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Hmm, maybe…just maybe…I’m in a tofu rut. 

I have my favourite recipes, and I use them repeatedly. So I was super happy to review Twist on Tofu by Corinne Trang.  Thanks Netgalley, Storey Publishing, and Corinne Trang for the free ARC in exchange for my unbiased review. 

It’s a book that gives us all a few ideas on how to change up our vegetarian dinners with tofu as a main ingredient. “Tofu is a sponge. It absorbs all sorts of flavors…It’s versatile. It can be braised, grilled, steamed, poached, stir-fried, deep-fried, or pan-crisped and added to soups or salads or everything in between.” Trang points out that tofu is a complete protein, entirely plant based, and economic! She notes, “When you adopt a different perspective, have a little patience, and practice using tofu, you will open a door to endless possibilities in the kitchen.” 

This cookbook will appeal to seasoned tofu users like me, and beginners alike. It has an informative Tofu 101 section that delivers all the basics you’ll need to get up to speed, even handy pictures on how to cut the block into appropriate-sized pieces! 

I decided on three recipes to try: 

Tofu Tacos: The tofu here was a nice filler, prepared using the shallow fry method. The star of the dish, though, was the amazing, tangy, salty vinegared red cabbage. The tacos came together nicely, and I made a salad of all the leftover toppings the next day. 

Tofu Loaf: This was amazing! This is the takeaway recipe for me from this book. It’s a bit fragile, but the umami flavour from the shitake mushrooms and the hyper-tangy glaze made this soar. It was great left over, and I’ve frozen some too. 

Tofu Mocha Brownies: I followed the recipe faithfully and these didn’t resemble brownies. The texture was a bit gelatinous. They tasted alright and froze well, so I’m eating them for snacks!

I had fun with Twist on Tofu!  Mostly, the recipes I tried worked well…and that Tofu Loaf? That’s going on repeat in my kitchen!
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This cookbook is great as both an introduction to cooking with tofu and as a source of recipes for those already familiar with this fantastic food. I found many succulent recipes that I plan to try to expand my use of tofu in my weekly diet. Reader friendly and inspiring, I recommend this cookbook to anyone interested in enjoying tofu in a variety of ways.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Storey Publishing for allowing me to view this cookbook in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion.

This is an incredibly accessible tofu cookbook for a beginner vegetarian (or even vegan) cook. 

First off, the photography and clean layout of this cookbook is simply spectacular. The food photography is well-lit, eye-catching, and incredibly edible. While there isn't a photo for every recipe, the quality of the photography more than makes up for it. 

Another highlight, especially for someone who is new to cooking tofu, are the details on how to cut it up ("fries," "nuggets," etc.), coating it in tapioca or cornstarch for extra crunch, or just how to grill tofu. For me, it was little things like this - things that aren't always explained - that made it extremely helpful. 

The author pulled traditionally meat-based recipes from around the world and applied them to a plant-based diet. It was great seeing such a variety of dishes from around the world and that none of the ingredients are the hard-to-find kind.

My only knock on this cookbook is that there wasn't much of a personal touch to it, especially in the introduction. The dedication gave a better feeling for the author than the dry, fact-filled intro. The best cookbooks draw you in and connect you with the author. I felt this cookbook, as beautiful as it was, fell short of that.
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Book received for free through NetGalley

I paged through this cookbook many times over the last several months. Everything looked great: however, I somehow never got the chance to try anything. Reviewing as is for now as it’s been awhile. Thanks for the look in.
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This is truly the only guide to tofu you will ever need - Twist on Tofu is packed with tips, trips,a do recipes of all cuisines. I found this to be incredibly informative and inspiring - my partner is vegan and I am always trying to find ways to use more tofu. Luckily, this guide has given me 52 great options. This is a good reminder of how valuable specific cookbooks can be. 

A few standout recipes include: Spicy tofu buffalo “wings”, whipped tofu guacamole with scallion flatbreads, and a tofu bahn mi. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Storey Publishing for the ARC - Twist on Tofu will be out 10/11/22.
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This book has given me so many ideas and techniques, and ways of using Tofu that I never would have tried! This book has mouth watering images, and it's descriptive and easy to follow. I will definitely be buying this book when it comes out!

 Warning: Do not read while hungry lol
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This is a great book for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who wants to eat less meat. 

Having become a vegetarian in the nineties in central Europe, where tofu was mostly fried to look and taste like a sponge for washing up dishes, I can appreciate the thought put behind a book like this one, in which tofu isn't cast as a side dish or an afterthought, but is instead presented as a main character in its own right.

