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This novel is the tenth in the series but takes us back to the beginning of Eva Rae’s FBI career as a profiler and her first case. We learn more about her back story and as with all the others it is fast paced and action packed.
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*This review is based on an early digital copy of the book that I was given by the publisher, and received through NetGalley. This did not sway my opinion.*

I had never heard of Willow Rose until I was given a Kindle, and started looking at free books on Amazon. Then, I saw that she’s a prolific thriller writer, with the help of the retailer. So many books had her name attached to them, and a lot of them had really good titles and nice cover art, not to mention interesting synopses.

It helped that a lot of them seemed to go free often. I guess they’re used as loss leaders, to hook a reader before hoping that they’ll buy the rest at $4-8 a pop.

Although I was too busy reading other books, I made sure to redeem any free Willow Rose book or collection that I saw, and have even blind bought some through the Kindle Daily Deals page. They’ve always been 99 cents to $2.

Yet I hadn’t read any of her novels until now, when I decided to start So We Lie a couple of days before the dawn of 2022. It’s something I’d requested and received through NetGalley, and owed a review for.

So We Lie is a prequel to the rather lengthy Eva Rae Thomas series, which exists as just one of a few or several. Thus, it provides backstory on the character — a strong-willed, redheaded, FBI agent.

This story begins after Eva Rae has been accepted into the FBI’s BAU unit as a profiler, and centres upon a case she reopens without permission. One involving a woman who seemingly died in a fiery, single vehicle car crash, but was actually murdered beforehand.

The arrested killer? Her husband, Frank.

Eva Rae has studied this particular case, and it doesn’t sit well with her. She thinks Frank may be innocent, and decides to work on it in her spare time.

In the meantime, troubles are brewing at home due to her long hours and obsession with work.

Going in, I had high hopes. I didn’t expect a Harlan Coben level masterpiece, but was excited to finally read a book by Willow Rose, whose books I had been collecting on Kindle — much like Blake Pierce’s — thanks to numerous loss leaders and good sales.

In the end, I’m left feeling ho-hum.

This isn’t a bad book by any means. In fact, I thought it started well, had a good mystery and was pretty easy to read and follow. That is, until I put it down for 3-5 days, then returned to read the last 20%. It was then that it started to fall off the rails.

The problem is that things are just too convenient. The ending is too easy, and feels too manufactured. It’s as if the author had a good premise, but didn’t really have a great ending in mind and just manufactured/rushed things.

A big part of this novel takes place in the past, and involves a woman who meets a handsome man on a dating app. You don’t know how it factors into the present day case, but eventually learn. Well, this didn’t happen as I’d expected, and I ended up being shocked by who the killer really was. Not in a good way, though. In a “That didn’t make a lot of sense” kind of way.

It also seemed like the main character deduced things awfully quickly at the end, and in a way that kind of jumped around or bypassed organic storytelling.

Here’s hoping I’ll enjoy her other books more, when I get to them. This was a mediocre introduction though, and it’s too bad because the first half or more was pretty good.
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The plot of the book was such a great page turner. The plot of the book was very well written. I  truly cannot wait to read another wonderful book from this  truly great author. This was a truly great book.
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I am a huge fan of Willow Rose and the Eva Rae Thomas Mystery series so for me I spent a lot of the time yelling at Eva Rae and saying, “Nooooooo!” (laugh)

So We Lie is a prequel to the series so it can definitely be read as a standalone and you will not spend the entire book yelling at a character who can’t hear you. (chuckle)

I love these mysteries because Rose admits to taking stories right from the headlines and putting her own twist on them. The sad part is that she is not too far off in how this story plays out. The mystery is good. I did not see the twist coming. Nor did I see the killer which I always like - I want to be as surprised as Eva Rae is.

Rose lays the groundwork for what will come for Eva Rae and her family. Hence my repeated yelling at her. I was intrigued by a character that Rose says in her notes we will see again. Things that make you go hmmmm.

