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Maia, a bounty hunter, is summoned by the Majeri and much to her surprise is named guardian to Elaina a young witch who is distantly related to her.  What seems to be a straightforward role, soon becomes complicated as Maia begins to realize there are a number of individuals interested in Elaina.  

This was a decent book.  I found it easy to read and I connected with the strong female lead pretty quickly. I would recommend it to urban fantasy fans.
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This is an exciting new series that has a little bit of everything to satisfy any urban fantasy lover. The author did a great job at creating a world I want to immerse myself in.

I loved the idea of a perpetual 25-year-old ending up the guardian of a teenage girl that she's never even met before. The author did a great job in creating the emotional dynamics that go with a situation like that. I also liked that possible romance was hinted at but the focus remained on Maia and Elaina.

Highly recommend this book to all lovers of urban fantasy.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This book is so good I really loved reading this. The plot and character were all so good. The author has done a great job. 

Thanks to the publisher for giving me an e-copy.

Totally recommend this to everyone who love magical and thriller books.
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This one was a really fun read. It’s cool to be doing blog tours again!

This magic world was very interesting to me. It takes place in the real world (i.e. they take a trip to Vegas at one point) but most of the story takes place in a city that is only inhabited by magical people, or breeds as they are called. You have mages and witches (not the same thing), plus vampires, shifters, and other magic folk. So it’s a modern story with computers and cell phones but also it’s own little world tucked away from most of human society. I really liked that.

I also really liked Maia. She’s a tough cookie, as one might expect from a bounty hunter, but she also is very compassionate. She gets stuck with a teenager and has no idea what to do, but never gives up on her. Once she has the responsibility, she is determined to protect and nurture her new ward to the best of her abilities (including asking for advice from the shifters because she knows how familial they are – it was really cute). 

Elaina, the ward in question, is also a very interesting character. A lot of this book is about trying to figure out just what her deal is. Her mother was a witch, but Elaina does not fit in with the coven (hates them, in fact) despite the coven desperately fighting to get Elaina back. Elaina also has some powers that aren’t exactly witchy. So if she isn’t a witch like her mother . . . what is she exactly?

There are also a lot of twists and turns involving a series of murders where the victims are vampires. Maia’s new clients turn into unexpected allies and potential friends as the murders get closer and closer to home. This was a book that kept me guessing and I loved discovering all of the connections and how they all fit together. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next from this author. If this sounds interesting to you, definitely check it out! I give it a solid four stars.
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I've been trying really hard to get into urban fantasy, but I think it is such a hard genre to do right. It's so hard to balance world building with the world that already exists. Ultimately, I struggled with that in this book. It just felt a little forced and the characters felt a little one dimensional to me.

Thank you to the publisher, author and netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I received an e-book thrue netgalley in exchange for my honest review. 

Such a great read. A mix between paranormal fantasy and mystery thriller.
And the characters are so well written and likeable. Hopefully we get to know them more in the books to come. 

We follow Maia a fucking tough, whiskey drinker, bounty hunter and who also is a mage. 
She lives in a town called Atlantis that's hidden from humans. 
She's friend with shifters, vampires, mages, half-demons and dislikes the witches. 

The story begins with Maia being summoned to the Mageri office and gets to be a guardian to a teenage girl Elaine, who seems to be her next of kin. 

Though Maia doesn't now the first thing about paranting she seems to do a great job. Balancing her hunting job and the fact that the witches are trying to kill her and Elaine. 

A great first book in the serie and I'm dying to know more.
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This book is full of interesting ideas. The worldbuilding is fun, and the book gives you just enough information on all of it. 

However, this book really needed a few more editing passes. In both pacing, dialogue, and continuity issues, I found the hiccups too big to really enjoy the story. The characters interacting felt stilted, like they were being fed lines instead of speaking from the heart. 

Even our main character Maia, often felt like to me that she was becoming a caricature of herself. I have loved brash and rough around the edges protagonists before, but this one didn't work for me. Oftentimes, her outbursts felt so over the top, without any explanation given for them. So, instead of feeling like a personality trait, it felt like a quirky personality glitch.

