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What If Love Is the Point?

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I don’t read very many non-fiction books and when I do, it usually takes me awhile to get through them. but I read What If Love Is The Point in only 2 days. I absolutely loved this book.

I love hearing people’s testimony. It is always such an encouragement to hear how God has worked in someone else’s life. So I really enjoyed hearing about Carlos and Alexa’s life and seeing how God has completely changed their life. This book is a huge encouragement for readers.
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I enjoyed this read! I thought that Alexa and Carlos gave me a new perspective on some part of marriage that I, as a newlywed, loved. The book is a quick read and I loved the two perspectives or stories and anecdotes. I do feel like the book could have used a bit more editing, as things were repeated within paragraphs or spelled wrong, but I also am an English grad student and I’m sure i’m a bit more cynical than most. Overall a great read! Definitely recommend to a Christian audience.
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Simply book about this couple and their journey to God, together and individually.  I would've liked for them to go more into detail with how they came to their faith and kept up with their faith.  This book felt like it just skimmed the surface of their life.
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Believing in God & Jesus is just natural ☆5/5☆


Carlos and Alexa PenaVega just shared a lot of their lives in this book, their finding & bonding with God & Jesus in a very refreshing way.
They remark that God (& Jesus) love all beings & by that is willing to help everyone not only if asked to.

I love that both write so refreshing about their love and trust in God & Jesus. It's easy to follow both on their journey till they find each other and afterward till today and how God's ways bring them together.
I like to read from both, Alexa and Carlos, point of view, how everything come together as long as they're having fate.
It totally was a pageturner. I couldn’t leave this book for a second and read it in only a few hours. I really felt immediately with their story and interestingly very peaceful, too.

Read it even if you're not a believer it brings light into your heart and soul.
Even if you cannot go with faith, believe me, it is still worth it. It is fresh and light.
All we need is (God's) love (that we already have).

I've got this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review, which I here share with you.
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Loved learning about Alexa and Carlos, how they met, their backgrounds in the spotlight and more. They share their journeys in their faith without being pushy with it.
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The story of Carlos and Alexa PenaVega is inspiring.  Carlos and Alexa PenaVega are actors best known for their roles in Big Time Rush (Carlos PenaVega) and SpyKids (Alexa PenaVega).  The journeys that led Carlos and Alexa PenaVega to their relationship with Jesus Christ and eventually to each other is such a testament to the faithfulness of God in our lives.  

Carlos and Alexa write with such candidness and truth.  I truly enjoyed reading about their personal journey in their relationship with Jesus and the genuine love and respect they have for one another.  Carlos and Alexa tell of their respective struggles they endured and how their relationship with Jesus saw them through these struggles.

This book tells the story of more than just an actor and actress; it tells the story of two individuals who let Jesus Christ in their hearts, let Him lead their lives, and how their lives are lived to honor Him.  If you are a fan or even if you are not, I believe this book is worth reading.  The basic tenets of Carlos and Alexa's faith journey is relatable and serves as an example that giving your life to Jesus Christ is a journey that will change your life forever.

Happy Reading!
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"This is more than a book. It's a story of freedom, hope, redemption, and love. Being in the public eye, I understand the struggles they faced (and continue to face), individually and as a couple. I recognize myself in a lot of the stories they share. What If Love Is the Point? helped me heal from life's wounds. It taught me that I'm not alone and I know this book will help so many others grow their faith and live out love. I didn't want it to end."
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This was such a sweet story from Carlos & Alexa PenaVega! Sharing their individual journeys to fame and faith, the PenaVegas show their readers that you don’t have to choose one or the other. They seem to navigate their fame well, prioritizing Jesus and their family. It was an easy and enjoyable read.
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I was knocked out speechless when I discovered that I was part of the Launch team for What If Love is the point. Thus I did receive a complimentary copy and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I absolutely enjoyed this book and what it represented. It was a raw memoir with multiple POV -one from Carlos and the other Alexa. It was an honest book about trusting God in uncertainty and in moments of despair. It was a lesson in trusting God in our careers ,love lives and finances. I enjoyed how the author's shared their not so glorious moments and things they also regret doing . I recommend this book
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As a fan of both Alexa and Carlos, I loved getting to read more about their lives. As a Christian I loved reading their testimony and hearing about all God has done in their lives. I was part of the launch team for this book and I really enjoyed being on that team. Thank you Carlos and Alexa for being so vulnerable and sharing your story with the world. This book is going to impact many people’s lives, I just know it!
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Carlos and Alexa give such a good and hopeful view on life in this book
 Their story really penetrates deep in your heart and fills it with joy.
 if you are going through a hard time you NEED this book
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Carlos and Alexa have always been very influential in my life. I’ve followed their careers over the years as well as their YouTube channel. Being a Christian, it’s so hard to find celebrities that share the same values, morals and life goals as I do. And then there was the PenaVegas. I knew quite a bit about them from watching and reading about them, but this book has given such deep insight into who they really are and why.
From Carlos sharing his testimony, which brought actual tears of happiness to my eyes to Alexa sharing her relationship issues with her family and her experiences with an eating disorder, they are true to themselves and who they are with God guiding them.
They truly put God first in their lives and in every decision they make. One big thing about the PenaVegas is that if God isn’t in it, they aren’t either.
Making their faith the focus is such an inspiration to me. I love how open and honest they are in this book and sharing how even through all the hard times, God is still their number one.
I love the back and forth in each chapter of who is telling their stories.
Carlos and Alexa have such a beautiful family and making God the focal point made me want to read this book even more.
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I finally got a chance to finish this.  I thought it was a great way to learn about both Carlos & Alexa's lives both before and after they knew Jesus and each other. I loved getting insight into their careers and past relationships. I also liked hearing of their journeys to really knowing God. I love how they continue to prioritize God and make it clear in this book. 
I do think that it felt like a while to get to the title of the book, with love being "the point". I also think possibly there are some things here that felt oversimplified... not to invalidate any individual experiences, but I think it's important to note that with something like an eating disorder, for most it probably requires seeking medical help to get into recovery. While Alexa does encourage people suffering to not keep the problem hidden, I feel like you're left with the notion that if you are very strong in your prayer and faith and open about your eating disorder that it can just literally go away overnight like it did for her.  Again, not to invalidate her story, but I think it can usually take more than that for others and there was no mention or encouragement to seek any treatment services for those struggling.
Still I like the sentiments that they had about God and maintaining a good and strong relationship with Jesus. I think they did a good job getting their points across with their testimonies.
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Being a fan of pop culture, and a Christian, I was eager to pick up "What if Love is the Point?", I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from both Carlos and Alexa's point of view, to see the ways in which their stories intersected and brought them together.

