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This book has a poetic prayer for every moment and season. Reading like beloved and enduring liturgy, the rhythm and beauty of this book has brought calm and peace to many moments of stress for me over the past few weeks. This would be an excellent book to read through during lent and I think is a read a like for Sarah Bessey’s work Rhythm of Prayer.
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That’s what this book was.

Pure beauty.

It spoke to me.

It made me cry.

It opened my heart and touched places deep inside.

I will be buying this book because, while I did read straight through for review purposes, this book is meant to be used for specific moments. I need a copy I can mark up and hold and turn to a certain liturgy to pray over and over again when I need it.

Practically speaking I really liked that the liturgies are divided into categories. I liked that the otters cover such a wide range of topics, from the “big and deep” to the “ordinary and mundane”. There is a liturgy for going on a walk and one for waves of grief.

Oh, and I can’t believe I almost forgot my favorite part - the Scripture references. These liturgies are steeped in Scripture (as they should be) and at the end of each one the authors list all the references. I love this because you can “check up” on the liturgy. I really appreciated that aspect of this book.

Get this book. Gift this book. Use this book.
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I enjoyed this read as a starting point for prayer. I was expecting something a bit meatier for each--more along the lines of the Book of Common Prayer--which may have stemmed out of my own formative years in the Presbyterian Church, and many an Evensong attendance while traveling.

I think my and the authors' definitions of "liturgy" diverge slightly, which is fine; it can definitely spark dialogue! I just wish there was more here. More context for some of the prayers--what does "deconstruction" of one's faith mean to the authors, for example? Additional resources--where to go next for those struggling, as well as for those supporting the strugglers.

In that vein, some of the prayers read as prayers for one's own self, while others read as prayers for others. Again, fine--just meant a bit of a mental shift for me. So again, I felt this to be a good start and would have loved elements of it to be fleshed out more.

3/5 stars.

I received an eARC of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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There is not a worry, hope, suffering, regretting, or wonder that Litguries for Hope doesn’t cover. I thought it was wonderful not only in prose but just how well each liturgy is so eloquently expressed. I found that I was able to relate to more than one chapter that I could really think, “Yeah, that’s me for sure, right now.” I enjoyed reading this.

My gratitude to NetGalley and Waterbrook and Multnomah. All opinions expressed are honest and mine.
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Thank you to NetGalley and WaterBrook & Multnomah for this gifted copy. I've never read liturgies before and didn't know quite what to expect. These were written fairly recently-but seem as though they could easily fit in any time and place. Each written for a specific instance or person, offering honesty and hope without platitudes. At the end of each liturgy, scriptures are offered for further contemplation or study. I resonated deeply with many of these and read many I could have related to in a different time. Many people I knew also came to mind while reading ones that didn't necessarily fit my stage of life.
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Liturgies for Hope is a breath of fresh air for those wrestling and deconstructing their faith. With prayers for Hope, Faith,  Vocation, Health, Mystery and more, this little book covers all the bases.
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I bought ten copies to give away. It’s a gorgeous, brilliant book full of words for times that it’s hard to find the words for.
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Liturgies for Hope is thoughtful and meditative — a book is gladly give to some processing life and exploring spirituality.
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I enjoyed reading through Liturgies of Hope. It’s full of Scripture and prayers for many different circumstances and areas of life. Beautifully written!
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A wonderful compilation of liturgies on various topics to meditate on and use for prayer. Keep this book close for those times you need comfort and hope.
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Liturgies of Hope is just as beautiful as its title suggests. With gentle poetry, these liturgies speak to the soul and invite readers forward into deeper conversations with the Lord. They're a starting place for honest conversations and laying ourselves bare before God, seeing His goodness and enoughness in our hard places. There's nothing hidden from Him anyway, so we might as well bring it all to the One who can shoulder it; we certainly can't thrive in it alone. 

This volume is more of a reference book or devotional, read in bits and pieces, not quite a read-through, but it's a gem nonetheless and I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to review it. I trust it will bless all who travel its pages.
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It is poignant to encounter written prayers, liturgies, or poems that put to words your own experiences, letting you know you are not alone as you process disparate things. LITURGIES FOR HOPE offers sixty new prayers co-written by Audrey Elledge and Elizabeth Moore; the idea came to them in March 2020 as they considered how to counter the fear and darkness in the shadow of COVID-19. 

The book is grouped into sections of Faith, Vocation, Health, Relationships, Wonder, Mystery, and Confession. Within those categories, you can find liturgies for our current time: for those who are deconstructing their faith, who have been complicit in injustice, who don't love their job, who are learning a new skill, for those who are too busy, for those waking in the night. The authors put much thought and consideration into the prayers. Some don't feel obvious that they would be included, topics I wouldn't have brainstormed, but I'm so grateful they are present and ready to be discovered, such as liturgies for those deprived of touch, for those prone to binging, for those who are commuting, for those in need of a good cry.

Each liturgy ends with a list of the biblical groundings they pulled from to write these wide-ranging liturgies. I can imagine this being a welcome reference as I look to offer words in a range of situations, whether for my own encouragement or to offer to a friend.

