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REVIEW: I went into this book blind and I’m glad I did. Lillian, the sister who left unscathed other than a concussion, is somewhat unrealizable, so you never really know what to believe is true while you’re reading this. Lillian is constantly doing detective work to see what her sister meant when she told her that what was happening was “a matter of life or death” just seconds before the car crash, and you never know where the book is headed.

At no point did I have clue what was going to be the end of this one, which js something I appreciate. I was suspicious about every character the entire time. There was a twist at the end that caught me totally off guard.

Overall, I’d recommend this one!!.

🕶VERDICT: 4 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you so much to @blackstonepublishing and Netgalley for my copy!!
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Thank you to NetGalley, Bradeigh Godfrey and Blackstone Publishing for my free e-book in exchange for an honest review. 

I didn’t know what to expect in this one as the synopsis lead my mind in a few different directions - but this was good! I really enjoyed the wild ride and the main character. This one draws you right in and definitely a solid debut! I’ll definitely read whatever this author comes out with next!
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This book had me gripped the whole way that it was rather hard for me to put down and I loved every little answer we got as the plot unfolded. It was a little slow and confusing at times but I’m glad I stuck around because the twists and turns where so great. I usually stick to fantasy type books but this was a thriller type I’m glad I read!!
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About the book:
The story is about two sisters who once had a good relationship.  Lilian looks after Rosie, her baby sister, and Rosie looks up and depended on Lilian.  They spend time together until Lilian left to attend medical school.  Rosie rebelled and went down the wrong path. Lilian still tried to look after Rosie until their parents died.  What happened pulled the last string of Lilian’s patience towards Rosie and wanted nothing to do with her again. After three years of no contact, Rosie reached out again to reveal something important. Rosie picked up Lilian and was on their way to a safe place to talk.  But before they can even reach the place, they got into an accident that left Rosie with a traumatic brain injury.  She is unable to communicate and did not recognize Lilian.
Unconvinced that this is not a mere accident, Lilian tried to explore her sister’s past during the last three years. She uncovers some disturbing facts that put her and Rosie more in danger.  With her sister’s condition and the discoveries she made, Lilian makes sure that she will be there to protect her sister again.

My thought:
This is another book that I keep on saying just one more chapter, and one more, and another, which lasted for hours.  It is well written that it is hard to put down. The plot is amazing and the discoveries until the end are astonishing.  
I say that the author chose a great title for this book. My mind is stuck on it and I’m hooked on finding who is the imposter.  Every character is a suspect and different scenario runs through my mind.  Every action feels like a trap or deceitful.  I kind of guessed it but still gave me doubt. The twist was hair-raising and indeed surprising.  I felt so emotional about Rosie and Lilian’s relationship. The author gave both sides of the story with a dual POV.  It gave a deeper understanding of the sister’s relationship and provide more details on the story which made it engaging. 
This bo-have needs to be on my shelves.
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If you love spooky season and psychological thrillers like me, Imposter is a must read! Reading thrillers can get monotonous at times, so it’s always refreshing when a new spin on a typical story is woven! Bradleigh does just that when she introduces us to Capgras Syndrome and the delusions it causes. 

This is an engrossing, twisty, page turner that I caught me off guard! Mental illness, delusions, gas lighting, and betrayal are all expertly woven together in this amazingly written debut! I recommend going into this one blind…you won’t regret it!  4.5 stars
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I picked up Imposter after seeing it start to pop up on Bookstagram, and I am so glad I did! It was a fast paced easy read but also had enough substance that kept me engaged throughout. Memory, estranged sisters, and lots of suspense and questions.

 My favorite part was how author Bradeigh Godfrey drew in her knowledge as a physician, which added so much to the medical storyline. If you are looking for a popcorn thriller, I recommend this one! Thank you to NetGalley and Blackstone for my gifted review copy.
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I love a psychological thriller.....especially one that's about sisters told in alternating perspectives.

Sisters Lilian and Rosie tell their tale in different formats- Lilian in the present day and Rosie through journal entries from the past so you’re slowly fed the details on their relationship and everything that led up to their falling out and beyond. As expected, secrets are slowly revealed, leaving you wanting more. 

