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This is not a cookbook, more of a self help and healing work book. The blurb and cover display a different idea than the pages actually are. This was not for me. The recipes did not feel like actual recipes (one was just pouring tea) and instead are more like mindfulness meditations. Good for some, I'm not the intended audience.
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The Kitchen Healer is a self help/collection of poetry and recipes. It was like reading a therapy session with a whimsical twist. This book is grounded in the idea that the kitchen is the heart of the home and can have an impact on the whole family, it needs to be loving and warm and safe. And also that what you put into yourself you will be able to give to your home, family, the world, etc. The author writes directly to the reader in a lyrical, sometimes poetic style that is beautiful to read. The tips are very new age, bordering on witchy type ideas in some spots. The author is trying to help the reader grow self love and worthiness. It is definitely not for everyone but I enjoyed it.
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I'll be honest in saying that this didn't feel like a cookbook to me. Honestly, more self-help, words of wisdom, etc.
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The Kitchen Healer was rather unexpected! This is more than a cook book - it is a self-help book that focuses on holistic living. The author discusses topics such as trauma, stress, self acceptance, and how they influence how we cook and move around the kitchen. The book encourages one to slow down and find self in the kitchen. Thank you, NetGalley!
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The Kitchen Healer by Jules Blaine Davis was not what I was expecting. The description does say that “Though this book contains recipes—with ingredients both traditional and emotional—this isn’t your typical cookbook.” I was hoping that it would include more “witchy” items including cooking with herbs and more food recipes than it did include.

I would have to say this is a self-help book that repeats a lot of the information again and again, but by using different words. Not that it’s bad because it’s kind of a mantra that one can repeat again and again. And if you do a tea ritual in the morning, you could read part of a chapter and receive positive words for the day.

I was also looking forward to more of the stories of the woman that Davis started to go to the farmer’s market with and to cook with, but that part was just presented and passed over for Davis to include poetry and mantras instead. 

Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if things that she suggested people do were not already things that I already do. Taking time to enjoy your food, keep it out on the counter so you can see it and cook with it, doing a tea ritual, etc…. So for people who don’t already do these things, this book could really be amazing to them.
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Really enjoyed the book and recipes.  Found it very helpful and the book had a bonus I was not expecting and that was a self-help book of sorts around holistic living.
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I've had a tough time with illness recently and this book was exactly what I needed. It is like a bit comforting blanket hugging me. It is the reassurance you need in hard times that everything will be ok and there is no need to worry. I will be buying this as a gift for a few of my friends.
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A magical journey from kitchen to self. More self-help book than cookbook, but a joy to read this deeply personal story. Very positive but not what I was expecting. Enjoyable non the less.
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Jules writes of a warm welcome to healing, in the heart of the home, in the kitchen. She underlines how mothers everywhere have exhausted themselves caring for everyone, even during celebrations. Conditioned to be selfless. Jules shows mothers the way back to themselves with anecdotes, poetry and heart-warming, simple recipes.

This is my own honest review of The Kitchen Healer by Jules Blaine Davies, due to be published by Sounds 
True, 15 November 2022. Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for a free, uncorrected proof advance copy
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I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

This is not what I expected when I started reading this book. I expected spinach smoothie recipes and a glossary of healing recipes. This is more than a cook book but a self-help book of sorts around holistic living. Jules encourages us to dwell on topics around trauma, stress, self acceptance and how they influence how we cook and move around the kitchen. The book encourages one to find thyself in the hustle and bustle of the kitchen
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I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This book wasn't what I was expecting. I thought there would be more recipes. And the book was a bit disorganized.
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Not what I was expecting - this book has recipes, yes, but it also has breathwork, movement work, and encourages you to dig deeper and look more intimately into your soul. If you are put off by new-agey language, this may not be the book for you. I enjoyed the dairy free and gluten free options in the recipes, as well as the suggestions on being present in the kitchen. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy, all opinions are my own!
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The Kitchen Healer speaks truly to Jules path of healing and creating a world comforting for her, her family, and all of us. The photos used felt like a tiny glimpse into her life, the stories sprinkled out made the recipes that much more exciting to try. I would recommend for lovers of cookbooks that also double as more.
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Not my favorite. The layout is a little messy, and confusing. The recipes didn't catch my eyes. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this book it was not exactly what I was expecting. I thought this book would be loaded with recipes and information about herbs or home remedies. Instead it read more like a journal or diary with a sprinkle of recipes. There was meditation info and things of that nature. The photos were very nice but I would’ve liked more information related to the title.
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I started reading this book expecting to find recipes and information on the natural healing that can be found in eating good food. However, it is actually a cookbook, self-help book, memoir, kitchen decor, and motivational book. The Kitchen Healer is about simple natural living. However, I found it odd that some of the recipes were not what I would describe as very healthy. I would have expected the author to be vegan or at least vegetarian but the first recipe is chicken vegetable soup and there is plenty of butter and fat to find on later pages.

