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Creating Real Happiness A to Z

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Thoughtful and transformative!

Reading this book left me feeling mindful and grateful. I would definitely recommend it for people looking for actions to make their life happier!

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Wow--this was a book that seemed to be written just for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the practice section after each chapter to really put the happiness tip to action in my life. Being mindful, meditation and changing the way I think were the biggest takeaways and I am determined to apply to my life starting today. I

I also loved the gratitude journaling section as well as the ego vs true self ideas. The author explained the true self idea in a way that I had never heard before and it was eye-opening.

Thank you for my advanced readers copy and kudos to the author.
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"The practices in this book will help you: Accept and love yourself as you are; Develop a healthy relationship with your body; Find the right partner; Feel empowered to change your life; Find real peace in a chaotic world."

Well, this was a very bald statement on the publisher's part. I found "Creating Real Happiness A to Z" overly simplistic. It felt more like a quickly produced cash-grab ebook that doesn't offer in-depth exploration of... anything. I think Stephani Grace fell victim of the A to Z frame, as some topics came across forced.

The good thing is, I suppose, that the overall message of this book isn't potentially harmful.

I expected more.
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I adore the overall idea and message of this book. Self-love and care is so beautiful and important. I also love the A to Z format. I'd have to have this in print form, I'd enjoy it so much better. I would pick it up if I saw it in a book store.
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Creating Real Happiness A-Z is a wonderful daily guide to help you be in the moment and find peace in the here and now. A book I’m sure I'll come back to time again.
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Creating Real Happiness A to Z is a book which I immediately connected with. This beautiful book shares honest and expressive ways to heal yourself. The book’s carefully written practices really drew me in, they were easy to apply, and adaptable for anyone. I found myself taking a note in my mind to become involved with these practices. The entirety of the book resonated with me, and some key parts of the self were not antagonized, instead they were shared with the idea of integrating them. This comforting tone was throughout the book. And I felt heard. I also liked that this book did not use techniques which are linked to toxic positivity, and instead the practices surrounded acceptance and self kindness through the spectrum of the emotions, including grief and sadness. I read this book very quickly because it was written through a mostly internal view, in other words it considered journaling and expressing yourself inwardly. I was initially skeptical about the way the book was written from A to Z but I soon found that this structure was playful and kept my intrigue. My only downfall about this book is a positive one - that I wish the book was longer. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who is in need of inner healing, anyone who needs to integrate the parts of themselves they hide or repress and for anyone who wants a cosy, helpful and kind book.
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An easy-to-read book, which you can dip in and out of. 

Thank you NetGalley for my complimentary copy in return for my honest review.
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This is a really helpful book. I opted to read it in one sitting and finished it in less than a day. There are some really good little exercises to follow. They don't take up much of your time but are really helpful in helping to wind down a little, find that calm or inner peace when you need it. I find myself flicking through when I need it and it's so well laid out in it's A to Z that it's very easy to find what you want. A lot of books like this can be very long winded and I've found I lose interest. I just want something I can dip and out of and this is it. Would highly recommend. 8/10
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What a great little read! 

I like how quick and to the point each section is, yet they're still thoughtful and full of information! I also like that it's accompanied by an exercise you can do each day.

I would highly recommend this book.
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I think this was a pretty good reference type book for things that have to do with mindfulness and spirituality. Great for beginners.
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This is a lovely edition about mindfulness and finding beautify in life. I would definitely buy this as a gift or for myself.

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Creating Real Happiness A to Z is a mindful self-help guide that aims to uplift and inspire you to create lasting positive change. Through her experience working as a therapist, Stephani Grace has assembled key practices to find true happiness within yourself. Grace offers practices such as honouring your true self, becoming more courageous, and more.

This is a wonderful book to add your collection. It’s filled with short and sweet challenges along with uplifting images from A to Z. If you’re looking for something short, simple, yet effective, I highly recommend Creating Real Happiness. Thank you to NetGalley and John Hunt Publishing for a copy of this eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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It is only with a very open mind that you will make progress with this book. It is a little ‘out there’ in terms of being in touch with your true self vs your ego. If you are a spiritual person, and believe that what you put out into the universe comes into fruition, then this pocket guide is the answer for you. It covers mindfulness techniques, breath work, mantras, and more - suggesting practice points that you can work through at your own pace.

Thank you to John Hunt Publishing Ltd and Netgalley for an eARC of this book to read and review
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I think this book could be helpful for those who are wanting to get more into mindfulness but might not know where to start. It has an easy to follow format and could be used daily or at random.
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The author has created such a calm, safe book for everyone to find peace within. Whether you’re looking for a boost, motivation, encouragement or simply a mindful read, this book is it. From A to Z, you truly do find sanctuary within these pages.
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My first review:

I always enjoy books that teach me more about myself and understanding others as well. This was a great guide to learning about yourself and cultivating self love and respect. It was an easy to read format full of great anecdotes and advice. Would recommend it to our readers as well. 


Creating Real Happiness A to Z will help you to cultivate awareness and presence so you can finally understand the truth that no matter your circumstances or conditioning, you are enough.

Inspired by working with clients in her thriving counseling practice, Stephani Grace has assembled key spiritual ideas and mindfulness practices that have proven to create lasting change. Wherever you are on your journey to self-love, this book and its simple, bite-sized A to Z format is designed to make it easy for you to discover real happiness and deepen your relationship with your true self.

The practices in this book will help you: Accept and love yourself as you are; Develop a healthy relationship with your body; Find the right partner; Feel empowered to change your life; Find real peace in a chaotic world.
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Creating Real Happiness A to Z is a nice book that will bring awareness and mindfulness as to what you can do to be more happy and have a better understanding of your true self. 

The book is written in a way that makes it really easy to read with each method being organised into alphabetical order and a page is used to describe the purpose and practice of each method. I don't think there's anything in here that's particularly new to me or that I've not heard before but it's still a really lovely book and I did enjoy reading it. 

This is a great way to make you more mindful of what you can do to work towards a happier and more mindful life and with each method being so short and achievable I think this makes it a great book to dip in and out of. This is a lovely book that is not too long but is full of useful information if you want to be more mindful and happy.
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