The behind-the-scenes peek into their experiences in the entertainment industry, coupled with the context of their love story and their commitment to living a life that honors God, all made this a book that I was delighted to read.
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The book was an easy read and entertaining. But it fails to answer the question "What If Love If The Point?," until the last chapter. The other chapters are just background info on Alexa and Carlos' lives before being a couple, to dating, then marriage, then parenthood. They could have expanded more on their points, but only gave us a nugget of wisdom. This book could have been much more and just fell flat.
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What If Love Is the Point? goes behind the scenes with Carlos PenaVega and Alexa PenaVega. From the stories of how they found fame (Carlos with Big Time Rush, and Alexa with Spy Kids), to the struggles they were fighting behind closed doors (eating disorders, drug habits, etc.) to finding Jesus and falling in love. They are down to earth and honest. This book is like a breath of fresh air; inspirational, spreads the gospel without being preachy, and shows you that these two are more than just pretty faces, and that fame isn't everything.
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This book wasn’t totally what I was expecting. I thoroughly enjoyed it, in each and every way possible. Both Alexa and Carlos had real and raw honesty - especially Alexa talking about her eating disorder so trigger warning for that - which hit home in a few ways personally. I, personally, enjoyed how neither were pushy with their beliefs, they just talked about it a lot, so if anyone is on the fence about reading it for that reason, no worries! After finishing this book I was left feeling good, and with a renewed sense of faith.
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Incredible!!! I have genuinely enjoyed reading this memoir of love, life, and Jesus. I have been a fan of Alexa since Spy Kids and fell more in love with these two after seeing them together in Hallmark movies. I knew they had something special so I searched them on Instagram and YouTube and started following them. Their love and family are something I definitely looked up to after witnessing their day-to-day life, so I knew when they were writing a book it was something I needed to read. I personally am in the early stages of my relationship with God and finding my spot in religion. This book made me feel less alone. I appreciated their honesty and how they themselves are not perfect but they have grown with God. I admire them as people and their relationships so much more after reading about their journey and all the setbacks. I found solace in their words and comfort in their beliefs in the last chapter. I learned so much and truly “love is the point.” It is the feeling you get when you read this book, it was written out of love and by two people who genuinely love each other. Highly recommend it for anyone on a spiritual journey or people who want to grow along with these two amazing people.
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While this is not something I enjoy proclaiming to others, it is the best way of showing my sincerity and delight meant. I am dyslexic so reading is not something I generally enjoy - that being said, reading What If Love Is the Point?: Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World by Carlos PenaVega and Alexa PenaVega could not have come at a better time in my life. While this book does focus on Christian marriage, it goes way beyond that. I would highly suggest if you are an avid reader, strongly dislike reading, are Christian, are not religious at all, are single, married, or anything else in between to read this book. This book made me cry, laugh, gain understanding, and leave feeling like I have purpose and want to live life again.
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Knowing Carlos and PenaVega were a young, Christian Hollywood couple who are parents, I was excited to read their book, What If Love Is the Point.  It's an easy-to-read book that I found hard to put down and read it in a few hours.  From page one, I was given a front row seat into the lives as Carlos and Alexa as they told their story.  Throughout the book, each one takes a turn in writing their chapter and the last chapter is written together.  Through the book, you learn of their background as singles, how they came to work in Hollywood, and in the music industry, how they overcame challenges of an eating disorder, broken relationships, and learn how their faith journey began. Los and Lex share how they met, dated, married and how their faith grew.  As a married couple, they share how they balance each other, and how they lean on their faith.  What makes them real is their honesty, raw and unedited; it is what makes them relatable.  As parents, Los and Lex share how they are raising their children to not just love God, but be kingdom builders and give examples that we can all do, not just as kids. 

As they tell their story, I was immersed in their highs and lows and cheered for them as they shared how God became real in their life, how He performed miracles for them, and what He is still teaching them. Their ups and downs are what I could relate to most of all and made them seem more down to earth.  I thought the last chapter especially highlighted the book's theme of love.  Carlos and Alexa share a list "Because love is the point,..." and then expound on how they use it in their life and invite us too also.  These points are so good, I want them as magnets on my refrigerator as a reminder of how my life can be fulfilled, have peace, a purpose and help my faith grow! This book can be read over and over again as their is much to absorb and treasure. I was blessed to read their book and get to "know them" and appreciate where they started in their journey and where they are now - and I don't just mean living in HI!  This book will appeal to Christians, but also to anyone wanting to read a good love story.  I appreciate how the book made me examine what is important to me and what points I may want to reconsider.
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