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Faery Tales of the Future

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Faerie Tales of the Future is a collection of short stories set in various times (and places) in the future.

The stories had intriguing concepts and the ideas behind them were excellent, and incredibly imaginative.

Unfortunately, though, I found myself struggling with this book, as the copy I received needed more work.  I am incredibly mindful that I received an unfinished ARC to preview, and I hope more editing was done prior to final publication, but sadly it was enough to turn me off the book.

~Many thanks to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ~
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This selection of short stories was good. It was enjoyable. Short story collections can always be a bit hit or miss as a few less enjoyable stories can really bring down the rating.
These stories were more sci-fi than fantasy, I enjoy both genres but I think I misread something as I expected more fantasy. 
My favourite story was Connections but unfortunately that was one of the shortest stories, I’d have loved for that story to be longer. Especially as there were some stories that I felt were too long such as The Sunday People….although I did love the wolf
I did love that the author includes some adorably whimsical animal side characters as that really enhanced my enjoyment
I also enjoyed Choice’s Fate which was my second favourite story. It was raunchy and I thought it was a really well thought out story
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This anthology of short science fiction stories was both interesting and enjoyable. Each story was unique and there were some intriguing concepts. I was pleased with the variety of stories which I will not list here - I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for new readers of the book. However, I will say that some stories are based on earth and others are further afield.

It was nice to read an author that clearly enjoys science fiction and knew enough scientifically to explain certain phenomena. I do have to admit that there was many a time I had to check the thesaurus for word meanings. Many of the stories had a friendly narrator which added to the enjoyment whilst reading and the descriptive writing really drew you in to the scene.

Expecting futuristic fairy tales, I was quite disappointed to find that most stories didn't really have a moral to the ending, although some of the themes circled around greed and temptation. I was equally surprised that some stories contained erotic scenes and strong swear words. These short stories are definitely ones for the adults.

Another disappointment was the prolific amount of typos and extra line spaces that could have easily been avoided through proofreading before publication.

Overall, I enjoyed these short stories. I think they all had great potential but just missed the mark a little for me. The whole book can be devoured in a day or weekend, so even if you're into science fiction, why not take a browse and see if they hit the mark for you.

My thanks go to NetGalley for the advanced reader copy.
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I enjoyed this book so much! It was an interesting take on futuristic fairytale. I also appreciated the author's detailed descriptions; in some cases, too detailed, but I liked that the author wanted to convey the scene and atmosphere. Good read 👍
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