(I received a digital ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.)
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This book is the refreshing reset this world is in desperate need of. Everywhere we look, it feels like there is atrocity after atrocity. It is easy to become anxious and hopeless, but these prayers sow a seed of faith in the areas we need it most (and even in some of the areas we didn't realize we did need it). It is divided into six "categories" or chapters with different themed prayers under each one. 

1) Faith
2) Vocation
3) Health
4) Relationships
5) Wonder
6) Mystery
7) Confession

Some of the prayers that surprised me most but I found myself sitting with included liturgies for those in need of a good cry, those who don't pray, those who have been hurt by the church, those consumed by media, and those with fear of missing out. These are just a few. This book is chock-full of gems and a great resource for any faith-based collection.
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I wanted to love this, but it fell flat for me. Most of it is fine and I appreciate that they included the scripture citations for each liturgy, but I found the liturgies about romance, friendship, and touch problematic.
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Initially I was hesitant about this book. The word liturgy tends to make me think of something dry, dull and old-fashioned. However, the prayers in this book are very different. There are prayers for a huge variety of real-life situations from the everyday (falling asleep, going on a walk...) to common struggles (jealousy, perfectionism, battling fear...).  I found these prayers very helpful - they truly are liturgies of hope for each of these situations - allowing space for pain and doubt to be expressed but also pointing to hope in Jesus.
At the end of each prayer there is a list of Bible verses it is based on, which is useful for further study as well as providing reassurance of the biblical basis of each prayer.
This is a great book to be dipped into for personal devotions as different situations arise and many of the prayers could also be helpful in gathered worship.
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The chaos and turmoil resulting from COVID-19, disturbing headlines, isolation, and New York City's upheaval stirred Audrey Elledge and Elizabeth Moore to write poetic prayers of hope. They partnered with their church, Church of the City New York, to publish them online. The response was overwhelming, and the vision for Liturgies for Hope: Sixty Prayers for the Highs, Lows, and Everything in Between was born.

My idea of liturgy changed because of this collection of  Scripture-based and personalized prayers. While I did not grow up in a church that I thought practiced liturgy, I remember that we had responsive readings and recited the Apostles' Creed. And the worship songs we sing today may be considered a form of liturgy. 

Beautiful, poetic prayers address faith, vocation, health, relationships, wonder, mystery, and confession. 

Scriptures are listed for each prayer. This book could easily be used as a Bible study on how to pray the Scriptures. 

Thank you to Audrey Elledge and Elizabeth Moore for transforming the trials of the past several years into hope-filled beauty.

I received an Advance Review Copy of this book from NetGalley and Waterbrook & Multnomah for my honest review.
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“Liturgies for Hope” is a breath of fresh air for those of us who sometimes struggle to find the words for prayer. Written during a global pandemic, they give voice to those of us who are people of faith who are struggling with their faith. The subtitle, “Sixty Prayers for the Highs, Lows, and Everything in Between” was what first grabbed my attention. 
I appreciated the way the authors chose to divide the book: Faith, Vocation, Health, Relationships, Wonder, Mystery, and Confession. Depending upon what I am thinking, feeling, or experiencing on any given day, I can quickly find the right liturgy to fit the situation. The prayers are beautifully written. Reading them aloud individually or in community is even more powerful.
Perhaps my favorite offering included is “A Liturgy for Those Deconstructing Their Faith”. The most powerful portion is, “Questioning your faith is not a shameful thing but rather a beautiful opportunity to have your mind realigned, your heart transformed, your soul guided home, by the One who loves you.” For me, this is such an affirming statement as I strive to hang on to my fragile faith.
I believe this work would be beneficial to those who are seeking to communicate with God.
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This is a fantastic collection of prayers. I appreciate how each one includes many Bible verse references for what was included in the prayer. I love how these liturgies help us put our thoughts and feelings into words.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC! I can’t wait to buy a physical copy - I know it’s one I’ll pick up often. For anyone that loves Every Moment Holy, this is a necessary addition to the collection 🤍🥳
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“Liturgies for Hope” by Audrey Elledge and Elizabeth Moore is a beautiful collection of prayers for those times when you just can’t find the words to say. This book covers all kinds of topics and seems to have a prayer for every mood and every season. Overall, it is a wonderful and encouraging collection.

Throughout my faith walk, I’ve never been one for books of prayers. I used to feel like they were vain repetitions or at least insincere prayers said without much thought by readers. Now, as I’ve grown, I see the merit in these kinds of books. For the moments when you don’t have the words. For the moments when your heart aches. For the times when you’ve drained your own tank. Not something to be relied on, but a tool to use when needed.

Elledge and Moore have created a beautiful collection of prayers, perfect for the modern age we live in. They remind us that there are and should be prayers for every moment, every season, and every age. And even in the moments we are most ashamed of our choices or our actions there are prayers for that, too.

Overall, this book was a 5 star read for me. If you could use some inspiration or encouragement in your prayer life, I would highly recommend checking this one out.

Thanks to NetGalley and Waterbrook & Multnomah for this ARC in exchange for my honest review! You can pick up this book on November 1st!
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