'Twists on tofu' includes some great recipes and many useful tips and tricks on how to prepare it. The recipes are admittedly a bit more western than I hoped for (sandwich, salads, bolognese, BBQ), they do, however, showcase tofu in a variety of dishes, from mains to soups, salads and desserts.

The recipes are straightforward and offer clear instructions and the book is well structured and includes some mouth-watering photos. This is certainly a book I'll happily add to my cookbook shelf.

Thank you NetGalley and Storey Publishing for an advanced copy of this book.
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Twist on Tofu, is a cooking book written by Corinne Trang, can be a recipe book option for those of you who are vegetarians. This book contains several recipes with tofu as the main ingredient. Trang shows how versatile and flavorful tofu can be, with 52 recipes, such as starters, soups, salads, sandwiches, and even desserts. This book is also very beautiful, because it contains photos of dishes from several recipes. I think I'll try some of the recipes in this book, especially the recipe for starters and soups.

Thank you to NetGalley and Storey Publishing for sharing this ARC with me in exchange for an honest review.
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An excellent book filled with a variety of delicious recipes using tofu! Each recipe I tried was easy to follow and yielded a great meal. I especially appreciated the author's detailed descriptions for how to prepare and cut the tofu for each recipe. I highly recommend this book for home cooks and foodies seeking delicious options for plant based vegan and vegetarian meals.
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As a vegan, I was immediately drawn to this title. I am always on the look out for plant-based cookbooks to add to my personal collection, as well as our library collection. I appreciated that they broke down the different types of tofu in the introduction, as I'm sure many people who are new to it would need a bit of guidance.

With the book focusing exclusively on tofu, it was easy to navigate. The 6 sections of the book were well organized. It was fun to see new takes on classic recipes, as well as options for cooking tofu that I hadn't considered before! I absolutely love how versatile it is, and this cookbook did a wonderful job of showcasing that.
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A perfect option to explore if in these hot months you have tired of meat at every meal. It is thoughtful and the variety takes into consideration every aspect of the mysterious tofu. I never fully realized the versatility of this product. Thanks to Corinne for taking us on a culinary expedition readers will throughly enjoy. Little is left out of this cookbook.
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A fun complement of tofu-focused recipes! As a vegetarian who cooks tofu at least once a week, this book caught my attention with its ingredient-focused approach. I am eager to try the tofu stuffed poblanos which look amazing.
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I'm relatively new to tofu but enjoy it. I was looking for new ways to prepare it.  This cookbook gave me new recipes, which makes it a success.
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I've been a vegetarian (2nd time around) since May 2020 and I only have 2 or 3 good tofu recipes. Thank God for this cookbook! I have at least another dozen now. I always knew that tofu was versatile but this cookbook takes tofu and turns it into soups, salad, mains and even dessert! Whoa. Can't wait to dig in.
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Great cookbook with lots of different ideas to cook with tofu. Very creative and yet, not too far-fetched. I love tofu and have been cooking and serving them the same way to my family, so I'm excited to start using some of the recipes. Especially with the plant-based diet trend going on strong now, this will be a great way to incorporate a more meat-less lifestyle. The ingredients list and instructions also look simple enough. Another great plus!
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I love this! I’ve been trying to eat more plant based meals but struggle to find inspiration so this book was perfect for me. I love how versatile tofu is! These recipes will definitely become staples in my kitchen
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Twist on Tofu by Connie Trang is filled with step-by-step recipes that are easy to read and accompanied by many colorful photographs. The recipes are not overly complicated and use every day ingredients, so readers won’t have to hunt down hard to find ingredients. The recipes include a wide array of cuisines, even cooks who have been incorporating tofu into their recipes for years should find something new.
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Tofu is truly amazing. Can be used in everyday meals and desserts and there's no limit, just your imagination.
It would have been a five star book, if it was fully vegan.
It's on me that I didn't see the vegetarian written on the cover and expected it to be a vegan cookbook.
Lots of quick and great recipes, with mostly gorgeous photos. I will definitely be making some of them.
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I like tofu and love all different cuisines. This cookbook is great because it not only gives you ways to prepare tofu, from Vietnamese cook goi cuon to Tex-Mex offerings to tofu “paneer.” This saves me a great deal of money as I have been satisfying my love of these dishes and forgoing take-out.
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I really liked the recipe book Twist on Tofu. What I particularly liked was the fact that all kinds of international recipes are included - guacamole, miso soup, bibimbap… to name a few 😍 I was expecting an entirely vegan cookbook so I was a bit disappointed in seeing that not all recipes are vegan. They can however be veganized 🌱 Overall, a book containing very fun recipes!
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