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This one was a DNF for me. While I really wanted to love these characters, there was something that didn't fully draw me into the story.
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1886, Buck’s Creek Montana,  Junebug the younger sister of Kit McBride secretly puts an ad in the paper to find a wife for him. Kit is a blacksmith but also a book lover he takes care of his younger siblings, he’s a bit shy with woman since  he’s not around many. Junebug is the youngest and since she’s only been around her bothers she’s a handful she’s not very lady like and is very bold. 
Maddy is an Irish maid who has come to America after a falling out at her previous job, she ends up working for Mrs. Lascalles who has been recently widowed , she hasn’t paid Maddy any wages and she’s on the hunt for a new wealthy husband, her plan is to become a mail order bride. She picks Kit from the ad Junebug had put in the paper. She drags Maddy along with her with the promise of back wages being paid. Soon Maddy finds herself left in Montana after Mrs.Lascalle abandons her there with her crazy dog and Maddy doesn’t know what to do. Maddy ends up in Buck’s Creek after an accident and when Kit uncovers what Junebug did he’s under the assumption Maddu is Mrs. lascalles, afraid to reveal she’s just a maid and with the help of Junebug they let him believe it. But what happens when he uncovers the truth? Slowly Maddy can’t help but fall for the handsome blacksmith, but she knows she’s living a lie what will happen when the truth is revealed? I read this book in a day I loved Junebug and the crazy family and the whole town!
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3.5 stars. Above the Old West town of Buck's Creek, Montana, four brothers and their lone sister Junebug are scratching out a living on the land. When Junebug gets tired of doing all the cooking and cleaning--neither of which she's any good at--she decides to advertise for a mail-order bride for her brother Kit. And to her surprise, one soon arrives. But she has some secrets of her own.

My favorite character in this book was Junebug, who feels stifled by domestic life but also longs for female friendship. I hope she's going to get her own story soon. And Maddy is a delight. I felt like the romance between Maddy and Kit was somewhat underdeveloped, even for a clean romance. But overall a charming start to a new series.

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the ARC to review. All opinions are my own.
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I really enjoyed this book. I thought the story was fun and the characters were entertaining. I liked that it was a mail order bride story and I loved how awkward the brothers were. I thought the romance was great and I really enjoyed Kit and Maddy. I look forward to reading more about these brothers.
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This was such a fun story! It follows young Junebug McBride who is sick of taking care of her four brothers on her own without the help of other women. When she sees an ad in the paper advertising for a wife, she pretends to be her brother, Kit, and writes to the woman. Maddie Mooney is a young maid who has freshly arrived in St Louis from Ireland. After being swindled by her employer she finds herself in Bucks Creek, Montana with the McBrides and is especially taken with Kit. This was such a unique story. It has a very modern feel, but is set at the turn of the century and has a Western vibe. I loved that it was a family story, a romance, and an adventure story all in one.
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This copy was kindly given to me for review by the publisher and Netgalley. All opinions are my own. 

Overall, this was a fast, clean romance. I loved the setting, the scheming and the characters. I would totally read more by this author. I flew through this book in a couple hours.
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Well this was SO CUTE. I expected to like it.. but I ended up liking it even more then I anticipated! Cannot wait for the rest of the books!
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I had to read a mail-order bride title for a book club at work and this one was the least creepy option. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I actually liked it. It was very sweet, well-written, and the characters were easy to love.
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This book completely surprised me. Kit McBride Gets a Wife is different for lack of a better word. It took me awhile to adapt to the quirky wording, but once I did I really enjoyed it. Full disclosure, although I had a free ebook of this through Berkley Romance and NetGalley, I ended up listening to the audiobook thanks to PRH Audio, which I found captivating. 

