More Than Words

Turn #MeToo into #ISaidSomething

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Pub Date Oct 04 2022 | Archive Date Dec 06 2022

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“A must-read to help men and women break the cycle and change the narrative.” — Blaise Hunter, Award-Winning Author of Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws and Own Your Awesome | Human Rights Consultant

After years of employment in a verbally abusive environment at the Iowa Statehouse, Kirsten Anderson lost her identity as an assertive, career-minded, confident, and empowered woman. Her relationship with her toxic employer ended when she was fired just hours after issuing a formal complaint. A legal and personal journey ensued. 

Anderson won her case. Since then, she has made it her mission to educate others about the complexities of sexual harassment, bullying, and retaliation in the workplace.

In More Than Words: Turn #MeToo into #ISaidSomething, Anderson shares her remarkable journey from the debilitating despair of harassment to hope. In each chapter, readers learn more about Anderson’s personal journey as well as exercises, questions, and actionable takeaways to confront harassment. 

The book encompasses Anderson’s journey and is filled with:
  • Real-world scenarios outlining the complexities of harassment
  • Practical application exercises for a modern world
  • Thought-provoking questions aimed at fostering dialogue
  • Actionable takeaways to confront harassment in an environment 

By sharing the realities targets of harassment face, Anderson intends to educate readers, help targets move forward and initiate change in toxic work environments to eliminate harassment once and for all.

“Read it, and let it inspire you to help change our culture for the better."  — Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand, Author of The Winning Ticket: Uncovering America's Biggest Lottery Scam



“A must-read to help men and women break the cycle and change the narrative.” — Blaise Hunter, Award-Winning Author of Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws and Own Your Awesome | Human Rights Consultant


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Featured Reviews

This book is written from a place of privilege. The author understands that the average person simply does not have the wherewithal to withstand a lengthy legal battle. Her story is still inspiring.

It is difficult for the average person to remain hopeful when it feels like there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves. The author is passionate, well spoken and shows real empathy. They advocate for change and understanding.

I'm still unsure what the average "little people" can really do, without jeopardising their livelihoods - most people aren't in a position where they can take that risk. I'm still very glad the author had the courage to stand up and also to tell their story.

I hope this book inspires more people, who are in a position where they can stand up, to gain the courage to do so.

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The author does a good job tackling an uncomfortable topic. She does this in a way that doesn't dwell on the same points but still is able to tell her story and help guide the conversation for change. It is easy to follow and read which makes it even more helpful when looking to use as a resource to guide change in your own employment environment or any other you are looking to change for the better.

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As a survivor of sexual assault it is great to see another strong woman share her story.

This is a heavier read, with that said, it can resonate well with a survivor. If you are somebody who is not a survivor and are looking to learn more I would definitely recommend.

Overall, 5/5.

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I enjoyed this book because of it's writing style, unique topic, and the fact that it really provided a thought-provoking experience. Recommended for readers who want to read slowly so as to take time to process.

Was this review helpful?

This book reads more like a dissertation; however, its a excellent insight to the experiences of sexual harassment. The process and mindset of a victim, first dismissing, then avoiding, finally succumbing to the escalation of mistreatment is the story of so many. If you question if your are, or have been, the victim of harrassment, this book with surely bring clarity, as well as prepare you for the struggles and challenges of speaking out.

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I really appreciate the author for writing this book. To write about this topic and explain your own experience requires a brave heart. It's a heavy read. It's my first time to read a book on #metoo in which the real difficulties faced by women in today's world are well described. The way book is written is good.

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In More than Words, Kirsten dives deep into the Me to movement but with relatable stories and prompts to think on and really bring it to our today. It's time for change in the workplace and this book is leading the way.

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Huge thanks to NetGalley for lending me an advanced reader's copy of the book in exchange of a honest review. All thoughts are on my own.

This was an amazing an necessary book towards sexual harassment, how to deal with it, how to support people that are suffering and mainly, to do something about it and don't stay quiet. I encourage everyone to read this book, it makes you think and it also helps you to have more empathy towards people in toxic environments. It's a very important book that tells a true life story, everyone should read it.

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Book review:
More than Words by Kirsten D. Anderson is a wonderful, inspiring read on the way of making a harassment free work enviornment.

Kirsten was working in a state legislature having more men and a few women. To survive in a manly enviornment one has to compromise a lot of things so do she. She lived in a toxic workplace for 5 long years where she suffered from sexual harassment. At heights of her suffering she thought of giving up but her all protests went in vain.

At last she was fired and that moment changed her life. Her husband supported her in all walks of life. She decided to file a courtcase which meant to suffer again all disgusting comments or allow anyone else to scrutinize your sexual harassment once again and publicly. She didn't give up and won the case after four years legal battle.

In this book Kirsten has shared her personal experiences of despair and then coming out of that trauma. She desires for a healthy work enviornment for all.

I loved reading this amazing book and recommend this book this book for all self help book lovers. It is an amazing and inspiring read for all. Happy reading!

I am really thankful to Netgalley and Indigo river Publishing for giving me this wonderful book to read in return of an honest review.

