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The Last to Vanish is my favorite novel from Megan Miranda yet! And that’s saying a lot since I’ve loved all of her adult thrillers so far.

Abby works at a motel for her aunt in a small town. She’s always felt a bit like an outsider since coming to town a few years ago, but knows the town is close knit and isn’t surprised by this. When one of the motel’s visitors goes missing along the trails, it forces the townspeople to look back at a precious disappearance 10 years ago also, and work to determine if a serial killer is in their midst, or are they simply an unlucky town?

I really identified with Abby, the main character. She’s intelligent, nature loving, keeps to herself, family oriented, and inquisitive. I worried about her safety as she explored the mystery, and continued to uncover the connections between the present day missing person case and the last disappearance.

Don’t miss this one!

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This is the second novel I read by the author. Her pacing is slow and steady with a surprise or two thrown in. At the heart of the novel is Abby, the narrator. She had moved to the town of Cutter's Pass a decade earlier yet she still feels like an outsider. As the author moves the plot along she slowly fleshes Abby's story out to the reader. Unfortunately, the secondary characters, especially the townies, are not as well-developed as Abby's character.

One homerun in this book is Cutter's Pass itself. Cutter's Pass is dark, dangerous, isolated, cold, and central to the plot of the story the whole way through. The author's description of Cutter's Path reflects the characters and the town itself.

I highly recommend this book. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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First I would like to thank NetGalley for allowing me to read a early copy of this novel.

I rated this book a 3 star, and I really think it suits my feeling of this novel well. While this wasn't my favorite mystery novel, I did still really enjoy the ride. The atmosphere of this novel was amazing and truly consistent throughout the novel. Although, I never really felt very connected to the characters and I felt that the mystery part was a little predictable. Therefore, I think a 3/5 is the perfect rating for my feelings on this book.

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So many twists and turns! Another wonderful book by Megan Miranda. This book kept me guessing as I read it! One thing this book was missing was character development, but the story was still good. I think the ending could have beeen better, but I usually feel that way.

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I typically enjoy Megan Miranda books. This book I had a difficult time getting into. It took me some time to get to the point where I am desperate to keep reading. Once I got about 60% through I felt the book picked up and I was drawn in and was able to finish the book pretty quickly. I enjoyed the characters and setting and once I got into the mysteries surrounding the town I was pretty hooked. I would encourage Miranda fans to keep reading even if they are a little bored in the beginning. Overall an interesting reading, but not as propulsive as some of her other novels.

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Welcome to Cutters Pass where over the last 25 years a number of people have disappeared in the woods at the base of the Appalachian trail. Abby Lovett arrived here 10 years ago after the death of her mother and became part of the tightly knit community while still remaining something of an outsider. When Trey West shows up to see the place his brother Landon disappeared looking for answers, Abby starts looking around for answers of her own. There is a slow start to this but once it gets moving, it all happens fast.

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Love Megan Miranda's books she is one of my favorites, so I am always on the lookout for a new book of hers!! This one like the others didn't disappoint! The book is solely told from the POV of Abby who this whole story focuses around. Even before Abby came to Cutter's Pass North Carolina the disappearances had already begun. When Trey West shows up looking to find out what happened to his brother Landon, Abby can't pretend like the rest of the town that she didn't want to really know what happened. Abby starts to realize after 10 years in Cutter's Pass she really doesn't know who anyone is from family to friends and who she can trust! The pace is a little slow when unraveling the timeline of disappearances but once the plot is set the twists and turns start rolling out! I was caught off guard a few times and stayed intrigued with the whole story! I do like getting a little more character development but I think with this book it wasn't needed as much to be able to unfold the past into the present. I enjoyed this and stayed up a few late nights to get quality reading time in undisturbed! Thank you NetGalley for the copy to read and give my review.

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This has a slow build up, but actually turns into a fast-paced thriller with a twisty turn of events that totally surprised me. I love thrillers that get me engaged to the end and I can’t stop turning pages.

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Featuring ~ single 1st person POV, 5 part story, wilderness, slow burn

The missing tourists are:
Landon West ~ 4/2/22
Farrah Jordan ~ 1/16/19
Alice Kelly ~ 9/2/12
Fraternity Four ~ 6/6/97

Abby has worked at the Passage Inn for 10 years, but only started looking into the hiker's disappearances after Trey, brother of the most resent missing fella, Landon, comes to town. If she was so interested in what happened then what took her so long to investigate?

I usually give Megan 4 stars, but this and her last one were just meh for me. I usually enjoy when there's no cell service, which adds to the suspense of the story, but I didn't find the plot gripping or riveting as promised. I will give her next book a whirl though.

