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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my ARC. I honestly started this last year but lots focus on it. I decided to give it one more try. Yes I completed the book but it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. Also, most importantly, this was the third book in a series. I had no idea so I was pretty lost with all the characters. The romance and chemistry was good. I liked the main characters. I didn’t believe the ending was realistic. Overall, it was a bit disappointing for me.
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What’s not to like about this book! There are sexy firefighters and photoshoots with cute animals and sexy dances! There is action for the firefighters, romance and some steamy storylines.  I love to read books by Skye Jordan!
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Great book about finding love when you aren't looking! They both had baggage to work through and what started as a fling turned into more! I loved them together. I can't wait for more of the firefighters at the station to get their stories.
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Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this book for an honest review.

I thought this would be a 'traditional' romance book but this is so much more! Covering topics such as PTSD, drug abuse, abusive parents and mental health issues, it is a rich story with a number of happy endings! Love both Tucker and Lacey as well as the other characters.
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The third book in Forged in Fire, Playing with Fire is full of action, emotion, and depth. Tucker and Lacey are troubled characters with much to resolve, the story surround them is engaging and in depth. I think this is a fabulous addition to this series and would recommend to other readers.
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oh my! I was not expecting this story to hit me in the feels so hard! It was so emotional I felt my heart breaking for both characters.

Tucker was supposed to be a player through and through but for me he was such a sweet guy. I wish he was real so I‘d have him for myself!

I did not agree with Lacey‘s thoughts sometimes but I kinda understood where she was coming from..

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I read this book, and it completely was what it was. The characters were sweet, relatively action focused (firefighters, go figure) and it was a fun book to read.
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I am a huge fan of Skye Jordan and was super excited to be reading Playing With Fire. This is the third book in the Forged in Fire series and I am loving it so much - Tucker and Lacey are perfection. The storyline was angsty and full of tension; everything I've come to expect from this author.
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Tucker is a firefighter who has dedicate his life to helping other who has recently endured a tragic loss which has left him reconsidering his life’s choices.    He has always been content to keep his relationships with women on a casual level  but after spending the night with Lacey he isn’t sure if one night was enough.

Lacey’s relationship with her parents is strained so she chooses to travel while pursuing her career in photography.    Due to her romantic past she isn’t looking for love or a relationship but Tucker is a temptation she can’t resist.    Although they didn’t get off to the best start will he prove to be the man she can count on when she needs someone the most?

Both Tucker and Lacey have trust issues which causes some turmoil, but they prove with the right person love can overcome any challenges that life throws at you.
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Skye Jordan wastes no time dumping you into some heart pounding action in the first chapter of Playing With Fire. Gripping excitement and peril will have you holding your breath until the outcome. First and foremost this is a love story between two people who could not be more opposite. The only real thing they have in common is that they're both long time players.
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Skye Jordan brings us another installment in the Forged in Fire series with the story of Tucker and Lacey.  Tucker is a fire fighter who takes pleasure wherever he can and enjoys his playboy ways.  But when a rescue ends in tragedy, it affects Tucker so much it changes the way he sees life.  Gone is the playboy and is now replaced with a man who is serious and very focused on his work.  

When Lacey returns for a wedding, their attraction is instant.  What started out as a one night stand quickly turns into something more.  But will they let their fears and insecurities stop them from seeing what could be, or will they take take leap of faith?  Will the events that take place and the long distance tear them apart, or will they persevere?

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Author Collective 20 for this privilege.
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Another sizzling, stand-alone firefighter romance from New York Times bestselling author Skye Jordan!  A fun novel, that I enjoyed without having the usual head scratching my thriller reading gives me.
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Lacey works as a photographer traveling all around the world. But she comes back home for her best friend's wedding.
On the first night she is back she hooks up with Tucker, a gorgeous bartender. But what Lacey thinks is just a night becomes way complicated when she finds out Tucker is a firefighter and part of her group of friends.
The chemistry between them is off the charts but she is returning to her life in a couple of days...
I liked this book. It's sweet. And I liked a lot the relationship among all the characters.
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Love this series and this author! This story is just fantastic! Tucker & Lacey don't plan on anything major happening between them but it was clear from the start there was no stopping it. They are perfect for each other and have a few things to overcome to be together but they figure it out. I love and admire both of these characters so much!! Their story is one for the ages.
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Third book in this series, but can be read as a stand alone. Tucker and Lacey both have their issues, but put them aside to burn up the sheets. They don't plan on anything permanent, but plans change when you fall in love.
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Tucker and Lacey are too hot!!! The Chemistry flies off the page. Both are so so sue to one way of life that they both are so unsure of the other that they have difficulty letting the other in. It was fun to watch Tucker transform during the story, he has the biggest heart and feels so deeply about those in his life and the ones he saves. Lacey is scared to trust again, however she can't help but let Tucker in her and her brothers life. This is a great story and you won't want to put it down once you start. It has all the feels. This is a story not to miss
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I always find the kind of romances where one of the members of the couple needs to give up something or change their lives completely in order to be together. In the case of Playing With Fire, Lacey has built up a successful career as a photographer, something that doesn't take her back home very often and sees her spending her days jetting off around the world. Tucker on the other hand, is very settled in the town where he is a firefighter and member of the search and rescue team, The only way that they can seriously be together is if one of them is willing to give up their current life and join the other. 
This book also features something else which I'm quite fond of. A female lead who is experienced sexually and isn't scared to go after what she wants physically. There are far too many virgin romances out there for my liking, especially where the hero is a bit of a player. Tucker in this book has been around, a lot, but so has Lacey. I think that it's this that makes them a little more believable as a serious couple. 
Although things aren't completely straightforward for this relationship and despite the fact that they barely know each other for more than a few days, I did really enjoy the chemistry that builds between them and the way that their romance unfolds. I really liked Lacey and Tucker as a couple, they worked well together and I was pleased with the way everything turned out.
This is my third visit to this group of firefighting friends, I hope that it won't be the last.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own and given voluntarily.
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Tucker and Lacey OMG, I loved these two. The proverbial playboy takes a step back from his one-night stand life after he loses a rescue to a flash flood. Focusing on work is the only thing keeping him from spinning out of control. Enter Lacey, who seems to be the female version of what he used to be. Meeting her makes him feel desire for the first time in months and it looks like one night is never going to be enough. Not with her. But she hides behind layers and learning that Tucker made a bet to get her into bed without telling her who he is, makes her retreat even further.

When her brother needs help, Tucker is front and center, helping however he can, taking initiative she would never expect. Somehow they both learn to look beyond their pasts and allow themselves to just love and be there for each other.
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I'm not going to lie... is it just me that didn't know firefighters respond to floods?? Then again it felt they were more sar(as said many times) ..and maybe the author just wanted hot tutles..and who doesn't love a hot guy with an ax on a cover...I will need to read the whole series because duh I love this author and somehow missed these releases. I think this book is a good one because it focuses a lot on trauma and grief and childhood issues and how everyone hurts and sometimes you get to also feel loved and its a beautiful thing. Now I will say got a little too insta love for what the story was giving us but hey .. I'd fall in love with him too haha
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Another wonderful read by Skye Jordan. In this one we follow Tucker, who we have met before, and Lacey. I really enjoyed these two. It wasn’t a romance at first sight kind of book… sex yeah but not love.  They had to work at being together and I enjoyed the fight. 

This story shows that we all have a past and sometimes we need to work through our past to have a future. 

I really enjoyed the look into the first two books of the Forged In Fire series. 

Skye Jordan is quickly becoming one of my go to authors. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. Another enjoyable read!

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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