The author often dwells on topics like exploring your childhood memories connected to food… trauma, stress.. analysis of your feelings… to help you be free to love and accept yourself…She attempts to take you on a journey to becoming you.

For anyone who already enjoys being in the kitchen and loves cooking there is not anything very helpful in The Kitchen Healer. But for someone who has not yet found the healing art of cooking, the book might give a nudge to discover something wonderful waiting in the kitchen.

This book is not my cup of tea but it might be yours. I would suggest reading other reviews to get a better idea before deciding if you want to read The Kitchen Healer by Jules Blaine Davis.

It is always a good idea to visit the author’s website. For some reason, I did not do this before reading The Kitchen Healer.
I want to thank NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.
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This was a beautifully illustrated "sharing" of one woman's journey to self-acceptance and self-love.

The recipes were very basic, for the most part:  simple ingredients  and  fresh, whole foods.

I found it a bit repetitive, but I suppose that is how we retain things, through repetition.  Many will derive comfort from the poetry and the sharing of past experiences on this woman's journey to self-love in the kitchen.  Not every woman (or man) is as at home in the kitchen as the author is, so of course this book will not be for everyone.  I am a Foodie, and I don't MIND my kitchen, but I don't derive as much self-worth or even satisfaction from my small kitchen workspace, and I often resent the amount of time I have to spend in it:  

I would rather be reading or listening to an audiobook!  

For those of you do, however, find solace in creating simple home-cooked meals, and who need some reminders to reconnect to yourself, then this book will hit its mark with you!  My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this self-discovery/poetry/recipe sharing book.
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The Kitchen Healer by Jules Blaine Davis is an outstanding book of love, healing, health, family and food. There are a good many ways I could describe this but the world, 'otherworldly', comes to mind. This book is multi-faceted and I'd argue was probably the first book I've ever truly savored, having spent a good while pouring over each and every page. 

This book, upon first glance to some, might seem a lot like a cookbook and maybe, to a degree, you would be right. There are recipes woven in a good number of the pages but there are also poems, stories, art and so much more. Really and truly there aren't words that exist in the here and now that could be used to describe the raw authenticity this book provides. The only way I could possibly get close is by saying that this is truly a healing, nourishing book both for you body and your mind (as for me, I'd say this nourished much more than these two but I'll let you be the judge).

I couldn't find a negative piece in this book at all. As I said above, this book is raw authenticity and I mean that. The photos are realistic - exactly what you might see in any other Mom's kitchen. The goals are all so minimal in writing but so vast in practice and truly you'll find solace in every page. 

This is truly a book you want to savor and get to know more intimately. I implore you to hold it in hand over a cup of warm tea or outside with your muddied children. I've never been one to risk the like-new quality of my books but this book was absolutely made to be used by the dirtied hands of an early baker or by the dreary eyed, spill-having mother - you are welcome in this space; we all are.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was written by a mother to mother's and women everywhere - to all persons' everywhere. I don't think there isn't a single person alive that wouldn't greatly benefit from at least one page from this book and I know, if you took that chance, you'd see the same as I do in that.

*received this book to give my opinion freely through NetGalley*
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This book is very different. I was expecting something completely different...more along the lines of various recipes and such. Don't get me wrong, there are some of those in the book but the format and layout of the book threw me off, and therefore I didn't finish it.

I don't think this book will be for everyone.
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The Kitchen Healer by Jules Blaine Davis is a glimpse into what a slow, intentional life can look like, starting in the center of our homes, the kitchen. Using poetry, simple recipes, and heart work, Davis encourages readers to look at their story and how it feeds our hunger for nourishment, connection, and a place for hope. As a mom and wife, the drudgery of making meals that my family will eat, cleaning dishes from the meal no one wanted, and trying to find a moment for myself that doesn't feel lonely is enough to drive anyone to depression. Using her writing prompts for how I woke up in the morning as a child, brought up some hard memories, and stirred up what I wanted to avoid for my own kids. Wanting to be slow when anxiety tells you to keep moving, means finding ways to be intentional. Flowers, tea, space, and time are your starting line. Searching your story and building a space full of joy, fire (even in candle form), and coming back to earth are the building blocks. 

The book has beautiful photography, bringing warmth and color to the page. The food recipes are simple and easy but solid for weekly cooking and comfort. Easy enough for a new cook, but refreshing for a seasoned family chef. This book would be great to have as a book club read or birthing circle discussion.
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