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This is the 1st book I have read by the Author and base on this offering won't be my last 

Bounty hunter and mage Maia has lost track of her mortal family since her transformation ......... now she finds herself with a recently orphaned 15yr old relative , Elaina . Apparently Elaina's mother was accused of practicing 'black magic' and was killed by a demon - something she cannot get her head around and she asks Maia to look into the allegations  . Meanwhile Elaina starts to manifest powers that Elaina has not seen before ...... powers at odds with her supposed status - just what is going on ? 

This book was an interesting read ........ a testing of boundaries , the need to trust each other , is blood really thicker than water ?
I look forward to reading the next book in the series where perhaps the potential slow burn romance  between Maia and Liam might progress !

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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I received an eARC of Blood and Fire from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
At first, the writing style of Blood and Fire seemed enjoyable enough. 
It was witty and conversational which I found to be fun. The main character is snarky, has a habit of cussing often, and was really entertaining right off the bat. But as the story went on, it got tiring pretty quickly. It became harder and harder to force my way through the novel as it went on, reminding me much of the quality of books I’d be able to read for free on wattpad.
While this book is intended for an adult audience, if one were to take out the near-constant cussing, then Blood and Fire would read more like a middle grade book.
Other than the brief fun I had with the conversational wittiness of the narration in the first few chapters, I can’t honestly speak of other aspects of this novel that I enjoyed. 
On a copy-editing level, I was surprised with the amount of typos, misspellings, missing quotations, and other punctuation marks that littered the novel.
As for the developmental aspects of the novel, there were many issues.
At first, I immediately realized that the plot moved really, really quickly. I would have liked it slowed down a bit and more attention given to specific scenes (for example, the court scene at the beginning of the book). However, about 60% of the way through, when things were “starting to happen” (I put this in quotations because even though things were technically starting to happen, there was no buildup — they came out of nowhere and had relatively nothing to do with progressing the storyline in any authentic way) I actually realized that there was not really a plot to move.
There were several inconsistencies, plot holes, and unrealistic events happening with no prior buildup. 
The “mystery” wasn’t a mystery at all, there was no tension or foreboding. Usually, when solving mysteries, there is a process in which one hunts for answers, and gets closer, step by step, meanwhile being thwarted occasionally by those trying to stop answers from being found. 
However, the novel seemed to skip that process, with the characters being chased and attacked for no reason (even when they haven’t started looking for answers, when they are nowhere near close to finding any) and then running away. The magic also made absolutely no sense, characters able to use it randomly for numerous things, with no rules or boundaries. Magic without rules or boundaries seems a little too easy for me, and therefore extremely uninteresting.
And lastly, the characters, just like the plot, were extremely lacking.
There was no characterization of the main character, nor the several other characters throughout the story. I didn’t learn anything beyond surface level with them, and because of this, I didn’t care what happened to them.
I really wanted to like this novel, but unfortunately it just wasn’t for me.
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Blood and Fire, by Kim Mullican, is the first in a new Urban Fantasy series about a supernatural bounty hunter who unexpectedly inherits a witchling child from a distant relative.
I really liked this book-I thought the world building was great, and the author deftly handled the introduction of many types of supernatural beings(witches, demons, necromancers, vampires, and more), which is where many authors go wrong, so I loved seeing an author handle it in such a way that really worked. The heroine, Maia, is very likable, and her interaction with her new ward, Elaina, is funny and believable, and that was really the heart of the book as they go about solving the mystery of Elaina’s mother’s death.
I would recommend this book to any mature fan of Urban Fantasy, due to the violence and mature themes.
I do believe that this book could have used another editing pass or two, or it would have easily been a 4 star book. But because I can’t give 3.5 stars, and because the book truly has very good bones, I still give it 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.
Thank you to Syn Publishing and NetGalley for the Advanced Reader’s Copy. All opinions are my own.
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Folks, this was GOOD. This was EXCELLENT. This was exactly what I want to see in a new UF! Keep it up!
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Picked up this cute cook about a local mage female bounty hunter who accidently gains a young witch from a distant relative who died. The girl who can throw fireballs and is a general snark fest. The two of them team up to solve the mystery of her mom's death. It's pretty fun and a nice evening read if you aren't looking for anything too serious. Good weekend vacation material.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Syn Publishing for the ARC.  I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  This is the first in a new series.  I liked this book.  The characters Maia and Elaina, are strong, interesting women (almost women).  A good read.  Urban fantasy and throw in a female bounty hunter who becomes an unexpected mom.  4 stars
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This was a really good read. There was action and mystery and a possible love interest. It was interesting to experience the dynamics of a bounty hunter suddenly faced with raising a teen. The author did a good job of setting the scene for a sequel. I look forward to the next book in the series.
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Thank you to netgally and San publishing for letting me read this ARC for an honest review. 