I am trying to think now looking back at the books whether I remember a twist that comes later that has long-lasting effects showing up in later books or whether this is an additional twist that Rose will have to add to later books. Readers want to know…or really just me. (smile)

I loved the mystery. The family dynamic is always a part of Eva Rae’s story, and it is interesting to see the kids when they are young. I just loved everything about this book. Then again, I admit to being a huge fan of Willow Rose and Eva Rae’s so I could be a little bit prejudiced - just saying.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.
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I am a long time fan of Willow Rose and have always enjoyed her previous books. However, I found myself having to reread sections due to the number of characters and how they changed names within the storyline. It was all relevant to the story but I, personally, had a hard time.
   That said, seeing how Eve developed as an FBI profiler, this being her first case, sets the tone of her determination for future scenarios. 
   This drive she exhibits here, while beneficial to her career, often collides with her responsibilities as a wife and mother. She becomes so intense in solving a case she forgets to pick up her children, puts herself in perilous situations and finds herself lying to her bosses and her husband.
   While I appreciated her tenacity and skill at her job, I thought her motives selfish and was surprised at the indifference she displayed for her personal responsibilities. 
   My personal opinion about Eve in this story did not deter me from enjoying it and trying to keep up with the fast paced events that drove the storyline.
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For the most part I liked this story. It definitely had depth as well as quite a few characters.
This is the first story that I have read in this series.  And I did find it hard to follow at times. I think that was mainly because it wasn't clear when I went from one chapter to the next, who was speaking?
I felt like it was like trying to play catch up at times. I had to backtrack quite a few times.  It interrupted the flow for me. 
The story did have plenty of twists, turns and emotions.  The biggest one was waiting as I got to towards the end.  
On a side note, Eva Rae's husband was a jerk.  Yes, Eva was so obsessed with that case that she was kind of failing on the home side.  But he acted like a pouting, demanding kid.  So I wasn't too happy with how they ended things between them at the end of the story. 

 I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I didn`t read the rest of the book that this one is prequel of but it is interesting to know the origin and background of Agent Eva Rae Thomas since it shows the motives she has to be an agent. She has the confirmation that a prisoner is innocent and decides to prove it, but she causes a series of incidents that lead to a past crime. The prisoner was innocent of what he was put in prison, but was guilty of something else. Agent Thomas has a husband and two children who she has to leave for more time than they want, which provokes conflicts at home. The end is quite fast.
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Thank you Netgalley and Buoy Media LLC for the arc of this book. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into it. I did not like the writing style and didn't like any of the characters. There were so many characters and the time line seemed jumbled up it was hard to follow. I thought the story was good and had a lot of promise, but this book just wasn't for me.
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Can FBI agent Eva Rea Thomas figure out who really committed this crime? 

FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas is compelled to reopen a murder investigation that is six-years old. Arlene (the murder victim) is married to Frank who is eventually convicted of his wife's murder. Suddenly, as Eva Rae begins sifting through old evidence the 
eyewitnesses to the crime are brutally murdered. This new development leads Eva to suspect Frank has been wrongfully convicted. leaving the real killer on the loose. 

So We Lie by Willow Rose is the prequel in the Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series. Currently this series consists of ten books. 

I was very invested in each character as they unfolded in the author's writing. I did have a few very small issues with the ending scenes, but overall the prequel is a very enjoyable read. 

Thank you to Willow Rose and NetGalley for this e-book in exchange for my honest opinion. This review is being published on NetGalley and Goodreads.
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Thank you NetGalley for providing this book for an honest review. I have not read any of this series. I am glad that it was the prequel because now I can continue reading the series and Eva's journey. This was a wonderful book with Eva just becoming an FBI profiler. The case is closed but Eva has a feeling that something is wrong. She follows her hunches even when everyone else around her believes the case is closed. It was a great story with well developed characters.
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Fantastic book by a wonderful author! Highly recommend this book. Kept me interested from very beginning. Thank you to publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book..
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I really liked this thriller. Kept me wanting to read more. Scary to know that what happens in the book really does happen.
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I’ll preface my review by saying this book was sadly a DNF. I read 45% of the book before deciding to put it down.

My main issue with the novel was that I felt no connection to neither the characters nor the plot. The mystery itself was okay, if not somewhat intriguing. However, the book was confusing with jumping timelines and POVs.

I disliked the protagonist a lot, and didn’t like any of the other characters either. I kept getting annoyed at how she only ran around trying to be some hero all the time, while failing to communicate with others. Also, it seemed strange that a new FBI agent would be allowed to run around alone trying to solve a murder that I didn’t quite understand why she was obsessed with. I constantly felt like I was one step behind since the characters would find out some clues but the book wouldn’t say what it was. I hoped this would be a thrilling mystery where I get to guess how it would end and follow along more.

