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I enjoyed this book and can't wait for book 2. I think the plot and the characters were really well written and I loved the story progression. The main character was someone that I really enjoyed reading about and I am interested in seeing where the rest of this story goes.
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I read several comments saying this was just like Throne of Glass, and they weren't wrong. But I still ended up enjoying it. The first 150 pages were a bit tedious. I struggled to connect with Keera, and felt like the plot was just going through the motions. 
But it did pick up, and by the end I was invested. There were some exciting fights, an element of mystery, and eventually some character growth. Hoping the sequel isn't too far away!
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This story is great!

I wanted to read this book more for its cover than for its synopsis, which in case it caught my attention. But that cover was magic and it's great that it made me read this story.

The protagonist of the story is fire and the situation in which she finds herself is tense and doubtful, but the author developed this character too well.

The main couple in the story have the chemistry of life and I wanted more of them. I want more of them!

And the ending wow I didn't really see it coming. and now I'm more eager to know what will happen!
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An outstanding start to a Fantasy series.  The world building is lush and the characters compelling.  There is action and suspense, friendship and betrayal. I am looking forward to the continuation of the series.
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A Broken Blade was really good! There's some books I see get so much hype that I don't know if they'll live up to it, but this one did! It had tons of booktok tropes, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, blade to throat, etc. It does feel like a lot of elements just taken from popular books all smashed into one but it has the representation that was missing from those books which I love to see. Big tw for alcoholism and self-harm.
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It took me a minute to get into this book. But at about 30% I was hooked. 

Interesting characters. Compelling story. Beautiful settings. A couple good twists. 

An ending that makes me really excited for the next book without being painfully cliffhanger-y. A rare thing to find. 

I can see why this was getting all the hype on TikTok!

Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for the chance to read this advance copy.
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(4/5) I went into this book with NO expectations and no knowledge of the mystery surrounding it on TikTok. With no expectations, I enjoyed this book and thought that the pacing was good and the characters were interesting. It gave me Throne of Glass vibes, but with the main character a bit more morally gray. I do feel like the main romance in the book wasn't that well developed, but maybe the author will pull a SJM and he won't end up being the primary love interest anyway. There were certainly plot holes/unanswered questions, but I suppose that's to be expected with a first book in a series where the author is setting up reveals for later books. The ending of this book didn't quite make sense to me, since it feels like a surprise that shouldn't have particularly been a surprise (no spoilers). 

I would certainly read and heed the content warnings at the beginning of the book, and appreciate the author for including them. The way that the book handled addiction could have been better, and I was kind of disappointed with it.

Did this book stand out to me compared to other series in the same vein? Not particularly. But since I like series like it, I'll continue reading when the author publishes the sequel(s).
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This was a compelling first entry by a new author. Was it the most incredibly unique story I've read? Absolutely not. Actually, its biggest downfall might be its similarity to other fantasy. But it was entertaining.

Keera is the King's Blade, forced to do his bidding and assassinate those who stand in his way. Broken and fighting addiction, she is sent to find the illusive Shadow and bring the King his head.

As always, let's start with what I liked. 
My favorite thing was the basic premise of the main character. I love me a story about a person forced to work for the person she hates until fate hands her the right circumstances to fight back. Does this trope have a name, cause it's a fave.

I also really liked Syrra. Can the next book be about her cause she was so intriguing?

And now for what I didn't. I promise overall I liked the book.

First, the worldbuilding was truly not fleshed out enough for me. I liked the way the author shared most information without it feeling like an info dump, but I have questions. What makes the Fae and Elves different? Why did the King hate the Elves so much? Why are there 2 suns? It's important enough to mention but never explain? I need the science behind this choice.

Second, this could not be more obviously a Throne of Glass copy paste. I read in her note that she was inspired by booktok conversations about books she'd never read but I just don't buy it. 

Overall a fun, if overdone story. 

Thank you NetGalley for an arc in exchange for my honest review.
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I saw an insane number of posts when BookTokers were trying to de-mask the anonymous author but very few reviews of the actual material so I was a bit hesitant to read this, but overall, I really enjoyed A Broken Blade.