Kit McBride lives in remote Buck Creek with his three brothers and sister Junebug. The work is hard, and Junebug is fed up with always being saddled with the household chores. So when some cowboys pass through and ask Junebug to help them place an ad for a bride in the paper, Junebug is determined to find her brother a bride of his own. I loved the passion Kit and Junebug have for reading, language, and vocabulary. Kit doesn't allow Junebug to complain verbally and demands all complaints be made in writing. While Junebug resents it, Kit knows it's his way of ensuring Junebug learns more. Meanwhile, Maddy Mooney (with the cutest Irish accent) emigrates from Ireland and works for an incredibly oddball, eccentric, clueless widow who has yet to pay Maddy. When her employer decides to answer a matrimonial ad, poor Maddy is dragged along. 

When a case of mistaken identity occurs, Kit finds himself intrigued by his bride-to-be. 

I don't want to ruin any part of the plot. The book was surprising as I mentioned above. I found the characters relatable and found myself looking up words used by Kit and Junebug (which I love!). Rumor has it there will be a sequel for Morgan McBride and I'll be listening to it! I highly recommend the audiobook! The characters were brought to life so well!!
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I'll be honest, I didn't realize this book is a historical romance and I'm not normally a fan of this type of book. But I did give it a chance. Overall, impression? It was super cute. This is such a fun read, and I can’t wait to continue the series. I'm intrigued to read more about the other McBride brothers, as well as many of the other side characters introduced in this book. 

Kit McBride Gets a Wife (cute title!) is a great read for people who enjoy cutesy historical romances.
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This is quite literally the book equivalent of cradling a mug of hot chocolate in your hands while wrapped up in a blanket in front of a cozy fire in winter. If I could bottle the full-body warmth and joy and sweetness of reading this cavity-inducing romance I WOULD.

Despite the cover, Kit McBride Gets a Wife is less an adventure-packed western and more a tooth-rottingly sweet slow burn romance in which our heroine is injured and snowed in with a giant burly mountain man who is terrifying on the outside and sweet and gentle on the inside. He's like a burly, plaid-clad tootsie pop. They spend most of the book just…together. Getting to know each other. Kit has interacted with a handful of women in his entire life, and he’s gone for Maddy from the start and has no idea what to do about it. It’s precious. I could cry just thinking about it. 

AND, not only does it deliver pure, unadulterated quality time (he spends hours reading aloud to her?? And showing her his forge?? And talking about poetry goodbye I’m gone), Kit also nails it on the gift giving and acts of service front (I'm looking at you, tea kettle he forged himself bc she loves tea and literally carrying her around so she can sit outside while she's injured). Hey now, hey now. This is what dreeeeeeams are maaade oooooof

Anyway I will literally never get over this book & the way it had me giggling & kicking my little feet. Kit actually unlocked something in me I think. New standard: giant mountain men who have never interacted with women before and quote poetry and wear their little sister’s terrible homemade sweaters. 

CW: Injury/medical content, death, abandonment, grief
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Review will be posted on 9/27/22
It's 1886 in Buck's Creek, Montana and the McBride family live at their trading post. It's the four McBride brothers and their younger sister, Junebug. Junebug, being the only female in the house, is sick of doing all the "women's work" for her brothers, so she tries to find a wife for one her oldest brother, Kit, via an ad in the newspaper. Otherwise how else will her brother meet someone at their remote trading post in the wilderness? So, Junebug places the ad for a mail-order bride without Kit knowing. In swoops widow Willabelle Lascalles along with her Irish maid, Maddy Mooney, to answer the ad. They are here in America to start over and Willabelle thinks this ad for a bride will be the solution to all of her problems. Except things don't go smoothly at all. Willabelle decides to not go through with it once in Montana and leaves Maddy behind. Maddy is pretty much abandoned and then due to a series of awkward moments, Maddy assumes the identity of Willabelle, so Kit thinks that she is the mail-order bride. Kit, at first reluctant, starts to have feelings for Maddy, vice versa, but how can they have a relationship based on lies and an incorrect identity? Kit McBride Gets a Wife by Amy Barry is a fun romp through Buck's Creek, Montana and a destination I'd love to visit again when I need an escape to the McBride family and the Montana wilderness.

