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This is a great, imaginative book to read with children! Our society is constantly evolving and it only makes sense that our jobs will too. It was a hard one to choose but my 6 & 9 year old love the Polar Ice Maker. I think it would be great if the skills & attitude checklist were at the beginning of each new chapter, those were fun to go over with each job.
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What a brilliant, brilliant book! The world is changing and so are our challenges. Instead of sticking to our old, boring jobs, we need to step up and create job opportunities that will help us to deal with the problems at hand. The cloud hunter will trap clouds, the plastics fisherman will protect living beings from disastrous consequences of microplastic and anything made of plastic in general. There are also the polar ice maker, the waterless farmer, the virus detective and so on. Every job comes with a skill and attitude checklist. Whether you love biology or physics or chemistry, there's a job for everyone. It also includes the backstory behind the job and how everyone's contribution matters. With vivid imagination, bright, colorful and whimsical illustrations, this book is an absolute delight to read! Highly recommended!
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I think this is EXACTLY the type of book all kids need to see and all adults need to read. I feel like parents can sometimes get caught up in steam-rolling their mini-me's into careers that THEY want for them, or that THEY are in themselves. Career-searching is one of the MOST stressful things about climbing up that grade ladder and starting early sets kids up for success. 

This book has amazing illustrations that are thoughtful, thorough and enticing- how better to detail a job than SHOWing it with beautiful art. Perfect for reiterating that jobs do not have to be boring, stressful or something just to make money- it can be your passion too! 

Our world is changing (whether we like it or not), and that means that there will be a greater demand for DIFFERENT things and jobs. This book explores the diversity of chosen paths and the endless possibilities of what the future can (AND WILL) hold. We need creative and imaginative thinkers for future generations to keep our world sustainable- not an easy feat. Even if these careers are futuristic (obviously- hence the title), they open up greater thinking channels into what also COULD be done. 
There is SO much packed into this book- educational material GALORE...while being hip, and cool and not 'boring'. This book is exactly what every classroom/library needs to enhance the way kids are thinking about their futures. 

Be the next Cloud-Hunter! (I'm too old, or I'd be all over that job application ;-))
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Very interesting book perfect for young, inquisitive minds! The layout, bright colours and visuals make the information both engaging and informative. I love the addition of the skills & attitude checklist for each career.
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This picture book gives middle-grade readers a chance to imagine the future through a career focused lens. Between imagining the negative impact our current society is putting on the earth (global warming, litter, burning natural resources) combined with the potential advances in technology and understanding, this book brings together 16 future jobs that are not only be fun and exciting, but might also be extremely necessary. By exploring what we can do now to prevent some of the problems of the future, while also hypothesizing where we may end up, this book brings together creativity and imagination with scientific data and the importance of taking action now. This picture book is beautiful and will easily capture readers with the bright colours, and interesting pictures and fonts. Alternating between short stories of imaginary people doing these imaginary jobs and pages filled with important facts about sea levels, space, or weather, this book is what happens when you mix the most intersting fantasy and fiction ideas with important non-fiction science concepts. 

As a grade 3 teacher I would recommend this book for older middle grade students, in the 10-13 range. It is appropriate for younger middle grade students in the 8-9-10 range but the text is likely a bit too difficult for most kids in that early middle grade range, but the colourful and interesting pictures would still draw them in and perhaps help challenge them to give it a try. I so appreciate Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
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What a great and fun way to introduce children to exciting jobs in science fields! It's presented in a way that's engaging and doesn't just list off monotone facts about careers. I always looked forward to career days in elementary school, and I think a presentation like this would be great! The illustrations are nice as well.

Thank you to netgalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review!
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Imaginative and engaging, this title encourages kids to explore STEM career fields. that could be needed in the coming decades. Filled with colorful images. Get kids imaginatively thinking about their futures with this title aimed at the upper elementary grades. One niggle is that it has all measurements in imperial units (why not use SI with imperial on the side?)...this is supposed to be a STEM-related title, after all. I could see my students getting lost in this book all the same.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Jobs of the Future by Sofia E. Rossi and Carlo Canepa is a colorful and engaging guide to the STEAM careers of the future.  This book is perfect for 5th-6th grade readers.  According to the description, "from chemistry and climatology to robotics and the arts, Jobs of the Future imagines professions that may one day be essential to preserving and improving life on Earth.'

Overall, Jobs of the Future is a delightful book that will teach children about the types of jobs they can do in the future.  One highlight of this book are the wonderful illustrations.  Another highlight of this book is how the book adds in themes of environmental conservation and saving the planet.  This book has many important messages, and I think that it should be taught in classrooms everywhere.  If you're intrigued by the description, I highly recommend that you check out this book when it comes out in May!
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This is so cute and interesting! I wish for every child to have this book; as I'm sure it'd make them curious and spark wonder that could be the start of a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. As an adult, it amused me how much it reminded me of the boundless imagination of kids. Highly recommend!
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LOVED THIS! As a mom, I was excited to be able to show my kids some new and interesting job possibilities for them -- there's so much to explore.
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This book was so much more descriptive and educational than I expected, but in a wonderful sense. I think this is a wonderful resource to give children to help inspire them for future careers or hobbies. I enjoyed the illustrations and the various different job descriptions throughout the book.
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The book is a mix of fiction and non-fiction, each new job being introduced by a short story of an ordinary day of these new workers. I really loved the infographics, especially the « Skils and attitudes » checklist. The book is very complete as it has a glossary and even some bibliographical notes (for adults).
I think it would be a good book to talk about climate change and environmental crisis  to children as it is rather optimistic and shows that there are still things to do to save the planet. It could be a good launch for a class or family discussion.
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Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review! - A mix of fiction and non-fiction, ‘Jobs of the Future’ is a fun and imaginative guide to future STEM careers for children. Geared towards Middle-grade readers we are carried through possible career subjects such as chemistry, climatology, robotics and the arts all with the aim of having eyes on the future – so think jobs and careers that may not even exist yet! There are fact bubbles, a “skills and attitude” checklist with each profile, countless questions to ask oneself and beautiful engaging art to entice readers.
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Absofreakinglutely adore this book!

I mean this one is really the book of the moment. Why stick to the same old jobs for generations after generations???

Why make the new generations be pushed to do the same old jobs as their forefathers (yes, even though they are indeed in need and advanced as per the needs)?

We do need ideas. We do need to make the new generation think about jobs that would help in the development and something that would make them exciting. And this book is the perfect answer.

The book gives ideas about what we can do for the environment and the Earth as well as jobs that would be in need that would explore the universe.

With titbits of facts and lovely, fun illustrations, the book provides answers and ideas.

An absolute must have.

Thank you, AndrewsMcMeel Publishing, for the advance reader copy.
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I really enjoyed that this book was a mix of fiction and non-fiction. A lot of the jobs mentioned seem a bit into the future, but for each job real life facts are listed in support of why we would need this job. As someone who got to college knowing what they wanted to do, and then found they hated the field, it would have been nice to have something like this to begin the discussion of what my other options were. Because I'd known what I wanted my whole life, I had never thought about other jobs. I really enjoyed the "Skills and Attitude" checklist section for children to say oh, I really like such and such and could match it up. Even if they're not really going to be a cloud catcher, it opens up the conversation of "I like to do this. How can I utilize this in my future job". Overall a wonderful book to open a wider discussion. When I grow up I want to be a Deep Blue Diver!
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