I would have liked to see more development of the side characters (although that may happen later in the series) and the ending did not leave me excited for the next book (it felt awkward, abrupt and predictable).
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I was so surprised to say this book is worth the hype. I thought it was going to be another meh book but I loved it. I really enjoyed Keera as a character as well as the shadow. The plot is very fast paced and doesn't drag. I think the magic system could be explained a tad bit better and I think we needed to get a little more of a background/details of what exactly happened to her best friend. The author does talk about what happened but it's very vague and mysterious about what exactly happened. The romance in this book is interesting. I thought for sure I was going to see the word mates somewhere but surprisingly it wasn't said a single time. I still think book two might have it. The ending of this book left with a cliffhanger plot twist that was interesting but also confusing. I'm sure book two explains it more but I felt like the end kinda came out of nowhere. Overall I loved the characters and felt like this book reminded me alot of throne of glass.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Melissa Blair and Union Square & Co. for the opportunity to read an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

*Check CW as this book includes mention of self harm and alcoholism*

I'd like to start out by saying, big applause on the marketing campaign for the original release of this book. I'm on booktok, and the who-wrote-it mystery was awesome! I really enjoyed this story, especially because "booktok favorite" tropes were included, and I'm a 'basic reader' myself (I enjoy all the faves). It is a fantasy/romance story with all your favorite fantasy themes included - which is why I didn't give it a 5 star. It was super enjoyable, but a little too similar to a lot of fantasy books I've read. It would've been nice to have a twist or something that made it stand out more than its marketing.

I'd definitely recommend it, though, to any fantasy fan, and I can't wait to read the other(s).
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Thank you Netgalley and Union Square & Co for allowing me to read and review this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Bruh, that cliffhanger! I needed the second book like yesterday after that plot twist!

A Broken Blade is like skipping the first two books of Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas and running head first into Heir of Fire. I know, I know, this book gets compared to TOG a lot. There's a lot of similarities to the series and honestly I don't care. I really liked A Broken Blade and it's grumpy slow burn romance. Keera is an amazing female lead and Riven is on my list of book boyfriends except for that mind-blowing cliffhanger. I should have seen that plot twist coming but nope, I was oblivious to it and just as shocked and betrayed as Keera.

Keera is a Halfling and the King's Blade, an assassin bred to kill and do the King's dirty work. When she is ordered to hunt down and kill the ever-eluding Shadow, she has to enter enemy territory. After unmasking the Shadow, she strikes a deal with him and his allies to bring down the Crown and to save Halflings and Elven from the King's wrath. Keera and the Shadow reluctantly work together and begin to build a friendship and maybe something more...

I love the world-building and character development on all characters. A Broken Blade has a diverse cast and great representation. The pacing is slow at first but picks up around the 30% mark.

I love the slow burn romance between Keera and Riven. The tension, the steam, the consent, the legendary One Bed trope, and the enemies to lovers storyline made for an entertaining read. Gosh, the build up between them is written so good.

Though I will say the romance is not the focal point and feels more like an added bonus to the gripping fantasy story.

Keera is a strong protagonist with many flaws. In my opinion I think it's a compliment A Broken Blade is being compared to such a huge series. Keera is a worthy opponent against the Aelins of the YA/NA world. I'm looking forward to reading more about Keera in the next book.

Like seriously, the cliffhanger is killing me. Where's book two?!
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Assassin, Fae, Elves, Halflings along with a morally gray main character, enemies to lovers, and a one bed trope so I think all the boxes have been checked off and included in this story. It was good but not great or fabulous just started too slow for me. I think others might enjoy this more.
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🔪A Broken Blade by Melissa Blair🔪

Rating: 4/5

Thank you NetGalley, Melissa Blair and Union Square & Co. for providing me with an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

I wanted to read this book because I remembered that there was a big book too mystery about who the author of the book was. Sadly I wasn’t really apart of booktok when all this was going on so now I’m getting to read this! 

