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I love me some tofu and this did not disappoint. I'm a vegetarian in a rut and I get really bored of making the same tofu stuff all the time and this gave me some great ideas to try. The pictures are good and appetizing, the recipes are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Hell yeah, let's get cooking.

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I loved this book! As someone expanding to a more plant-based diet this book is chock full of fantastic recipes the whole family will love.
Our favorites were the wings and tacos. I love the way Corinne Trang explains how to prepare the tofu properly. This makes a world of difference if your tofu always crumbles to pieces!

*Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy.*
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Nice book for beginners with a variety of creative recipes for using tofu.  Thank you for the opportunity to read and review an advance copy.
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**Thank you to NetGalley and Storey Publishing for this ARC**

I thought this book was quite good for people who are not used to using tofu in their day-to-day cooking because it showed the versatility of this ingredient. Instead of being bland, as many people believe it to be, tofu can be pretty flavourful and a huge asset when you are plant-based, or otherwise.

Personally, as I have been vegan for a few years and love tofu, it wasn't as groundbreaking, as I already use the ingredient in many of the ways suggested by the author. However, I LOVED the dessert section and will definitely be incorporating many of those recipes in my home.
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Twist on Tofu by Corrine Trang
Storey Publishing

What a delightful book. I have made my own tofu, bought it from Asian makers and from supermarkets. It is an underused protein and rarely seen on menus. My vegan and vegetarian friends pull faces just at the mention of the word tofu. This book offers so many ways to make this bland tasteless, lump into eye popping, finger licking dishes that will even turn the heads of my many gastro-food friends. The Whipped Tofu Guacomole was inspiring. I can’t wait to get in the kitchen and whip up some more of the delicious recipes. I will test them out one by one, take photos and post them on my blog with the permission of the author, see The photography is pretty awesome too, Kate Sears. Thank you Corrine, for a tofu recipe for every week of the year.

This is my own honest review. Thanks to Storey Publishing and NetGalley for an E-copy

Publish date:11 oct 2022
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Twist on Tofu: 52 Fresh and Unexpected Vegetarian Recipes, from Tofu Tacos and Quiche to Lasagna, Wings, Fries, and More takes this underutilized ingredient to new heights.  The introduction of the book goes through the differences between the types of tofu, from silken to extra firm, cutting techniques, and general information that those new to using tofu as a main ingredient might not know.

The different recipe sections are as follows, with some of the standout dishes:

Starters, Sides, or Small Plates: Spicy Tofu Buffalo "Wings"; Tofu, Pea, and Mushroom Dumplings; Tofu Tacos; Tofu Veggie Seaweed Rolls

Soups and Salads: Tofu, Pea, and Mushroom Miso Soup; Tofu Chopped Salad with Chipotle Lime Avocado Dressing

Sandwiches and More: Tofu Veggie Burger; Vietnamese Tofu Banh Mi; Grilled Tofu Pita Pocket with Mint Tahini

Baked or Braised: Tofu Mushroom Bolognese; Zucchini-Spinach-Tofu "Ricotta" Lasagna; Tex Mex Tofu Chili

One-Dish Meals: Tofu Poke with Sesame-Soy Dressing; Teriyaki Tofu

Sweets: Tofu Oatmeal-Banana-Walnut Pancakes; Tofu Banana Chocolate Pudding; Tofu Mocha Brownies

With colorful pages that show off the dishes well, the 50 plus recipes in this cookbook are interesting and inspiring.  There is a section at the end of the cookbook with essential ingredients, which is more like a glossary of terms.  I would buy this cookbook as a gift for someone who is looking for something different or for those who are vegan/vegetarian.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy of Twist on Tofu by NetGalley and the publisher, Storey Publishing, LLC.  The decision to read and review this cookbook was entirely my own.
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TWist on Tofu
by Connie Trang
Pub DAte: Oct. 11, 2022
Storey Publishing 
Thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the ARC of this book. 
Love reading about all the creative ways to use tofu!  I wish more people would appreciate this healthy and versatile ingredient. I WILL BE exploring more ways to use Tofu in my diet. 
In addition, one star was taken off for not having nutritional information on the recipes and for not that many photos.

I'd recommend this as a library read if you're looking for some fun inspiration, but not necessarily to buy.
3 stars
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While this book was very nice visually, I found the actual content to be lacking.

