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More Than Words

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As a survivor of sexual assault it is great to see another strong woman share her story.

This is a heavier read, with that said, it can resonate well with a survivor. If you are somebody who is not a survivor and are looking to learn more I would definitely recommend.

Overall, 5/5.

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The author does a good job tackling an uncomfortable topic. She does this in a way that doesn't dwell on the same points but still is able to tell her story and help guide the conversation for change. It is easy to follow and read which makes it even more helpful when looking to use as a resource to guide change in your own employment environment or any other you are looking to change for the better.

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This book is timley and important, however I dont see how it separates itself from books written on the same topic. I think this book would be a good place to start for anyone who is unfamiliar with Me Too.

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This book is written from a place of privilege. The author understands that the average person simply does not have the wherewithal to withstand a lengthy legal battle. Her story is still inspiring.

It is difficult for the average person to remain hopeful when it feels like there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves. The author is passionate, well spoken and shows real empathy. They advocate for change and understanding.

I'm still unsure what the average "little people" can really do, without jeopardising their livelihoods - most people aren't in a position where they can take that risk. I'm still very glad the author had the courage to stand up and also to tell their story.

I hope this book inspires more people, who are in a position where they can stand up, to gain the courage to do so.

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