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On Butterfly Wings is a lovely book that has pretty insight into love and loss.  It is a book best read in small doses, as it leaves the reader with much to ponder.
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I really enjoyed this read! I liked how each poem actually went with the theme of ‘on butterfly wings’ and this idea that things happen and change go through with it. I felt that each poem flowed together and it created a pleasant environment. It was a pleasant read. I gave it 4 stars and really liked it.
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Poetry will always be subjective for each person, you won’t always connect with each poem but I was able see the beauty in each piece of this collection.

A stunning collection
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Sonja Djurisevic is a Montenegrin poet and On Butterfly Wings in her third  collection of poems. I had the opportunity to review her previous work, called Brush Strokes, and already knowing her style I was excited to read this one as well.

Themes in poems: love,growth, happiness, family connections, death of a loved one

The author takes us on a journey through her life which resonates with each reader individually. 
The title of the book, the choosing of a butterfly, is an indicator of progress that follows through the whole collection and binds it together as a whole. From caterpillar to the butterfly, being our authentic selves through the ups and downs, navigating in the field of life.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

On Butterfly Wings is a beautiful collection of poems covering love, loss, heartbreak, healing, joy and more. 
The cover of this book is absolutely stunning and would make a beautiful art print! The poems are short and some more impactful than others. My favourites were Transience, A bird and Midnight. These resonated with me the most. I hope to read more poetry from this wonderful poet in the future.
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Thanks for the arc.

I'm sorry but no. It's like a second grade poetry I'm so sorry. No metaphors, no deep dives into any subject. Very superficial
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When it comes to poetry collections you’re not going to connect with every single poem, and that’s why they’re so hard to rate. The poem in this collection that hit home for me was “A Bird”. When I read the first couple of lines it immediately reminded me of my grandma, who sadly passed away last year, and then I read the dedication at the bottom: “For my grandma who recently passed away, I miss you”. Let me tell you, I was very close to bawling my eyes out. 

Though that one poem truly hit me in my feels, I didn’t connect with about half of them and therefore I’ve given this collection 3 stars even though the other half is 5/5 for me.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a digital arc of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

'On Butterfly Wings' is a collection of poems that is written with care and attention to details. It references the themes of grief, love, acceptance and growth as an individual. Hence, the reference to the metamorphic change of a caterpillar into a butterfly, this collection of poetry details the intricate details that exist on the wings of a butterfly, and how these miniscule aspects of life could be strongly considered.

The beauty of this book can be considerably noticed through the writer's discussion of topics that pertain to their own emotional instabilities, and their truly humane characteristics. While the poems in this book are short, they impact readers as well, since meaningful messages are seemingly portrayed in a matter of the short bursts of stanzas. The author uses their personal experiences to discuss topics that can be considered meaningful to others. The animal imagery and romantic language to certain stanzas, did contribute greatly to my appreciation of this poetry collection. 

I am personally very picky and preferential when it comes to consuming poetry, so it is very difficult for a collection of poetry to truly phase me. While this collection was good, I tend to prefer longer poems that consist of lengthy and lyrical stanzas, that hide the meaning intricately in ways that allow me to analyze vocabulary and imagery on my own. I understand, however, that this does not suit the taste of many people, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

Overall, this poetry collection was able to beautifully discuss the metamorphosis of one's life, and while it didn't wholly suit my preference, I can still acknowledge the beauty of this writing style and the author's work.
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This was a lovely set of poems, I feel some poems were about grief as well and processing them, and those poems captured the grief of losing someone well. It also captured the hope we feel in love.
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I received this book for free via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Some poems stuck out to me, others seemed similar enough that it felt like I was reading the same poem a few times. I know this is a trend with my own writing, so this isn't an insult in anyway.
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The author’s poetry shines with sweeping themes of life, and stirs the reader into reflective reveries.
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This is a  a very beautiful book!!  I loved it.  Such feeling has been written in this book.  Sonja is up there with my top 5 poets of all time in the Indie section..  My all time too 3 (not in order) are RB O' Brien, Helle Gade , and now Sonja Djurisevic.  All beautiful poets with a beautiful soul.  All 3 poets are recommended to be read.  Love all their books!!!

I received a free copy of the book and is voluntarily writing a review
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