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Entrepreneur Smith MacLean is obsessed with Alessandra Soriano, a woman he met briefly who disappeared six months ago. After a shocking reunion at Club Kink, he insists she stay with him.When I started reading I couldn't put it down. Gabbi Black is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book
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4.5 stars TW: rape, abuse(mental and physical)
Allie disappeared 6 months ago, no one knows where or why until one night Smith sees her at Club Kink. She's drunk and volunteers for a scene, which is against the rules, Smith bundles her up and brings her back to his place after the scene. He's not entirely sure what to do as he barely met the woman once 6 months ago so he calls her friends Gage and Rielle(book 1's MC's).
After her friends reassure themselves that she's not dead, Smith tries to take her home till he finds out where she's been staying and decides to bring her back to his place for a month to try and straighten her out or at least figure out what happened to her.
The female characters in both of these books have some serious trauma that they go through, so please check TW's before diving in, they eventually get the help that they need and the stories are never treated like the man is the answer to all the trauma. Smith also makes some dumbass moves but does tend to realize that and not repeat said mistakes. Even though I thought the timeline(2 weeks) was a bit fast for all this resolution, the author doesn't skip recovery steps which is nice.
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Might have been the worst book I've ever read! 
I feel bad about how badly they have taken such a pure thing called Sex..which should been intimate and not for show...the vibes this book gives is nothing but sex..lust..stupidity..idiocity...mental..

If that's what you want to read..then that's this 

But I would not recommend this book to a single soul

Thank you!
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Smith and Allie have a complex and evolving relationship. The story moved at a good pace, and it kept my interest. Overall, I enjoyed the book.
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This is a brand new author for me and I so enjoyed this book. While its book two in the series ,it can be read as a standalone, as I didn't read the first book. The story between Gage provided a intense relationship between the two as Allie is having personal issues. It was well written BDSM story and well worth the read in my opinion. It did not disappoint in any way!
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Like 50 Shades of Grey, but better!

Alessandra Soriano disappeared 6 months ago without a trace. Smith Maclean became obsessed with finding her because, although they had only met once, she had been close to his best friend.

Then he spots her one night at Club Kink and insists she come to stay with him. He wants 30 days to find out why she disappeared - she won’t give up the information easily - but he does have ways of persuading her…

This book had a good amount of spice vs storyline, and I wanted to keep reading to get to the bottom of what happened to Alessandra to make her run! It also made a nice change that the female lead was the enigma, rather than the man. 

It was a fast-paced read and I finished it in one sitting. I hadn’t realised it was the second part of a trilogy but it was stand-alone with just a couple of references so I understood the storyline. I will read the other two now though!

My only slight annoyance was that it felt like the author used unnecessarily ‘posh’ words at times, for example always using ‘imbibe’ rather than drinking. Other than that, an excellent read, and I would recommend!
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I received an arc from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
Allie went missing and Smith is a guy that desperately wants to find her. He feels a connection with her like no other.
Once Allie is found there is a lot of trauma and devastating things that have happened to her. Smith will not give up on her though and makes it his mission to make her submit not only the truth but to him.
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This book reminded me a lot of 50 shades of grey, but didn't have as much detail.  Some of the storyline felt choppy in the beginning as the plot was being unfolded, but it all came together nicely in the end with the answers to all the questions I had.  I may just be an inpatient reader.  But I kept asking myself, did they explain this, did I miss it?  (if you think this, keep reading!)  All in all, a good, fun, quick read.
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