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When I first saw this book I was excited to hear Eddie's story and learn more about his career, but this book focuses more on his training than anything else this is not a bad thing but I found myself getting quite bored with parts of this book. 
I think this book would be of more interest to someone seeking a similar path to Eddie's rather than a casual reader as it goes quite heavily into his training regime. 
I went into this book as a fan of Eddie's but I struggled with it at times and found myself getting bored with some of the chapters and the things they focused on, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to this book. 
Overall I would give it a miss unless you are ready to train with The Beast
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I definitely enjoyed this trip into the mind of The World’s Strongest Man. It’s something I’ve been curious - what is the strain on the minds and bodies of these athletes? Well if you want the answers to those questions, this is a great book for you!

Eddie talks with us about his struggles with depression, how he adjusts his mindset during difficult times, injuries sustained and everything he’s put his body through on his journey to becoming The Worlds Strongest Man and beyond. 

It’s interesting and felt honest - the format wasn’t my favorite as we’d hear the book parts along with interviews and other inserts from his life and that just bugged me. It was a personal touch, but I’m here for the book - if I want the podcast inserts, I’ll listen to the podcast y’know?

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I want more audiobooks like this.  Instead of a transcript of an interview, play the audio from the podcast.  Don't tell me you had a hard training session, let me hear the breathing after a round with the heavy bag.  A great way to incorporate audio technology into a book.

The book itself was repetitive and clumsy, though well written.  The same couple of stories kept being repeated as if it was the first time; for example, you'll hear several times how Hall promised his grandmother on her death bed that he would keep following his dream to be World's Strongest Man, and each time he mentions it, it sounds like its the first time.

Other than that, a good story and good for fans of Hall.

**I received an advance review copy for free from NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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My husband is a huge Eddie "The Beast" Hall fan, so when I saw this audiobook I had to give it a try. Overall, I thought it was okay, but a little bit repetitive and had more of a podcast style rather than an actual audiobook.
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This book was brilliant. I absolutely love watching strong man and was in awe of how good Eddie Hall was. I was so proud how he brought home the title and his dedication to the sport. I loved the fact that Eddie narrated the book himself and who knew he could pull off a posh voice. This audiobook had me smiling and laughing at times. I was so in awe of Eddie's hard work and determination to succeed. Also how much time he dedicates to helping others achieve there goals. I loved how he was so level headed and is a great roll model for others. It was really interesting learning about his journey and how he just had to settle a score. It was so obvious that he is in no way arrogant as he says he is going to do something he puts in the hard work and achieves his goal. I loved learning how he had the correct mentality and motivation to succeed. It was amazing how he disclosed his mental health issues to help and encourages other who feel the same to seek help. This book really motivated me to learn from his own words. I really recommend this audiobook to all those who love strong man . Also who want to learn about what they need to be successful in their own life to achieve those goals. I will definitely be looking out for more books by this fantastic British icon of the sporting world. 

So much praise goes out to the author and publishers for bringing together this amazing audiobook that will inspire the nation and will truly help inspire the younger generation to succeed in there own life goals.
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When I saw this book added to NetGalley I requested it right away! I’ve watched several of Eddie’s YouTube videos over the past couple of years. If you’re a fan of his then you’ll really enjoy this book! It was cool to learn more about the behind the scenes of his life and training leading up to the big fight. I liked the addition of the other contributors. It felt like his style as in his videos. Eddie is a great narrator and tells his lessons with ease and confidence. It’s remarkable all that he’s achieved. It’s great that he’s open about sharing his struggles with mental health and all the ups and downs of his journey. It’s weird when I listen to this on my headphones the sound quality isn’t the best. Also the last two hours of this audiobook were repeated from earlier so this book is only about 10 hours long not 12 hours. I would leave this review on Goodreads too but this book isn’t on Goodreads. After finishing this book I watched some of more of his YouTube videos.

This book is now on Goodreads! Yay!
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I will not be able to finish this book. I gave it a good try, but I could not. While Eddie Hall has accomplished a great deal, and certainly has the right to be cocky, his book was just way too pretentious. I also found it to be extremely repetitive.
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