Both sisters Not knowing if either sister was even reliable keeps the reader on their toes.  A fantastic thriller that will have readers begging for me. 

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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What a fun thriller!  After going two years without speaking, sisters Rosie and Lillian decide to get together for dinner. On their drive there they are in a car accident that results in Rosie experiencing a profound traumatic brain injury.  Rosie begins experiencing weird memory-related symptoms as she is healing. Quickly, Lillian begins to suspect that what happened was far from an accident. Someone is after Rosie.

Thoughts: This was a totally bingable thriller and I read it in less than 24 hours. Bradeigh Godfrey worked as a physician and clearly brought her knowledge to this story. Her portrayal of recovery post-TBI was thoughtful and accurate.  Fans of domestic thrillers and suspenseful reads should absolutely pick this one up!
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I enjoyed this unique psychological thriller featuring one of the main characters with capgras syndrome (she thinks her sister is not really her sister but an imposter after a car accident.) I would call it a medical suspense- if that was a genre. :-) Fun to have different topics in the thriller genre because sometimes they all start to run together. I will remember this one! 

Pros: Unpredictable, kept me guessing, loved the multiple twists at the end, liked the realistic relationship between Lillian and Caleb. Most of the book, with a few exceptions, seemed realistic to me (not usually the case in thrillers, in my opinion..) 

Cons: Felt the middle/hospital visit scenes were monotonous (but the momentum picked up again around the last third!)
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Rosie and Lilian’s parents weren’t the best parents. Lilian basically raised Rosie on her own for 12 years. When Lilian turned 18 she left for college and went to medical school to become a pediatrician. Rosie and Lilian’s relationship suffered as a result to her leaving. 

Lilian got married and had a daughter she named Abigail. She was the spitting image of Rosie. Lilian and Rosie hadn’t spoken in 2 years because of a fight they had after the death of their parents. 

Caleb Lilian’s husband ran into Rosie at a coffee shop and convinced Lilian to go to dinner with her sister. He said it was time they patched things up between them. Rosie had also wanted to speak to Lilian about something. All of a sudden Rosie and Lilian’s night had taken a drastic turn for the worse.

All I can think of saying is “oh my god” this book was completely amazing!!! I read 27 chapters in one day because I was completely hooked. I couldn’t stop reading this book. I had to know what happened to Rosie and Lilian next. I really loved this book. I’m definitely buying a physical copy of this book.
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I really enjoyed this story! It was unlike any kind of suspense story that I’ve read before, which kept me turning the pages. The back and forth POV between sisters and the mysterious diary entires added extra layers to an already complicated and unreliable set of narrators. I wasn’t sure where the story was going at times, and relished the big twist reveal that I did not see coming.
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I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on in this novel until about the last quarter. However, it was so deftly written and the story so engaging I didn’t mind. A must read.
4.5 Stars
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IMPOSTER is an impressive thriller debut. It’s twisty, complex, & characters with depth. The beginning sucked me in right away. 

Both narrators were unreliable and I never knew who I could trust. Sprinkled in between chapters were journal entries written by Rosie to her psychiatrist, and these added so much suspense! I kept finding myself looking forward to the next one. The imposter storyline was so well done, but I won’t l say more for the sake of keeping this spoiler free.

I did guess a big plot twist, but I still thought it was executed well — and there were plenty of other twists along the way that caught me by surprise. I’m looking forward to reading more by Bradeigh Godfrey, who has already made a name for herself with this book, as well as THE BEACH TRAP written under the author name Ali Brady.

[CW: postpartum anxiety]
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Thank you @letstalkbookspromo @blackstonepublishing and @bradeighgodfrey for having me as part of this book tour !

Pub: September 13, 2022

Read. This. Book.

I read a lot of thrillers and am seriously impressed with this debut book.

The writing is sharp and the OMG moments come fast and furious throughout the book.

I love how Godfrey uses her personal experience as a physician to take us through the medical aspects of the book. The details really made the experience come to life- almost too much for this girl who can handle serial killers, but closes her eyes when she sees a needle 😂

I love books about family secrets and Imposter is full of them. Lilian and Rosie are well- developed characters and I connected with them more than I typically do in a thriller.