For a book called Twist on Tofu, I found the recipes to be rather uninspired. While I acknowledge it was likely written with the intention to get omnivores into tofu, and that maybe as a result the recipes are simpler and less interesting or "out there" as a vegan I found the recipes included to be incredibly boring.

I wish the author had had both basic recipes and also some more interesting and advanced ones, not to mention, the ones I did make all lacked flavour - which is the last thing you want when making tofu.
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I loved this so much! I recently switched to veganism, and although you definitely don't need to be vegan to enjoy this one (and most of the recipes aren't actually even vegan, 'cause they include some stuff like cream, eggs, etc), it was SUCH a helpful tool in my journey so far. There are lots of preparation ways & simple recipes in this book that I'll definitely be adding into my regular rotation, and I loved that they gave a bunch of information on tofu itself - from where it comes from to how you can cut it - in the beginning of the book. Tofu is SO versatile  - I know an entire book on it may seem like overkill, but it's essential kitchen library material if you live with even somewhat of a plant-based diet. Highly recommend!
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What a great cookbook I think it's really interesting. I like the beginning of the book how she explains different cuts of tofu and how it's related to the recipes in the book. I also like how she did the different chapters and how tofu can be used in different ways. She's taken traditional recipes which were based on dairy or meat and turned them into vegetarian options. There's different ways to cook tofu and Explains how they relate it to the recipes I also like the photoshoot of the recipes as well because it shows you how they come out in the end. She shows all different types of culture around the world and i I'll totally play an interesting part in that as well. Go from appetizers dinner and desserts and easy meals as well. This is a great book I highly recommend you buying it.
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The first thing I loved about this book was the detailed explanation on cutting techniques. It really puts tofu on the same level as cuts of meat, for example, which have clear instructions as well on how to cut and handle them. How you cut your tofu impacts how your tofu will turn out, so I liked that Trang gave this so much space. The second thing I love is that literally all of these recipes sound amazing and look beautiful. I can almost taste how good they are from the pictures!

Asian cooking is all about the spices and flavour combinations for me, and as such there is quite a lot of prep time and a lot of different steps to get the sauces and flavours right. But it is so worth it when it works out. My friend often makes a version of the Salad spring rolls in this cookbook and it is a major inspiration for me to get started with Trang's recipes. I will definitely be making the Roasted Cauliflower Tofu Soup and the Baked Tofu and Spinach Empenadas soon, they sound absolutely delicious!
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This is the book you didn't know you needed! As a(n almost) fulltime vegetarian who tries to eat more vegan, tofu is one of those simple, affordable and easy high protein staples you cannot get around. However, in my Western surroundings it has a bad reputation. Incoming: Twist on Tofu. The book starts with a basic introduction on the different kinds of tofu, which tofu is best used for what purpose? Then goes on to preparation methods, how do you drain the excess liquid out of the tofu block, how to best cut the tofu etc. Only after that introduction, named Tofu 101, the actual recipes start. The book is divided in 6 categories: starters, sides & small plates, soups & salads, sandwiches & more, baked or braised, one-dish meals and sweets, making it very convenient to navigate through the book and easily find what you're craving. Because of the warm weather the first recipe we made were the Crispy Tofu Salad Rolls. They were amazing, the instructions were very clear and easy to follow and the addition of hoisin sauce to the peanut sauce gives a nice sweet touch. There's still a lot of recipes that I want to try, because it all sounds so delicious. Such as the tofu katsu with kare sauce, the oatmeal banana walnut pancakes for breakfast, tofu burritos and the hot-and-sour tofu soup. I could've easily listed the entire cookbook, because all recipes sound delicious and the images used are mouth watering.

This book is for everyone who might be sceptical about tofu because they don't know how to prepare it, but also a great addition to your collection if you're already a tofu veteran, looking to diversify your standard set of recipes.
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This Tofu cookbook is fantastic! The presentation in the book is beautiful and simple with pictures for most recipes. Lots of very helpful information on tofu and other foods terminology! Highly recommend!
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I received an ARC of this recipe book from NetGalley. I grew up eating tofu and still eat it, so it was really nice to have recipes that really show how versatile tofu is.  All of the recipes look delicious and simple to make.  The photos inspire you to cook/bake and leave your mouth watering.  There are recipes for side dishes, main dishes, and even desserts!  While I am vegan, these recipes are simple enough to convert to vegan.
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I was very disappointed with this cookbook. With a title like "Twist on Tofu" and "52 Fresh and Inventive Vegetarian Recipes" I was expecting to find at least one new or innovative dish.