A Broken Blade is the debut novel of Melissa Blair and it is amazing! It is a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance with 2 moody individuals. It’s a little harder to write a review for this book because I don’t want to give anything away. This is just a book you need to read for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! 

I did really love Keera, she is trying to do the best she can when for years she has struggled with her past and present. She does struggle with alcoholism (which I’ve seen a lot of people have a problem with because it is fixed so quickly in the book) as well as self harm. 

I think the only reason I’m not giving this book a 5 is because I caught so many Throne of Glass parallels. I might have only seen this because I’ve recently read TOG so it’s still fresh in my mind. Overall though it was a really good book and I can’t wait to read the second one.
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A very promising and engaging start to the series! The FMC Keera reminds me so much of Celaena from Throne of Glass, so if that's your kind of heroine, I'd definitely pick this series up. There is the intriguing Shadow which serves as her foil, and lots of political intrigue. A deserving fantasy for sure!
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I think there's a lot of potential and it's surely a book i would recommend it you're not into fantasy.
It's entertaining and i liked the characters. The world building is well done, I had some issues with the pace that I found uneven and a bit too slow.
I enjoyed it but I think that the author will surely grow and deliver very interesting stories
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I reviewed this book prior to the re-release. It seems my review has not changed so I am including the original here.

Overall I think that this hit the mark on what a fantasy book needs. I enjoyed the major plot line, I think it had a lot of major themes that could be relevant to a lot of people, and it had some unique enough bits to it to keep it interesting. (I think the difference between Fae, Elves, Mortals, and Halflings was pretty clear, but it does seem to be a big point of confusion for many, but I thought it was a fun way to differentiate the races.)

What I think is really great about this book is that it could be really accessible to people who either don't read a lot of fantasy, or who are interested in fantasy and need a good starter book. Everyone has that fantasy book that made them obsessed with the genre and I really could see this being that book for someone because it is easy to read and enjoy, but complex enough that it feels satisfying reading it.

With all of that said- was it my favorite book? No. I think it was good. Average. Hence the 3 star rating. I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to others who enjoy this style of book, but I'm not going to rave about it like I have some other books.
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Thank you NetGalley and Union Square & Co. for a copy of this arc in exchange for my honest review!

A hooded figure with silver eyes in your horizon, means your moments are numbered. Keera is the king's deadliest assassin and spy. So, when a masked figure called "The Shadow" has been making noise in the kingdom, Keera is assigned to their trail. This finds her crossing into the mysterious Faeland finding answers she wasn't expecting while also being haunted by a promise she made long ago. 

*Trigger warnings; addiction, alcoholism, colonialism, depression, self-harm, and systemic violence*

A Broken Blade exceeded my expectations, with so many books about Fae and Elves I thought there were parts of this book that made it stand out for example its Robin Hood inspired fantasy. I give this enjoyable book four stars. 

I thought the world building was interesting and very easy to follow but also different than what I've read. This book deals with mental health as well and I thought it was done very well. The scenes where it is spoken about, I feel like weren't too harsh and intertwined into a fantasy world in a seamless way. 

I wasn't expecting a romance to form in this book, but it was just so good. It is a very slow burn but there is a lot of tension that hooks you. There's hate to love, forced proximity and the ever favorite one bed trope. Though most of the romance is near the end it will have you begging for more. As will the plot twist they leave you with, wishing the second book would come out already!

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy!
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

I'm gonna give this book 3.5 stars. It's not at a 4 yet.

I was really surprised at how long it took me to get hooked on this story. I was completely sold on the plot alone but, once I started the book, I was kind of bored.

I guess a little before hitting the half-way mark was when I started getting sucked in, but overall this wasn't a book that had me loosing hours of sleep due to the "one more chapter" syndrome.

I had a bit of a hard time mostly with the world building and the different types of groups (halflings, faes, elves, etc). I usually don't have issues but I don't know, it was a bit confusing in this book for me.

Some elements reminded me of other fantasy books which also has you seeing some twists coming. That doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the ride, though.

It's a good time and I'm looling forward to book 2!
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I love how so many things happened in the book. I could not keep myself from the book because it was so good
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