Can’t wait to read her next book!
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Dear Imposter,
After so much bookstagram hype, I absolutely had to read you. And I am happy I did! While I was able to predict the ultimate twist, your writing was on point, and I loved all of the medical details. I loved how Lillian was aware of her anxiety, and reading through Rosie's therapy journal. All of the medical jargon was detailed, but felt very approachable to me. You kept me guessing the whole way through and interested in Rosie's recovery and who was stalking the women.
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Lilian and Rosie haven’t spoken for two years after there was a break in their relationship.  Encouraged by her husband, Caleb, Lilian is meeting Rosie for dinner.  While Lilian isn’t extremely hopeful, she’s reluctantly taking the first steps to a reconciliation.  Rosie is in a good place in her life, or so she leads Lilian to believe on the way to the out of way restaurant.  On their drive, Rosie tells Lilian that there’s something she needs to talk about, a matter of life and death, but before she can tell her the two are in a catastrophic accident, leaving Rosie with a traumatic brain injury.  Lilian is a pediatrician on maternity leave, a leave that is lasting longer than planned after she was the subject of a malpractice lawsuit.  She’s ready to go back, but she’s questioning everything in her life, paranoid and disillusioned, Lilian is not her old take charge self.   Lilian is not only Rosie’s sister, but pretty much raised her for the first twelve years of her life.  The bond is deep and after the accident, Lilian yearns for that close bond once again.  With the help of Rosie’s fiancé, Daniel, Rosie is allowed to leave the hospital, but will need extensive care.  Not only does she have a traumatic brain injury, but she’s developed Capgras Syndrome, a condition where she thinks those closest to her are imposters.  This makes the caregiving more difficult, but Daniel is willing to take on the challenge.  Throughout there is an air of mystery … who caused the hit and run accident?  Who has been stalking both Rosie and Lilian?  Are the cases related?  Godfrey takes us on an unsettling journey that’s fast paced even as the mystery is revealed slowly.  With a smartly placed twist, the pages are flying by as the end nears. A fantastic debut by an author that I can’t wait to see more of!! Thank you to Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC of this book.
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It was fine.

I'm never really at a loss for words, but I found this book to be somewhat unremarkable.

Not the best, not the worst. 

I can't say more than that. 

Thank you Netgalley and Blackstone Publishing for the ARC.
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I love medical Thrillers, but overall this one was pretty gripping. I thought it was written a bit clinical for my liking, and the twist was kind of predictable. For a debut book so I thought the author did a good job, and I would most likely read more by them in the future.
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4.5 stars!
Twists, turns, and solid writing are in store for you when you check out Bradeigh Godfrey's debut novel. This was well researched and introduces us to a syndrome called Capgras Syndrome. I knew nothing about it prior to this book, but it was perfect here. You're going to question everything and everyone, even the doorman (😂) and that's how I like my thrillers. Make me doubt my own sanity, then BAM hit me with a twist!⁠
A big thank you to @bradeighgodfrey @blackstonepublishing and @letstalkbookspromo for having me along on this book tour. It was such a great book!
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Bradeigh Godfrey, is a literary genius. 

Imposter, was narrated with perfection. The way Godfrey was able to instantly draw me right in from page one is still blowing my mind. The psychological suspense ran goosebumps up my arms. I found myself having to stop for a moment just to regroup and catch my breath. 

Imposter, has book of the year written all over it. There are not many authors that have the natural talent to story tell the way that Godfrey does. 

Lately I have been introduced to quite a few debut authors and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. I can be a book snob and prioritize my "favored" authors before reading "new authors" and I think I have just proven myself wrong. I need to step outside the box and try new things! I have to say, reading Imposter, was one of the best decisions I have made thus far! 

Imposter is a twisted ride that once you get one you will be gut punched with some explosive twists and unexpected surprises. Your attention will never lose focus and the story line will keep you captivated and in suspense for what will happen next. 

Imposter is one of those books that after you conclude you pray that they pick it up for Hulu, Netflix, or a major motion picture. I would love to see this book play out on the big screen and I am so excited for what Bradeigh Godfrey will come out with next!
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