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As a grandmother whose grandchild lives far away these devotions speak to my heart. Recommend these devotions to any woman whether her grandchild lives next door or far away..

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Thank God for Grandmothers

As a dear Grandmother, Kay Swatkowski states that our grandchildren, not only need to know they are loved and valued, but also, they need a real and growing faith that will strengthen and help them through the hard times of life.

In this book, 60 Days of Devotions and Prayer, Kay's aim is that her readers will benefit from the prayers for their grandchildren. Even though I have not prayed though them as a 60 devotional, I've taken her advise and used the ones that fit my needs; and yes, they did strike a cord in your heart and I allowed our Lord to lead me in focused prayer.

Not only does Kay provide some beautiful heart-warming prayers, but she provides scriptures to back up her devotionals and prayers.

I feel her prayer for Day 1 - "Keep My Babies Safe" is one that every mother and grandmother has prayed. Her prayer is below:
Heavenly Father,
our hearts are comforted when others pray for us by name.
The greatest comfort of all comes from knowing
that Jesus prays for us.
He knows our needs before we even ask.
May our prayers for our children and grandchildren
comfort and reassure them.
Warm their hearts as we pray aloud,
“Dear Jesus, keep my babies safe.”

This book of devotions and prayers is suitable for anyone praying for any child.

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Wonderful Devotional

Every Our Daily Bread Publishing devotional that I've read has been wonderful and inspirational, and More Grandmother's Prayers definitely follows suit. Each day has a theme that ties into a Scripture reference, an anecdote, suggested prayer ideas with Scripture references, a prayer, activities to follow up with, and other related Scripture references. Each one is moving and inspirational, and I highly recommend you check it out.

I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley. All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

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Great book
Like this…fun…this book was sent to me by Netgalley for review…I enjoy this…enjoy.. easy to use every day…

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This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the GiGi’s, Nana’s, Grandmothers and all the other names that they go by. It is written in very simple terms, with each day having a little antidote, some scripture to go with it and a couple of “think and do” assignments to help you think about what you’ve just read. Each day is a different topic and they are all relevant, especially in today’s super busy and stressful world. Even when you don’t get to see the babies every day, you can pray these over them.
Thank you to Our Daily Bread and NetGalley for this arc in exchange for my review.

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You will need this book for your family because it gave me all the comfort I needed for myself and for my near and dear ones.

Thank you, Our Daily Bread Publishing, for the advance reading copy.

I didn't know I would heavily depend on a prayer book like this one during some of my most difficult days. I wouldn't have known how much comfort such books would gift me if I had not read this book the last entire week. It has left a huge impact on me and brought much peace.

Go for this book. Gift this book to anyone you know. The world is having a difficult time and how it affects each of us cannot be ignored or neglected. We all need this book.

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5 stars

I so wanted to read this, savor it and use it. But I have no way to read a PDF only file. I truly wish there was a way to Kindle read this book.

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