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I grew up in SC and visited Edisto many times. It was fun to read a book set there. This was a good mystery.  hoping that there will be more in this series
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island-life, Carolinas, arson, burglar, law-enforcement, relationship-issues, relationships, friendship, small-town, southern, local-politics, PTSD, psychological, survivor's-guilt, suspense, low-country, wildfires, memories****

This is the 8th book in series and, despite claims on Kindle, it is not TTS enabled.
The characters are well developed, the personal anguish well detailed, the world building meticulous, and the investigations well done. It's probably an addictive page turner for those with better vision.
I requested and received a free e-book copy from Bell Bridge Books via NetGalley.
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I really enjoyed this southern mystery.  It's the first of C Hope Clark's Edisto series I've gotten to read, and I will go back and read the previous 7 books in this series.  I'd read her Craven series and enjoyed that so much I wanted to try the Edisto series. 

There is an arsonist and burglaries on the island - Callie is the police chief trying to solve all the crimes.  The cast of characters are wonderful people, the small town feel is amazing and the scenery descriptions are immersive.  Being the 8th book, I was worried I had missed all the background story - but there is enough included in this story that I didn't feel lost figuring things out.  Well crafted and enjoyable!

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for a temporary, digital ARC in return for my review.
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This book was sent to me by Netgalley for review…this author is talented at weaving a cannot put down mystery.   I love the setting of Edisto and am familiar with the area.  The characters are likable and some not so much…the protagonist and her friends lead us on a chase…reading about all they are doing…red herrings abound…this is a good book…enjoy…
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Edisto Heat is the 8th book in the Edisto Island Mystery series by C. Hope Clark.

"Edisto Beach Police Chief Callie Morgan lost her husband to a fire years ago. Now recent fires on Edisto have brought all of those terrible memories back. She must face her fears to find the arsonist. the town council and residents are screaming for answers but Calli must be care ful of public pressure to find the culprit."

This book is different from previous books I've read in the series. A lot more time is spent in Callie's head with her PTSD and relationship issues instead of police work. So this is more psychological suspense than crime fiction. I enjoyed the last twenty percent much more as the clues came together and the chase began.

Brice is a character you will learn to despise. Clark is a local author so I have some idea who the character might be loosely based on. Be careful what you say to an author people - you might end up in a book someday.

It's great to have some crime fiction set in the Low Country. Fans of Clark's previous books should enjoy this one.
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