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Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea

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I love his passion and admire his research.

However, I don’t think his book will change any minds of those who use the Bible to justify their homophobia, but for some young LGBTQ person who is questioning their faith, it may help solidify their relationship with God.

For that reason, I give it four stars.
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Was written as a lot of scripture and leading to acceptance. I feel the writing was done well and the point was delivered . This may help some seeking acceptance. It did stray and go heavy topic on abortion , but overall could be great read for any in LBGTQ+ community.
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In this book the author attempts to give many perspectives of damning homosexual verses in the bible.  He attempts to have us understand that these verses are very,  very old and some of the words within the verses do not translate to today's interpretation. 
The first 35% of this book gives you a history of the bible. The rest the chapters picks out specific verses and again gives you the history of that verse and what was going on at the time. And how it didn't mean exactly what it might mean today.
This was an interesting attempt at giving you another way of interpreting the verses.  But it was way too much bible talk for me.  I got bored.
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First I want to say that this author was very knowledgeable of the Bible.  In fact, some may not enjoy reading this book because of the vast amount of material quoted from scripture.   I have a similar background in the church therefore I enjoyed it throughly.  I don't agree with him but I was impressed.   However,  I did not like the fact that the author went so far off script as to give his thoughts on abortion.   Had I wanted to read a book about abortion and the Bible, I would have chosen a book about abortion and the Bible.  
This guy is a pretty good writer and I would probably read more from him.  Even though he didn't convince me, I really enjoyed reading his thoughts.
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I’m not usually one to read books like this but I was pleasantly surprised. Very insightful and a quick read :)
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If you like these five things, consider reading this book:

- Religious nonfiction
- Theological arguments supported by historical context and multiple scriptural interpretations
- Inclusive religion
- Easy yet informative reads
- Support for the queer community

Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea is a strongly put-together argument against the Church's treatment of the queer community. The author systematically presents the verses typically used as arguments against homosexuality in the bible and provides context and translation that shows the true complexity of the verses. Additionally, the author presents some of the histories of the Church and its failure to love countless groups of people using scripture as a weapon. Overall, the message is that the Church is missing the point of God's love and using religion as yet another tool to oppress the queer community. I did feel like the book failed to address gender identity fully, which would have made this volume more complete for me.
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This is a charmingly written and accessible whistle-stop-tour through the notion that maybe, just maybe, scripture comes with a historical and cultural context and that maybe, just maybe, the Church—as a bastion of institutionalised power—has spent literally centuries stripping away those contexts as well as cherry-picking elements of the Bible that best advance a conservative, oppressive social agenda.

Sorry, that’s coming across as sarcastic. Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea really is a sweet, sincere and potentially necessary book for anyone struggling with reconciling their faith, their community and their LGBTQ+ identity. It’s personal when it needs to be personal, detailed without ever becoming overwhelming, and never positions itself as an authority on the complexities of history Biblical scholarship it attempts to explore.

It's also the sort of book—the sort of faith, I suppose—where God directly speaks to people, makes them feel loved, and encourages them to do things in the world, which is personally rather alien to me (my own experiences of faith growing up were very much of God is an abstract dickhead who is judging you and finding you a failure like your actual father, except this one also died for your sins, yes yours personally, and what the fuck have you ever done, you worthless loser).

Basically, I’m happy this book exists. I want there to be more space in the world for the notion that LGBTQ+ identity and religious faith (whatever your particular branch of it) can co-exist very comfortably, actually. I didn’t especially connect with it, and it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but it was still reassuring to see such things discussed, interrogated and analysed in a non-intimidating way. I also appreciated that while the book was mostly focused on dismantling anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, it also rebutted elements of the Bible that are used to justify racism, misogyny and antisemitism.

Anyway, you’ll already know if this book is for you. It didn’t ever feel especially “for” me but that’s about me and not about the book. If you’re LGBTQ+ and Christian, and you’ve began to doubt your God’s love for you, then I hope Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea can help reassure you otherwise.
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It's time for the people to learn and search the holy scriptures and texts for themselves. It's past time for a book to delve into the topic of LGBTQ affairs as it relates to religion. God created and loves all, without regard to their sexuality. Hard to believe but this book gives evidence and back ups its exertions. 

I hope this book gets into the hands of any questioning God's love for them. There are many accepting and inclusive ministries and more and more books exploring this topic.
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“I would rather hold onto hope (even if it’s a sliver of it) than hopelessness.”
WOW!!!! So many important statements made throughout the book, but the author really emphasizes God’s love for ALL humans. 
As a person that is overtly analytical, paying close attention to context & details, I found this book well researched & consistent to the matter being discussed. I often found myself thinking of Matthew 6:7, “And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.” The author get’s to the matter at hand without being overly wordy or complex. 
Such an amazing read that I look forward to re-reading again & again!
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I thought this was beautiful and personal. This is the exact book I wish I had as a teenager begging to come to terms with my faith and sexuality.
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I discovered this book on NetGalley! I wish I had read it sooner. 
I'm participating in a community group with Queer Christian Fellowship called "Deconstruction/Reconstruction". 
Having read this book, I think it would be a very useful tool for guiding and affirming the deconstruction/reconstruction process.  

I deeply appreciate the way that the author engages with the Biblical text, traditional perspectives, their impact, as well as the contextual and historical elements. 

I loved the format of "The Church's Crumbs" and "Spilling the Tea." Very informative and accessible. 

It is clear that a lot of research, personal reflection and time went into the compiling of this resource. I hope all Christian's have an opportunity to engage in this text, learn something new, feel affirmed, and challenge their inherited perceptions.
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for allowing me to receive an arc in exchange for my honest review- all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

As someone who is deconstructing her own faith- this hit hard. Beautiful, insightful, and backed up to easily pull your own research. I wish the author well- as well as anyone who is struggling. You are loved. So loved.
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