.

Detective Harry Hunter is on his boss' last nerve. Harry does things his way ... and they usually get good results. These days, he's dealing with a wife who has been in a coma for several years, a teenage daughter, and his irascible father. He's never where he's supposed to be and today is no different.

He's assigned to protect another student who may be a possible future victim. As usual, things pop up, the student is left to his own devices and someone else dies.

This killer is known by a lot of people ... his father is wealthy, a mover and a shaker...and everyone is afraid of what he can and will do ... even most of the homicide department.

Harry is on his own ....

The plot is what attracted me in the first place, but the story line fell somewhat flat. The book seems to center on his personal life, although he is an excellent detective .. when he shows up for work. There's lots of action, but most of it is just unbelievable. The ending was quite spectacular with the taking of someone close to Harry ... the conclusion was left as a cliff-hanger.

Many thanks to the author / Buoy Media LLC / Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime fiction. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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3/5 star review

This was my first Willow Rose book, and I'm sad to say that I struggled to enjoy it.

This story follows Harry Hunter, a detective who tries to solve a murder mystery that no one asked him to solve. Four teens were murdered on a luxury boat, another found in a dumpster, and all of them tied to an allegation from the past. Harry rushes to solve the murder before more harm comes and dives into an investigation that has others shaking in their boots.

The story has so much promise and was interesting, but I just couldn't enjoy the writing style. I found that a lot of the text was I did this... then I did this... It kind of felt a bit repetitive in that sense. However, although I struggled with the writing style, the story was still interesting and the characters likeable. I feel as though my problems with the style of writing are personal, and if murder mysteries are your thing, I think you should give this book a go!

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A great first story of Harry, a detective in Florida. Young girls being murdered, and he is assigned to protect a slimy rich teenager. Hard to do his job when he wants to punch the kid himself. Looking forward to the next in the series. Highly recommend this book and author.

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This felt like a murder mystery taking place on the set of Gossip Girl. Chuck is accused of rape, gets away with it, and secrets abound.

Now if you haven't seen Gossip Girl - this is a mystery/police procedural. The people that are killed are rich kids, and so are the suspects. Rich kids, murder, blackmail, cat and mouse.- just a fun read.

I thought it was a quick, fun, read. However, I though that the main character investigating things was annoying. He disobeyed orders time and time again,. He always thought he knew better than everyone else. He just annoyed me.

I liked how we not only got the story about the investigation, but we also got background on the police detective. His home life was really interesting and I wanted more.

I wasn't sure if I was going to read another one in this series, but the ending! Damnit Willow Rose - you hooked me, I have already downloaded the next one.

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Great book! But really short! This book had suspense, action, intrigue, and all kinds of crazy stuff going on! It was a great thriller! I really don't like short books at all but this one was really good! I felt like I got the whole story too! Its definitely worth reading! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!

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