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More Than Words is a powerful account of sexual harassment in the workplace. It's an immense issue that needs to be talked about more, and I think this book is the perfect way to do so. I loved how educational it was. I learnt a lot, and I'm sure a lot of others will. I'm glad books like this exist.

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This is the story of Kirsten Anderson who worked as a communications specialist for the State of Iowa, and legally fought the sexual harassment she faced at work.

Kirsten had a boss who frequently made lewd remarks, gestures & jokes – many of the examples she cites are definitely disturbing. She complained about it a few times and found that no action followed. As she points out, the powerful, especially those perceived to produce results are never acted against. This, of course, is a mirage as other than the purely unacceptable environment, the human costs are also extremely high. She came to be scrutinized and criticized for her work quality after her complaints. She found herself finding ways to cope by somehow adjusting to a toxic environment for 5 years. After another complaint, she was fired from her job almost immediately. She was lucky to find a considerate attorney to argue her case which she won and received an award.

There are takeaways and scenarios at the end of each chapter to prompt introspection on how abuse can be handled. The statistics she quotes are troubling – 81% of women and 41% of men have faced abuse at work, and moreover a vast majority do not report the abuse they face. Though the writing could have been better, this is a story of bravery and is inspiring.

My rating: 4.25 / 5.

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Firstly thank you for Netgalley and indigo river publishers for this ARC.

I wish this book had been a resource for me when I was younger as it’s a lot harder now to relearn how to respect yourself and know your value.
I have recently worked in a toxic workplace and it doesn’t leave you. I was lucky to have someone new join my workplace and see that the pattern of bullying language was not limited to me which showed me that it was not a problem with me but a problem with the wider work force/management and both me and my new colleague quickly left after raising the issue with HR

This book should be a resource for all workplaces , schools , to be honest this book is for all.

It bounces between facts/statistics and situation examples (so you can reflect on how to put what you have read into a real setting) to personal experiences and her own feelings.

I loved the discussion on respect and couldn’t agree more that respect to others is not valued as much as it should be in our social media world where instant personal gratification is much more widespread . The customer is not always right and everyone in every role should be valued with respect.

My only criticism is that I wish it had delved deaper into the authors own emotions and how the situation she found herself in had effected her at the time.
As I am from the UK I was unfamiliar with her story and of how the structure of us politics works so a bit more background context in her story would have really helped.

This book will make you feel smart, strong and valued . The message of hope and respect is palpable on every page .
I would highly recommend!

Was this review helpful?

Wow this one was heavy. It was a quick read where and I think this should be available to everyone as a resource because it really had me looking inwards at my own life and experiences.

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81% of females have been sexually harassed in their lifetime. EIGHTY ONE PERCENT.

This book is challenging, because the topic is heavy and rightfully so. But there are legitimate tips to use woven throughout like phrases to use during tough or inappropriate situations.

She poses questions after scenarios to get you thinking.

Such a good piece of nonfiction for all women and men. #MeToo

Thank you to NetGalley and Indigo River for this ARC. I hope it finds its way into the hands of many more soon.

Was this review helpful?

It took courage to tell this story that Kirsten shares in this empowering book. I was applauding all the way as I turned the pages. I believe Kirsten’s story will inspire other women to not only fight back against workplace abuse, but to do the healing work necessary to move past the trauma.

Was this review helpful?

I had my up and downs with this book, but overall is a solid 4 stars in first instance, because of the topic, which is still today extremely important tot talk about. I love how the author uses the word 'target' instead of 'victim', and it's a good book to learn how to deal with sexual harassment, to help people struggling... We always say that we have to say something, and this author indeed say and did something.

Was this review helpful?

I struggled with this. Not because it's badly written but because it tackles a difficult topic and does it well. Rather than read this in one sitting, like I usually would, I read it over several days.

Kirsten begins a difficult conversation with the aim of enlightening readers and ultimately bringing about change.

She does it well and I hope this book is read by many people.

Was this review helpful?

Kirsten Anderson has bravely written about her experience being subjected to workplace harassment and bullying, then her subsequent termination after reporting it, and years-long legal fight to hold the perpetrator and her employer accountable. I love that her stated mission in this book is bold: to end workplace harassment in her lifetime.

The book follows a similar format as I’ve seen in some other recent self-help/ non-fiction books related to the workplace. The format includes personal experience written like memoir, which is then supplemented with lessons learned, tips, tools, recommendations and sample scenarios to drive the points home. Each chapter ends with important take-aways/ key points, along with an example scenario and questions to reflect on for yourself. Anderson also provides some excellent resources as an appendix at the end of the book which I found to be a helpful addition and great way to round out the book.

There were several passages and excerpts that I highlighted while reading this. Anderson weaves her personal experiences from getting the job where she was harassed all the way to the end of the court proceedings, with her personal recommendations for those in similar situations. She shares what worked for her to deal with the challenges she faced and ends with a call to action to stop workplace harassment and bullying. I think there’s something for everyone to take away from this book whether they have experienced similar situations personally or not.

