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The book is a decent read, but the problem that I had with the book is that it is duplicative and redundantly redundant.  The center of the book, over 150 pages make the same argument over and over with different data and opinions, but it still makes only that point.

After reading this book you will understand why things are the way things are (since 1974) but doesn't present any new ideas except for the ones that have been floating around for the last 50 years
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This was a great book on the diplomatic crisis that occurred on Cyprus, I would highly recommend this to other diplomatic historians as well!
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Capt. Lawrence Stevenson (RCARet.) has thought about Cyprus for fifty years off and on after being sent as a Peacekeeper twice under a United Nations Mandate.  Cyprus has been a divided country for longer than it has been an independent state.  Both the Northern Cypriots as well as the Southern Cypriots have continued the cycle of division and low-level violence.  Lawrence and his daughter Glynnis propose interesting solutions to a divided Cyprus with considerable urgency.
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