Junebug is the real star of the show in Kit McBride Gets a Wife. She is hilarious, witty, snarky, outgoing, and everything you could want in a feisty heroine.  She's much younger than her brothers, but readers can still appreciate her predicament as being the only young girl in a house full of men. She is juxtaposed by her strong and silent type brother, Kit. I really enjoyed his character and appreciated his love of books. He was too good to be true at times, but that's why we read romance right?

Maddy is another character in Kit McBride Gets a Wife who my heart went out to. She isn't just a maid looking for a better life in America. She is running from her past life and some of the trauma she went through. So, Maddy is a complex character for sure and while I wanted her to be honest with Kit, I could see how once she got caught up in this plan, it was hard to get out of unscathed. Plus, she is in a tough spot since she was abandoned by her employer in a new country.

The western vibes in Kit McBride Gets a Wife are really on point. I felt like I was at a remote trading post in rural Montana. It's been so long since I read a western, so it was great to get caught up in Buck's Creek, the lifestyle, the quirky citizens, and the McBride's adventurous family.

While Kit McBride Gets a Wife is a clean romance for sure, I still enjoyed being wrapped up in the McBride family and their life in Montana.  It's the start of a new series and one that I think I will continue with when I need an escape to another time.

So, is Kit McBride Gets a Wife on your TBR list or have you read it yet? Do you like Westerns? Let me know in the comments below.
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I love western romances! Kit and his brothers are just what I needed! I loved this book is lighthearted and funny and everything I seek for in a mail order (or mistaken mail-order bride) situation. Kit McBride is nothing short of surprised when he finds that his sister put an ad out for a mail order bride and Maddie somehow gets roped into the role. I love it! I will be recommending this to everyone!
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This book is perfect for those wanting a historical romance but wanting something different than the regency type era: this one definitely gives historical romance set in the Wild West. 

This one also gives so much humor and had me laughing out loud at so many different spots with the quick wit. 

This one also does family sooo well! It has such great dynamics being shown amongst the members of the McBride crew.

If you are looking for a different spin on a historical romance that has some heart and humor included I highly recommend this one!
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This book takes place in Montana in the late 1800's. It sounds absolutely gorgeous. I read this while doing an overnight hiking/camping trip in Idaho. The setting enhanced my reading of this book. It was definitely an historic RomCom and kept me smiling. This was the first book in the series, and I'm eager for the next one.

Junebug is a 14 yo girl who lives with her four older brothers in a small town in Montana. As the only female, she does a ton of household chores. She hears some traders talking about mail order brides and gets to thinking about how much easier her life would be if one of her brothers had a wife. So, she secretly places an advertisement for a bride. 

I think anything else would lead to spoilers. This was definitely a fun story with the following tropes- mistaken identities, secret identities, a fish out of water, and slow burn. There are also a couple of book lovers and some fun exploration of vocabulary. It really was enjoyable!

4.5 stars rounded up to 5.

Thanks to th epunlsiher for a complimentary copy.  All opinions are my own.
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This one was cute, but needed more editing. I think the varying perspectives/junebug perspective wasn't needed. It was weird that half the book felt about the sister, Junebug, when the book is called "Kit McBride Gets a Wife." 

I enjoyed the family dynamics and the conflicts of our heroine. I wish the book would have cut from the beginning and given it to the end. Everything felt a little too tied up too quickly in my opinion. 

I think this series will get better with the world being already established and the author getting more reps.
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This laugh-out-loud mistaken identity tale set in 1886 Montana is a fast-paced romp about a motherless tomboy who can barely cook and clean but is forced into housewifely chores by her four older (well-meaning) brothers. The McBrides thought they'd start their own town up the mountain with their smithy and trading post, but the heart of local civilization is hours away, with it's depot/post office, mercantile, and cat house. Lonely and loquacious Junebug keeps a complaint book so her brother Kit doesn't have to listen to her bellyaching. 

