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Suspend your disbelief and enjoy this crazy thrill ride about two estranged sisters who reunite but before one can spill a "life or death" secret, they get into a car accident.  Upon awakening in the hospital, the sister with the secret to tell doesn't recognize her sister, and believes she is an imposter.  Her sister feels compelled to look into the injured sister's life and figure out what is going on.  The ending is insane!
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This book was just the right kind of creepy. I loved it! It kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat from chapter one.
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Rosie has something to tell her sister, but they haven’t been close since their parents died. And when they finally do get together, a car accident ruins her chance. Will Lillian ever know what was so important? 
I could not put this book down, and I audibly gasped several times. Fast-paced and kept me guessing.
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Obsession, betrayal, sacred bond of sisterhood, delusions, mental illness, gaslighting subjects blended in a gripping, riveting, mystery you get drawn into easily! 

Smart twists, slow building of high tension keep your attention intact! 

You what to know how the entire mystery will unfold! 

Especially finally revelations were surprising! I quickly guessed the big one but it was still well played! 

  Let’s meet with two narrators of the story but let’s not forget both of our narrators are not reliable ones. Lillian suffers from panic attacks and anxiety issues as Rosie: well Rosie has a distorted way to see the incidents, is she delusional? Or does she have extra vivid imagination? I’m zipping my mouth. You gotta read to learn more about her!
We read Rosie’s narration throughout her diaries she writes for her psychiatrist. All of her entries are truly subjective! 

  Lillian; sued for malpractice, suffering from grief, spending last days of maternity leave with taking care of her baby girl. After misdiagnosis of her patient, she becomes more obsessed not to make a deathly mistake, extra worrying about her own daughter’s medical condition, slowly estranging from her husband who is a successful doctor, taking his responsibilities seriously as only breadwinner of the house!

  And after two years long dead silence, Lillian’s little sister Rosie wants to reunite with her at a dinner appointment. 

  Rosie was raised by Lillian because their parents married young, working lowest paying jobs, barely making ends meet even though they worked for long hours. Their father drank too much as their mother suffered from depression. 

So Lillian is forced to become the parent of the family, taking care of her sister. But when she left for college, Rosie became more problematic, blaming on her sister for abandoning her. She chose abusers, cheaters, married men to date, using drugs, calling her sister repeatedly to save her from the troubles she’s involved. As soon as Lillian helps her she disappears again. After a breakdown they’re reuniting for the first time, burying their hatchets.

  They drive to the restaurant together in Rosie’s car. After Rosie mentions her sister a life -death situation, becoming more agitated, somebody bumps into their car!  

  When Lillian wakes up at the hospital, she finds out her sister’s condition is critic. She’s gonna have a surgery. Her boyfriend is worried sick, sitting at the waiting room.

  But thankfully the surgery is quick success and healing process is miraculous! But unfortunately when Lillian wants to communicate with her sister, she realizes her sister doesn’t know her! Her sister thinks she’s an IMPOSTER! She’s diagnosed Capgras syndrome is a rare condition in which someone believes that their loved ones or others they know have been replaced with doubles or imposters. The belief is so real that nothing can correct this illusion. 

  Lillian finds out somebody was following her sister for weeks and she’s sure a car was chasing them, crashing into their car intentionally. She has to find out the truth but her sister doesn’t remember her and her husband thinks she’s overreacting even though she insists somebody watches their house! 
She has to protect her sister in expanse of putting her own life in danger! 

It was fast, engaging, unputdownable read! I love how the loose ends tied up! 

  Special thanks to NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest thoughts.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, Blackstone Publishing  and  by #NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Totally fast paced, keep you up at night, on the edge of your seat, thriller.
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Calling all fans of a true edge-of-your seat and thought-provoking thriller!

Bradeigh Godfrey knows how to spin words to create a story that will have you turning pages. From the moment this story begins with sisters at odds, I had to read to figure out what was happening. There’s a medical drama at the core, but what drew me to this one was the ways a mother feels with a newborn and the intense bond of sisters. The details were executed with skill and grace. The twist at the end was unexpected and thrilling.

Great thriller debut!!!
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I got to say i did find myself enjoying this book. It had a interesting premise and i loved how the story was about two siblings and how sometimes the bonds that hold us end up being the very bonds that break us. It had a good amount of thriller and mystery i rated it  3 stars  not so much due to the writing itself but the editing needed a good amount of work. I found many run on sentences and misspelled and or jumbled speech and since this book is mostly written in the perspective of a pediatrician i found it even more unlikely that it was intentional. 

I liked the characters but at times did find them a little wooden and hard to relate to. Lilian was a hard character for me i wish there would have been more conversation about there parents and the failure they made of having Lilian more or less be Rosie's mother. That is overlooked and more or less excepted when she was only 10 when Rosie was born.. 

I would have liked a little more mystery and misdirect information. I more or less figured this out around the half way point. It is a good novel and i loved the journal parts from Rosie's point of view i thought that was done very well..

Overall a good book just not a highly rated one from me. The misspelling, run on sentences and lack of tension really lowered the rating for me.
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Incredible thriller that’s extremely fast paced but still with the concrete story.  I was immediately taken in by the plot and drawn to the main character. I couldn’t wait to find out how the book ended. I wasn’t disappointed!  Highly recommend!
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Estranged sisters, Lillian and Rosie are brought together again after the sudden death of their parents. Rosie has asked Lillian to meet her, telling her she has something she must tell Lillian. But just as she’s about to reveal her secret, a car skids on the icy road they are traveling on and there’s a horrific collision. Both woman survive, but Rosie has suffered a terrible head injury that’s left her unable to communicate. Lillian wonders if the accident that has taken her sister from her (in all but body),she begins to think the accident was anything but. As Lillian gets closer to the truth, both women’s lives are in danger, and this time, there will be no witnesses. A tense, nail biting domestic thriller
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This is the rare type of a thriller that really delves into the protagonist’s psyche and enables the reader to understand their motivations in depth. The love between the two sisters and their bond are the moving force behind this excellent story. Absolutely recommended.
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