The book was moving slow and as I mentioned, I did not feel anything toward the characters. If it were a shorter book I might have finished it just to see how it ends but it’s a long book and I was already too bored.

Lots of people enjoyed the book though, so maybe this one just wasn’t for me.

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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle by Buoy Media LLC and #NetGalley for my honest opinion. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Fantastic read, fast paced and engaging.
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Great story though a little bit short. There is action, adventure, and an intriguing story to read! I loved learning how she got started and can't wait to read more of her work.
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In the prologue we are introduced to Mindy and Tuck, the drunk couple who were involved in the collision that killed Arlene Woods and in the back of my mind, I couldn’t work out how this was ever treated as a murder as Arlene had been killed when she collided with a tree but it’s certainly clear that there is more to this than meets the eye.

There are a lot of characters introduced from the outset and I found it difficult to place the timeline and how it all fitted together but once I got into the flow, I was hooked and the suspense is pretty tremendous throughout.   

Six years have passed and Eva Rae Thomas has decided that in her new role as an FBI profiler, she wants to take on the case of the murder of Arlene Woods having studied it when she was in training.  It’s fair to say that the case has stuck in her thoughts since that time and she can’t shake it off as she is utterly convinced that Arlene’s killer, the man who was convicted of her murder, is innocent as he does not fit the profile.  

It is a truly exceptionally well written thriller.  

Eva Rae Thomas is a gloriously rich character.  She has been working hard to get the job of a profiler in a field that she feels a little overwhelmed in, but she has a stamina and conviction second to none and is determined to take on this case even if it puts pressure on her marriage and the fact that she’s not around very much for her two daughters.  Let’s face it, as mothers in the 21st century, we all have an element of the guilt of wanting a career as well as to be a good mother to our children.  

The way the Author releases the information about how this came to be a murder case is executed brilliantly, with Eva Rae pitching to the most frightening woman in her office, something that is made clear to her she shouldn’t have done makes it all the more authentic and believable.  

Mindy ad Tuck are a couple of colourful characters.  Now separated, Mindy very much wants to go to the police and tell them what happened that night.

The novel has got a sense of Dan Brown about it, not by the content of the story but purely because the Author lays a hook at the end of each chapter that leaves you in suspense and it became one of those books that I stayed up late into the night to read ‘just one more chapter.’

The reality was that I couldn’t put this book down.  

The authentic writing style is fast paced and totally page turning stuff. The ending felt as though I was full of suspense, most definitely keeping me on my toes.
Highly recommended.
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I was lucky to receive an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  I have not read any prior books in this series so this was my first one and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to understand however I was and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This story had me gripped from the first page and the story is extremely well written and flowed effortlessly.  This book will keep you on the edge of your seat,  I promise this book won't disappoint and I look forward to reading more books from this author.
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Another superb novel from Willow Rose, this time it is a prequel to the Eva Rae series on her first case loved it.
I received this book from the publishers via Netgalley for a review
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What a delight to have the chance to read this introduction to the Eva Rae Thomas series, since I have read all of them! Eva Rae is probably the only person convinced of a prisoner's innocence for the murder of his wife.  He has confessed and been imprisoned for several years, while his sister-in-law is rearing his children.  Eva Rae visits him, and he is still insistent that he is the killer.  

Even though she doesn't understand why, she persists in investigating.  Thank you, Net Galley; I do love Willow Rose and felt very lucky to be picked for a free copy!
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So yet again I come to the party late. But in this instance I may have scored because it's the prequel. So maybe I'm on time for a change.

This was an awesome book despite not reading the previous nine. Here you learn all about Eva a newly appointed FBI profiler and how she started her career. Her first case is one that she thinks the wrong person was convicted. As she delves deeper more bodies turn up.

Rose tells an awesome story with several storylines at the same time. Both past and present. Rose has a true gift in story telling. She takes you down so many paths. More twists and turns. She certainly has me guessing. Just when you thought you had it it changed.  I was guessing right up til the end.

It's a journey worth taking. Enjoy!
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