The cover grabbed my attention right away. I love a good book with a strong female characters and Maia was just that.  She was nervous to take on a young teen but definitely rose to the challenge. This book was very fast paced and kept me very invested with all the mystery and some great action scenes. I did enjoy that the book didn't revolve around men and bedding them. Maia did occasionally notice how attractive the lawyer was but that's it.  The book did feel rushed and we could have had more details about things but hopefully as this series progresses we get a more full picture.
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“Blood and Fire” was such a fun read. I loved that Maia treated Elaina like a fifteen-year-old and not a child. I enjoyed the world-building with magic and different breeds of magical beings. The author did a great job with that. She created amazing characters who are smart and witty. 

Maia was a badass mage, not to be confused with wizards because they are assholes. She is a tough-as-nails bounty hunter who didn’t discriminate, which I loved. Elaina blew me away. I don’t think I was quite as mature as she was at 15.

I enjoyed the mystery of this story, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.
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Blood And Fire: Alpha and Omega by Kim Mullican is set  in a fantastic alternate world, where witches, mages, shifters, vampires, and demons are real.  Despite their incredible powers, they still fear humans and live in their own hidden communities.  The story begins in a hidden city called Atlantis.  Maia Delacroix is a mage that works as a bounty hunter.  Maia is suddenly thrown into the role of guardian of a young female relative whose mom recently died.  Although she knows nothing of parenting, she reluctantly agrees and takes Elaina home.  Maia feels a certain kinship as she recalls the loss of her own mother.  Apparently Elaina's mother was killed by a demon and was accused of practicing dark magic. Maia agrees to look into these allegations, as Elaina feels something is off about it.  To make things even more interesting, Elaina is manifesting powers  Maia has not seen before.  Will Maia and Elaina prove blood is thicker than water by making things work?  What really happened to Elaina's mother?  
       I really enjoyed the world building as Mullican slowly adds new elements throughout the story.  She has a way of introducing characters where each time we meet them we learn a little more, until they become an old friend.   There is quite a bit of action in this book.  It seems every time things are going well something pops up.  There is an authenticness to Maia and Elaina's relationship.   They are testing each other's boundaries, trying to see where they fit with each other.  There is a warmth between them that grows as they get to know and trust each other.
      One thing about the book that could have been improved was the pacing of the action.  It was a little up and down.  However, depending on the reader and their preference, this could be a positive. The other negative is that it seemed breed (supernatural being) stereotypes were emphasized.  Maia seemed a bit surprised when characters acted outside their typical behavior, of course this may have been to aid in world building for readers.
      This book was a fast, exciting read filled with mystery and drama that often centered on relationships.  I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.
     I would definitely recommend this book to fantasy and action lovers. It is written more for adults due to adult situations, profanity, and violence.
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Great start to a new urban fantasy series.  Well-developed characters with just enough sass and bite to make them believable and relatable.
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Thank you #NetGalley and Syn Publishing for the advance reader copy, all opinions are my own.

Urban fantasy story with strong interesting characters. A great start to this series, even if some parts felt flat. I think the characters carried this story and no doubt the next book in this series will help round out the rough edges of the story. I appreciated how the story kept me intrigued and love the mystery element to it. I like how the main character, Maia, is a strong female lead, being a bounty hunter and in charge of her new ward Elaina. Lots of action and world building in an interesting fantasy world. Excited to see what happens next.
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Vampires, magic, demons and more. What else could you ask for?  This story follows Maia, a bounty hunter, as she becomes a guardian to a distant relative with unknown power. The adventure they go on is a wild one.

Blood and Fire is a fast paced, action packed story. A story that I sunk my teeth into and couldn’t put down. Worldbuilding is fun and gives you enough information. Of course it has some ups and downs but other than that, this story was very enjoyable. I cannot wait to see where this story goes.
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