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A great book and journal to help teens and even adults to begin journaling and understanding the art of mindfulness.  I wish this was something I had when I was younger because it would get me out of my head more often and write about it.  I will definitely be using pieces of this with my students to help them begin the process of mindfulness and relaxing.
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Thank you NetGalley for this ARC.

This is a great book to assist your teen explore and navigate their emotions on a deeper level through journaling.   It contains useful prompts and was enjoyable to read,
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Thank you Neutrally and the publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Went through this book with my teenage daughter and it was helpful to her as she starts journaling and being more mindful of her day to day processes.
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This book was very straightforward and hit all of the main topics that teenagers worry about: confidence, drama, relationships. It is a great resource for teen girls navigating high school who need more tools in their kit to unravel their thoughts and deal with problems directly and with kindness to themselves.
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I really liked the premise of this book and the way it dealt with isssues that so many teenagers can relate to. It is definitely a book I would recommend to my students.
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This book isn't just for teens. I already journal and read lots of different books about journaling, how to love yourself, feelings etc and found this book very good at describing those feelings and thoughts all girls have. I love how it gave you bullet points to action and found this helpful with my journaling. 
Each section covers different situations and it's good, simplified advice which i find much better as you can focus on that situation rather than all the jargon some books have. This is a must read for any female who needs help with their journaling and self love.thank you for giving this book to me I will cherish it and keep going back to it.
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An absolutely wonderful idea for a book - let down by the layout.

I love the concept and I enjoyed the tone and the supportive encouragement and enthusiasm, but the way it's presented is disappointing.

The drab, unengaging blocks of text on every page, do not match the positive energy vibrating from the words.

A book like this needs pops of colour, different fonts, more visuals.. and absolutely needs some lined pages so the reader can directly interact with the book.

It's just not aesthetically pleasing. It reads like a school textbook, and I'm not sure a teen will be drawn to it.
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This was honestly so sweet- I’m glad resources like this are available to teen girls. I certainly wished I had a copy of this when I was a teen! And even though I’m not a teenager anymore I still found a lot of the activities and journaling practices useful. I’m not normally a huge “self help” book person but I thought this was very to the point and straightforward. And frankly, good advice! And since it’s a workbook it focuses more on helping the audience come to their own conclusions rather than shouting down from a soap box like most self help books. Definitely recommend!

(Also note to the publisher/netgalley- I tried to automatically post this to goodreads and it said the isbn couldn’t be found. Just wanted to give you a heads up!)
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