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A lot of the information in this book was very insightful and I really intend to reference this again later in life. But there was an issue with this version. The audio kept cutting out mid sentence and it kept referencing documents that come with the ebook- worksheets and the like to help put things into practice. But for obvious reasons that wasn't included in the netgalley ARC. However, some entire sections were referencing the worksheets and it was very confusing. As a result I didn't get to fully appreciate the book. 
I'm sure the full version is great. 
I loved how it challenged norms without being antagonistic. It comes at everything from a calm logical point of view. I also loved how its clear this book wouldn't have been as hard hitting pre-pandemic. That the facts of who stayed home or did the work at home became more apparent during the shutdowns and then influenced t
he ways to challenge the assumptions of who should do the labor at home was really amazing to think about. 
I can't wait to read this again in the future with my future spouse.
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Thanks to Netgalley, St. Martin’s Press, and Macmillan Audio for the audio ARC of this! 

Equal Partners is one of the best books I’ve read in 2022. I am currently in the process of a divorce, but I found this book so helpful anyway. It’s a thorough example of how unequal domestic partnerships of all kinds can harm both spouses and the children in the home. Though it focuses on heterosexual relationships, gay partnerships and identities of all kinds are included. I learned so much that I will take with me into my next partnership if I have one, and lessons to pass on to both my son and daughter. 

I also found Kate’s voice to be really pleasant to listen to!
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The book that we need after the dumpster fire of marriage and parenthood during pandemic times.  The idea of equality and partnership in marriage, the struggle to not abide by stereotypical gender roles that our society continues to encourage is tough and this resource address this and so many other things.  I really appreciated that the author addressed all genders and pairings, not just traditional heterosexual marriages.

With most audios, non-fiction especially the narrator is so important, and I really enjoyed the individual that read this one.  Enough inclination and personality that it was easy to stay engaged.  

Thank you for the ARC!
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A lot of good food for thought here. As someone who is married, especially as a man, I take for granted a number of things about the way work is distributed, and I'm trying to be better for it, and this book was helpful. Recommended for both genders who are in relationships and trying to see how to meet in the middle a bit more.
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This book gives a great look at the data on equality in relationships and then puts it to practical use through case studies of actual relationships. She includes a "how to" section where she introduces various ways that the reader may be able to impact change in their communities and homes. A good read for anyone interested in the subject or willing to reevaluate gender norms. 

Reviews left on Amazon and Goodreads. Amazon pending post and I'll try to attach the link when up.
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This was a great resource for information about gender disparity and the societal "gender norms".  The author did a great job at identifying the issues of these norms, but also recognizing the nature of gender itself in 2022. Non-binary individuals and couples may also experience these disparities even though there is not a "male" or "female" identifying person.
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This is a fascinating book about what gender equality in the home looks like, and how it can be achieved. It's aimed at both those who are looking to find gender parity in the home and those who would like to help those around them achieve gender parity. It's full of practices you can try to figure out what your values you and what gender equality would look like in your relationship and your home.
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Thanks to Netgalley, St. Martin’s Press and Macmillan Audio for the ARC/audio ARC of this! 

The author took on such an interesting project here, redefining archetypes and expectations - and then using the Equal Partner definition to go out an interview men who are getting things right when it comes to gender roles in the family/home.  I really enjoyed hearing them talk about their relationships and how they function, and I think it could inspire other men (or partners of any gender who are not stepping up to be an equal partner) without making them feel bad about themselves. I especially found the ideas for raising children to be eventual competent adults and someone’s potential Equal Partner to be very useful and while maybe not my natural instinct also not too hard to begin implementing - especially the idea of teaching children of all genders to be “Noticers”

The audiobook was really well done, no complaints, and I find that sometimes hearing non-fiction makes it easier to take in - I recommend the audio if you feel this way too
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Thanks to NetGalley for the audiobook ARC!

There is a lot of great info in this audiobook. I love how the author tries to include a couple of user friendly 'take-home' ideas for each of her salient points. She does a great job of showing how lopsided the division of labor still is, despite recent improvements. There are definitely some things that we can all learn from this audiobook!
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One of the main sources of arguments in my home revolve around inequality despite my partner's progressive and equal minded outlook. We are a cis-het household where I fill the "woman's" role and he fills the "man's role". He's great about doing dishes and picking up whatever chores I ask him to. But I'm still so tired all the time. It's because I carry the cognitive load. I know when the kids appointments are (and even that they need appointments), what events are happening at school, when it is time to order the dog's heartworm prevention meds, what food is in the pantry already when I am at the grocery store...

Equal Partners explores the imbalance of gender roles in the home, particularly in the United States. What I liked best about this book is that it approached a wide variety of homes regardless of the gender of the partners. 

Drawing on decades of research into how work is split in a home, the author discusses how traditional gender roles hurt everyone, regardless of who is filling that role and what work can be done to reach equality. 

Thank you to the author, publisher, and @netgalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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A fantastic read! I found some of her insights thought-provoking and interesting. If anything, this book made me realize why I do some of the things I do and why my husband functions in different ways. I want my husband to read it just so he can understand me better. For example, I didn't realize why I kept asking him to call a certain person over and over and why he got frustrated when I kept asking. Now I understand that it was part of my cognitive load and I needed it taken care of so it was off my list and made my load lighter. It also helped me reflect on times where I've been burnt out (like when I worked full-time and was the sole income and still took on all the "female role" tasks). Now I know part of why I was anxious and grumpy during that period of time. 😂 It also helped me find ways in which my husband and I are excelling at equal parenting. I don't necessarily agree with every single little belief in the book, but it sure got me thinking. I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to gain insight into their relationships, whether they're just starting to live together or they've been together for over a decade.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This was such an important conversation to be having in the present day. I think for a lot of us, the pandemic really highlighted the inequality of our partnership. Yes, my husband is amazing, but we both acknowledge that our relationship (especially after having a kid) fell into gender stereotypes. This book did a great job underlying the traps that we often fall into within relationships and offered practical solutions to address inequalities within our partnerships but also within society. I really appreciated that this book was cross-sectional, addressing all genders and pairings, not just traditional heterosexual marriage. This would be a great book to read before anyone cohabitates with a new person.

Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
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This was a very interesting listen. As times changes I believe it’s important for people to grow to reflect these changes. Life is not what it was 50 years ago and this book aims at breaking some of those stereotypical gender roles that still linger in the present day. I think its important for men and women in a partnership, whether with or without children, to acknowledge these changes, have tough conversations and work to understand each other. I believe many failed marriages come from lack of communication, especially about parenting roles. This book would be great for any newlyweds or new parents as they adventure into their next phase of life together.
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