I didn't.

Tofu Tacos, Tofu Satay, Cold Tofu in a soy sauce, tofu sushi, teriyaki tofu, ma po tofu, tofu banh mi, tofu salad rolls, tofu in a miso-like soup, hot and sour soup, sweet & spicy tofu, etc.

It's not that there is anything "wrong" with these dishes. I love these meals and make/eat them often. This is how tofu has been eaten in Asian countries for ever. These are classic, cultural, and traditional tofu dishes. The 'problem' I have is that this isn't "fresh" (unless fresh is meant to convey homemade) nor is it "unexpected" (quite the opposite).

For slightly more "edgy" (meaning not a traditional Asian dish) recipes, there's a Toft type BLT, Tofu veggie burger, tofu burrito, grilled tofu (no, I'm not joking), tofu-spinach empanada, tofu "meatloaf", tofu ricotta in lasagna, tofu paneer, tofu bolognese, tofu chili, tofu curry, tofu chocolate pudding. Again, these recipes aren't anything "fresh" or "unexpected." I'm 99% sure the first tofu dish I ever made when first vegan was a tofu chocolate pudding.

To end on a positive, the book is laid out well and beautiful. Bright, cheery photos throughout. As a digital book, I found the font impossibly small, but it might be okay in a print version.
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Corrine Trang knows what she is talking about! Born in France, this French-Cambodian chef taught at her alma mater Drexel, and is now a professor at NYU.  Her cookbooks are award winning and popular! 

In Twist on Tofu, Trang demonstrates through a large amount of varies recipes just how interesting and versatile Tofu can be. The book is organized by Starters,Soups and Salads, Sandwiches, Baked or Braised, One Dish Meals and of course, Dessert.  As a vegetarian for 10+ years, I wasn't sure that there would be anything new for me to learn from this book, but I was SO WRONG!

First the book opens with a variety of ways to prepare Tofu. Then I learned a bit about starters (Buffalo Wings and and Tofu Sesame Nuggets!). I've since gone on and made dumplings, guacamole, steamed tofu, and some truly new recipes including a tofu burger, quesadillas and then DESSERT! If you are interested in healthy cooking, if you thought Tofu was bland and boring, or if you are just interested in trying something new, A Twist on Tofu is for you!
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This was great! I've not eaten meat in ages, and have really been phoning it in when I've been cooking lately (think tofu/veggie/sauce bowls), so this has been great. Some of the recipes were pretty basic, but they're a really perfect introduction for people who aren't familiar with tofu or how best to prepare it. The whipped tofu guac was REALLY great and one of the more interesting recipes, imo. Overall this is a really wonderful starter recipe book for people, and has some interesting ideas on how to elevate some basics!
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I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this cookbook and the recipes. It was aesthetically pleasing, and the photos of the food were clean and well-lit. Now, the recipes? The ones I made were simple, fast, easy, and very delicious. This cookbook would be a great addition to one’s collection, especially if one gets tired of the same ol’ tofu recipes or wants to try tofu but is hesitant. The recipes showcase tofu’s versatility and adaptability. This isn’t a vegan cookbook, but the recipes can easily be ‘veganized’. 

Overall, I’m super glad I got to review this cookbook and test out a few (delicious) recipes. I highly recommend it. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This cooking book is absolutely brilliant, and i want to try all the recipes, i only did a couple of these because i had an operation to take my gallbladder out and for the next couple of weeks I need to really be careful with what I eat.

I feel that tofu is a kind of ingredient that receives little love because people don’t know how to prepare it well, and in this book you have several recipes that go from main to deserts using tofu, and each photo is more gorgeous than the last, so I highly recommend this cooking book.

Thank you NetGalley for the free ARC for this cooking book and this is my honest opinion.
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In interesting take on tofu. 

The recipes are imaginative and look very inviting.  They are colourful and you really want to try them. 

I would definitely recommend this book.  Especially because I’m fairly new to tofu.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for gifting me this arc in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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