When a local trapper asks Junebug to help him write an ad for a mail-order bride, Junebug gets it into her head that if Kit had a wife, she wouldn't have to do so many chores, and posts her own scathingly honest ad… which one buxom gold-digger Willabelle Lascalles responds to. She drags her Irish servant along on her western adventure to snag a wealthy husband, mistakes an old drunkard for the smithy, and bails, leaving lovely Maddy behind with a pampered pooch. She promptly sprains an ankle, resulting in many days of being carried about and fetched cups of tea, making friends with Junebug, and falling for Kit herself. Kit thinks Maddy is the Mrs. Lascalles who wants to marry him, and Junebug convinced Maddy not to set her brother straight just yet. And then a blizzard or two later, Beau and Morgan return from fetching the doctor (remember the sprained ankle) with the real Mrs. Lascalles…

Maddy's travels by train from sooty St. Louis to the wilds of Montana read like a love letter to the US, even as she compares to her emerald isle homeland. Late 18th century details are convincingly portrayed. The characters are archetypal, rather than stereotypical, and author Amy Barry has a nice note at the end of the book, citing the native people and lands portrayed with dignity. Junebug's success leads her to pen an ad for Morgan at the end of the book, launching what will be a memorable and enjoyable series for readers who don't want to take their romance too seriously, swoon over mountain men, and appreciate the tropes of getting snowed in and mistaken identity.

I received a free advance reader's review copy of #KitMcBrideTakesAWife from #NetGalley.
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Junebug is sick of having to perform all the household duties for her family of 4 brothers. It's high time one of them married and she got a little help around the homestead. The problem is they live in the middle of nowhere Montana and her brothers don't look twice at women. When she learns about mail-order brides she decides this is the perfect solution to her predicament. What ensues is cute and fun as, of course, her plans don't follow her predicted path.

My favorite character was 100% Junebug. I could totally relate to her hatred of housework and being pigeon-holed into the cooking and cleaning based on her gender. I loved her attitude and her vocabulary.

Of course I also loved her brother Kit for insisting she be educated despite living so rurally. Him making her submit all complaints in writing made me laugh and I feel I should give that a shot with my kids 😂. Also his love of reading and his secret mail-order books added to his attractive qualities.

I'm looking forward to book 2 and seeing another brother's romance journey.

3.5 stars rounded up

Thank you @berittalksbooks @berkleypub for this #berkleywritesstrongwomen #berkleybuddyreads
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I haven’t read a western historical romance since I was a teenager and I was stealing my aunt’s books secretly off her bookshelf, so to say I went into this with NO IDEA what to expect, I mean it! What I never ever could imagine was that we would get to be inside the brain of the main hero’s wily little sister’s, Junebug, brain. It was so hilarious and made this story a lot more lighthearted and funny than I think most western historical romances probably are.

Junebug lives on a remote mountain in Montana with her older overbearing brothers who doin’t do much to help out around the homestead. Tired of being one of the only girls/ladies in “town” (let’s face it… the town is basically a crude settlement consisting of mostly her own family), she sends out an ad for a mail order bride for her brother Kit. She hopes this will bring in someone to share in the burden of keeping the house going.

Kit is a big but gentle man, who runs the black smithing forge, and keeps to himself. He has a love for reading and is not expecting Maddy Mooney to show up ready to marry him. Except Maddy has assumed the name of her former employer, hoping to find a way back home to Ireland after coming to America only to be stuck caring for the insufferable window who “hired her” and left her stranded in Montana.

This is a sweet and often funny slow-burn romance (I mean, I actually could have done with more romance, because when we FINALLY got to the kissing, you could tell there was chemistry, but it felt weird that it took almost 3/4 of the book to get there….). I definitely enjoyed it and am curious to see who Junebug conjures up for her next brother, Morgan.
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This is such a sweet slow burn romance! Set in the wilds of Montana with mail order brides and mistaken identities. 

Handsome mountain man and an Irish maid.

So interesting listening to living out in the middle of nowhere. Having a homestead with a trading post and a blacksmith.

Like Junebug, my grandmother told stories of having to do all the chores for her 3 older brothers. The first chance she got she married and took off 😂

Loved how this romance played out after her deadbeat "Lady" she worked for took off. Though she was playing a part just trying to get train fare back to the coast to go home. She started to fall for the land and the man.

Loved the setting and the mountain secluded life. 

Thank you Berkeley romance and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.
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