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The Soul Support Book, 2nd Edition

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I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

The soul support book  is an illustrated  book with eye-catching  colors and witty one liners to show that there is different way of looking at a situation and that joy is inevitable. This book is perfect for all ages and I recommend it to everyone that may be struggling with anxiety and depression.
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Thanks NetGalley, Storey Publishing and Deb Koffman for this copy.
A joyful colorful uplifting set of motivational illustrations.
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This wasn't quite what I thought it would be - it's purely illustration-based, a collection of cartoons, rather than a self-help book. I enjoyed some of them, but unfortunately, the majority did not resonate.
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2.5 stars

Unfortunately, this one wasn't for me. I thought it was going to be an interactive type journal. I like the overall message but, stylistically, the cartoons just weren't to my personal taste.
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A enjoyable and colourful book that most people will find value in.  I enjoyed it although a lot of the messaging isn't new, then again, sometimes you have to hear things again.
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Book contains inspiring and thought provoking  illustration. It is a good book to look through or read through for inspiration. it also contains beautiful words of wisdom. The words are meant to make you calm or give clarity
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The cover is so impressive to me, and not gonna lie the design of this book is adorable inside and outside.
The language that used is so easy to understand and to me it's almost like a children book and worth it.
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I really loved how bright and vibrant this book is. The illustrations really add to the messages. The messages are clear, not patronising despite being messages we know already - they're great reminders in a fun way.
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The Soul Support Book, 2nd edition - By Deb Koffman

If the title and the book cover did not grab you then perhaps the description would, like it did me.

The soul support book uses cartoon illustrations, playful colors and witty one liners to portray some new perspectives on life's everyday situations and finding joy in anything.

As someone who struggles with anxiety (especially the overthinking part) for years, I am often drawn to any tool that may help 'tweak' the way I look at life or simply, my day.

My first thought not even 20% in was what a wonderful gift this book would actually make for someone, anyone, of any age. Whether they are struggling with mental health or not.

It's a short read that packs a punch, Deb Koffman's colorful illustrations, simple yet relevant points makes you keep turning the page and smiling. It literally made me smile, it's just that wholesome.

The author highlights the differences between suffering and well being and how people can look at the exact same thing and perceive it differently. How no point of view is right but how it may be best for your soul sometimes to slightly adjust yours ❤️

A few of my fav takeaways from the book:
* Colour your world with all that nourishes your soul
* Changing context, changes experience
* Acknowledge your gifts

I give this slice of life

Publish Date is 08 November 2022

Thank you Netgalley for a copy of this ARC in exchange for a honest review

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I have been a big fan of this author for many years and have used her books and decks in my SoulCollage workshops. I wasn’t aware of her death until very recently, and was sad to hear of it.

As usual, I enjoyed her uplifting, comforting, bright images and snippets of wisdom that are sprinkled throughout this lovely book. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This book is really nice. I think it doesn’t say much that feels new, but it is full of lovely messages and nice illustrations. I think that one of these pages, read at just the right moment could be very powerful. I also liked reading the introduction and learning about the author from her peer. It is full of positive messages and it was relaxing/soothing to read. That said, I’m not sure it will stand out enough in my memory moving forward that I would feel compelled to revisit or recommend it.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an eARC for this book in exchange of an honest review!

I read this book in the right time, I guess. I was a bit lost and this book gave me the right comfort, with cute illustrations and simple messages, they all were knocking at heart offering me warmth and a sense of safety. It's a good one 💖
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In The Soul Support Book (2nd edition):Get Unstuck, Expand Your Awareness, Lift Your Spirits, and Be Here Now by Deb Koffman we are reminded to practice unconditional self-care and reflection as a means for survival. Deb, someone who struggled with depression herself, had a gift of creating art as a message of hope. 👑 

The Soul Support Book provides powerful visual storytelling via colorful illustrations that provide nonverbal commentary on how to practice radical self-acceptance, consider new perspectives, cope with difficulty and obstacle, and hold tightly to joy. 

I love that the book is all photos and no words - allowing the reader to interpret what they need. A beautiful resource and way to remember the impactful work of Deb Koffman!
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The Soul Support Book is a collection of cartoon style images designed to make you think about things a bit deeper and to give a new perspective. It is a very short book, and would be ideal to keep beside your bed to dip in and out of. 

I did enjoy this e-book, however, I feel as though a physical copy would be much better to capture the images and be able to flick through. 

My thanks to NetGalley and the Publishers for sending me this ARC in return for an honest review.
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I was surprised to learn that this lovely book is a reprint from twenty years ago! Although not aimed at children as it's main audience, I think this would be such a wonderful book for schools to have a copy of so that children can just pick it up and flick through the delightfully colourful, clever, witty and poignant pictures. If one illustration stands out to them and impresses upon them, it will be worth it for the rest of their life. As someone who has worked in mental health since 2012 and now works privately as a psychotherapist (working hard before that to overcome my own mental health issues), this book is truly wonderful. Mental health can become very serious very fast which can loose some people, especially if they are intimidated or not so open to the idea of mental health. This book is engaging for all levels of reader and there is something for everyone here, I really believe that. 
What a delight this was to read - thank you. 
I will be drafting a social post to review this book too.
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A short, colourful and thought-provoking book by the late Deb Koffman.  I guess I felt the book was quite short and I would have loved to have read more about her - maybe some interviews with those who knew her best? I loved her quirky illustrations, what a talent!  I just would have liked to learn more about her as an artist.
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I enjoyed the quirky cartoon that encourage ideas about self care etc.  Maybe better directed at children than adults, I enjoyed it none the less. Some ideas to make me think - not new perhaps, but a useful reminder.

Best read in book form than ebook however, it doesn't really lend itself to ebook format.
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Some of the cartoons were brilliant and very uplifting and relatable. However, a lot of them just went over my head, this may just be due to my personal perspective but could also be down to the formatting not being great on kindle.
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This is a cute little book that would be great for kids. The cartoon style is engaging and helpful. For adults it's cool because it gets you back in touch with your inner child.
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I like the idea of a self-help book in the form of a series of cartoons. Unfortunately, the format made it difficult for me to read it on my Kindle. To be honest, I didn’t really get the point of most of the cartoons. I guess this book was over my head.
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