I was able to listen to the final version as well, so I went back and forth reading and listening. Narrated by Alex Allwine for 9 hours and 23 minutes, easy to follow at 2.25-2.5x. She did a fine job.

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I was really excited to read this book. It was a small town mysteries vibe. Dark, and mysterious.

I wasn’t expecting that plot twist, and it was a little suspenseful near the end. However, it started off really slow. I love Megan Miranda’s writing, but I found this book to be a very very slow start. I felt like the characters could have had more depth to them, and the beginning could have been more suspenseful and gripping.

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Full of suspense, The Last to Vanish did not disappoint. A plot full of twists and turns kept me wondering if my hunches were correct. The breadcrumbs led me to a few answers, but Miranda held back and peeled the layers back like an onion.

Abby is relatable and understated. The journey through Cutter’s Pass, North Carolina isn’t one I’d sign up for anytime soon! I highly recommend The Last to Vanish.

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Of all the slow burn thrillers.....this one might just be the slow burniest.

There are twists, there are turns, there are false alarms and there is misdirection. Above all, there is a spooky, creepy location that is both populated but also remote.

I'm a Megan Miranda fan, and although this one wasn't my favorite, it was another success for me. If you like a slow, slow, slow, slow burn.....pick this one up!

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The Last to Vanish is set in Cutler’s Pass, North Carolina. Though I loved the idea of a mystery set in the mountains, one of my all time favorite places to go, I found this story a bit difficult to get through. I’m not sure if it was my mood or the fact I felt it took a long time to get to the point where it held my interest. I would say this is a good story but not a great one. I’ve read other books by this author and haven’t had this issue before. I felt the ending a bit convoluted and messy, and some of the reveals just feel flat.

Though I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I have some others, I would still recommend it for readers that enjoy mystery/thrillers and have enjoyed Megan Miranda’s books before. Sorry this one just wasn’t for me.

I will add, that I probably will go back and read this book at another time to see if it was just me. If so, I will be revising my review.

Thank you to #netgalley and #scribner for allowing me to read the eARC of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own.

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This book is a great mystery .Would definitely recommend. Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.

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Cutter’s Pass, North Carolina. Most known for the disappearance of “The Fraternity Four” who set off for the Appalachian Trail more than 20 years ago never to be seen again. But the four young men aren’t the only ones who have vanished from this tourist location. Along the years Farrah Jordan, Alice Kelly and, most recently, Landon West also vanished. As far as statistics go, seven people in two decades isn’t a very remarkable statistic – especially considering the terrain they all presumably were tackling. Or maybe Cutter’s Pass was simply a means to an end where they either walked away from the lives they were leading . . . or walked over the edge of a cliff. Whatever the case, the investigations into each disappearance have gone cold, until Landon’s brother shows up unexpectedly at The Passage Inn.

This one was a miss for nearly all of my friends, but I found it perfectly satisfactory. Goes to show it can sometimes just be about timing. I really sunk in to this slow roller, and even though I had a hunch regarding the whodunit the big reveal ending up being A-okay for me. I dig Megan Miranda’s stuff and this was no exception.

3.5 Stars

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!

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Unfortunately, I have been locked out of my netgalley account for a few months and was not able to see which books I had on my list or even know to check if they downloaded properly, in order to properly read and review. I do apologize and am doing a 3 for neutral. Will update once I’m able to obtain a copy and read!

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This book was absolutely creepy and atmospheric and had me in goosebumps!
I loved the story and I loved the fact that I had no idea where it was going to go… That ending! I love Megan Miranda’s writing and this is no exception!!
Wonderful characters and setting and a super spooky thrilling ride!!

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Megan Miranda’s writing is superb! I loved the atmosphere in this story, which helped immerse me in the characters’ points of view. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but the storytelling devices were very good at getting me immersed in the story without trying to figure out what happens next. Highly recommend!

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This was a very atmospheric read, I loved the mountain settings of Cutter's Pass and the Inn. I did find the reveal of the Fraternity Four underwhelming and the ending was a bit muddied and vague and the characters fell a little flat for me. Which really bummed me out, but overall it was a solid book.

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I really wanted to love this one. The small town vibe with the mysterious cast of characters seems like a recipe for a great story. Unfortunately, it fell a little flat.

The first 2/3 of the book was pretty slow going. Lots and lots of set up. The last third of the book picks up and gets a little bit more compelling to read. But by then, I kind of just wanted it to be over.

Overall I give it a 3 stars because I did enjoy it but it was just a little slow for my taste. Still a fan of Miranda and looking forward to see what she puts out next.

Thank you to NetGalley and Scribner Books for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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