I would have liked more depth in some parts, but I believe that’s a personal preference. Books that are written from an academic point of view, and that include a larger volume of studies and statistics tend to draw me in more. On the other hand, I feel this book will be more relatable and accessible to the general public which is essential to moving the conversation about ending workplace harassment and bullying forward in today’s society.

One of the highlights of this book for me was her suggestion to reframe how we view and name those subjected to workplace harassment and bullying from “victim” to “target” to put the onus back on the perpetrator. I felt like this was insightful and I hope it gains more traction as more people get to read this book and hear Anderson speak.

This book explores such a culturally relevant and vital topic, I think it’s highly worth your time to read it.

Was this review helpful?

A heavy subject matter, but a valuable resource. What I really liked about this book is that at the end of each chapter there are questions and scenarios for the reader to think through, so this book can easily be read in sections and activities worked on, which gives you time to digest such a heavy topic.

I'd recommend this book to everyone to have those discussions, to think about how they treat people and reflect on previous actions.

Kirsten's story is one that many people go through - in fact she opens the book by telling us that 81% of women and 43% of men have been sexually harassed in their lifetimes - and she shows how we can all make changes to no matter if we're the 'targeted' (not victim), the abuser or the bystander.

To say I enjoyed this book seems the wrong wording, I value this book and the messages it gives.

Was this review helpful?

Kirsten Anderson worked as a communication specialist for the State of Iowa. In this book, the author tells her story about fighting sexual harassment and bullying at her workplace.

This book is so much more than the author's personal experience. The author has included various examples of harassment cases. (I admit, I felt very helpless while reading those). There are thought-provoking questions, statistics, advice, and hope.

While I have been lucky to have a great workplace where none of this is accepted, and strict HR rules are in place, I have no illusion that this is the norm for everyone else. And for that, my heart is breaking. Therefore, please educate yourself, and guide your spouse, kids, friends, colleagues, and neighbors whenever possible. Please do not stand by and watch in silence when it is happening. Even if you think it will get worse if you speak up, trust me when I say to you - in that situation, you are already at your worst. It could only get better one way or the other.

❗️Sexual harassment in the workplace is an immense issue that needs to be addressed more. I think this book is the perfect way to do so.
✔️This book needs to be available in every workplace.
✔️This book needs to be available in every school.
✔️Everyone on the earth needs to read this book to become a better version of themself.
✔️We need to teach our children to not make the same mistakes we continue to make.

Greatest thanks to the author for writing this book. I am glad books like this exist!

Thanks to Netgalley, Kirsten Anderson and Indigo River Publishing for providing an advanced copy in exchange for my review!

Was this review helpful?

A hard read but an interesting look at harassment. It took me a while to complete this book due to the topic at hand so I would suggest people read with care.

Was this review helpful?

"If we want to live and work in spaces and places free from sexual harassment, bullying, and retaliation, we must discuss it; the good, bad and ugly."

This was actually such a good book that as well as telling Kirsten's POV of how she won her legal case against the people who harassed and belittled her in the workplace, also provided tips and examples of different scenarios of harassment occurring in the workplace and asked how we would deal with the issue.

When reading it, there is a lot to consider and take away from this book. Standing up to harassment in the workplace or honestly anywhere in your life can be a journey that may take an emotional toll on you. It is not an easy process, as Kirsten recounts the four years it took for her case to be won, But in the end, it is almost always worth it.

This book helped in educating me on the realities of facing harassers and I truly hope that this book does so for others, and is a guideline to help change and correct the toxicity in some workplaces. No person should have to face any sort of harassment in their place of work, whether it be by another colleague, their employer or a customer.

Rules should be set to ensure that any harassment will be dealt with and that the victims are always in the forethought of it happening.

Thank you so much to the publishers for providing me with an eArc in exchange for my honest review

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review! It was incredibly well done and something I think everybody should read.

Was this review helpful?

More Than Words is a heavy but necessary read, that will resonate powerfully with many who read it, and will hopefully inspire and give others the courage to come forward and talk about what has happened to them.

Was this review helpful?

This book was an amazing intro to Me-Too movement and I’m glad I came across it. First chapters were kinda difficult for me to get through but in general it was a very serious-minded and deep book. I also adored the imaginary situations and questions after the chapters so that I can check whether I got the maid idea or the algorithm on what to do in this kind of situations in real life. Thank you🙏

Was this review helpful?

This book really enlightens Sexual Harassment and the effects it can have on a person. It shows the dirtiness of politics and the consequences for the actions.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my copy of this e-arc

These stories will always needs to be told and I’m glad this author told the stories she did. I hope to read more like it in the future!

Was this review helpful?

this isn’t the usual kind of book i’d think to pick up but im glad i did because it was really inspiring and gives you a deeper understanding of issues women face especially in the work place.

Was this review helpful?

More Than Words by Kirsten Anderson tells the personal struggle of the author who worked in a toxic environment and the start of the #MeToo movement. This is a powerful and touching book that sadly is far too common place in today's world.
I did find this really educational and liked the questions at the end of every chapter.

Was this review helpful?

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