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Gripping story which gives an insight into what life was during the World War. We who have lived our life securely with most of the amenities available with us 24/7, should read this and realise the heaven-like dwelling that is bestowed on us. 

Writing style is simple and understandable to everyone. It's difficult to write a fictitious novel around a real personality like Doctor Mengele and the author has done this seamlessly. Surely a lot of research is involved while writing such a novel and Roberta has done a good job.
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The Auschwitz Twins by Roberta Kagan was a great read. I was totally immersed and it kept  my Interest throughout.
It was a story of a family on their way to Auschwitz. Herschel and his wife Naomi were separated from their daughters Shoshana the eldest and the twins Bluma and Perle. Herschel saves his wife Naomi when he bargains with a guard for her freedom and in turn loses his life. Naomi flees into the forest. The girls make their way to Auschwitz and placed under the care of Dr Mengele and his fascination with twins. 
The author weaves a story without too much focus on the atrocities under Mengele which I welcomed. A pivotal character was a German doctor Ernst Neider that captured my heart and who I was rooting for from the beginning. 
The story was good. The writing is simple. Some of the characters needed more development. Overall a decent book especially if historical fiction is up your alley.
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I had requested this off NetGalley totally unaware that this was the third book in a series. The summary was interesting and I’ve always been intrigued/morbidly curious about Dr. Mengele’s work on twins. So, naturally, I was a little peeved but read the first two books for context. 

I finally get to the third and I’m excited to see how all of the threads and lives are connected. I’m excited to read about the story of the Auschwitz Twins. 

Where are the twins??? They’re mentioned a few times and have a couple of scenes on the side. 

I hate Gisele and unfortunately, this book was mostly about her. 

2 stars. Disappointing. 

Shoutout to NetGalley for the ARC.
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When a reader opens a Roberta Kagen novel, a heart-moving, realistic, reading experience with a clearly outlined plot and sympathetic lead characters is to be expected.  This book does not disappoint.   

Sadly, the "Angel of Death" Josef  Mengele was a real person who really did do horrific experiments at a concentration camp during WWII. Twins were one of his many focus groups for these. 

That anyone can endure, much less find purpose in such a situation seems miraculous. But Eva Mozes Kor did. This is her story .
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Such a sad, tragic and inspiring read. An important part of everyone's history and this book showcased empowerment, love, resilience in the hardest and cruelest of situations that no one should ever have to endure.
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A book that tells a story you will never forget.  A Jewish family removed from their home and sent to Auschwitz’.   The horrific train journey.  Their 3 children were separated from  them at the station and they did know what had happened to them.  It is not all dark, there are some bright spots, but it was certainly a reminder of the cruelty of the Nazi’s.   A very worthwhile read, I found it hard to put down.  Very well written, you can feel the emotions of the characters.
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The Auschwitz Twins by Roberta Kagan is the third book in this brilliant series sadly its the final instalment in The Auschwitz Twins trilogy. You will need tissues with all of these books. 

Roberta Kagan brings to life the horrors of concentration camps in WW2 and the twisted evil of Dr. Mengele and his obsession with twins. This series has been 5 stars and I highly recommend all of her books. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Roberta Kagan for allowing me to review this book.
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I live Roberta's books.  This one didn't disappoint me.  This is the last book in this trilogy.  I wondered how things would work out, but Roberta "listened" to her characters and I was surprised at some things.  Trying not to give spoilers.  Can't wait for the next book, Roberta.  Thank you for this series.
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Firstly thank you Netgalley for this ARC 

What an emotional book about the concentration camp. So many emotions
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This book broke my heart,  I love reading about Auschwitz.  It was a good book, I feel like it was hard to follow at times, but otherwise a nice read, full of love and heartbreak!
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This is about WW2 and, of course, Auschwitz and concentration camps, and the horrible experiments performed by Dr. Mengele. Ernst is trying to save Shoshana, Blume and Perle. Marcel is using Gisele's secrets against her, and Herschel and Naomi just want to see their kids again.
This is book 3 of The Auschwitz Twins series, and although it could be read as a stand alone, I wish I would've read the first two before this one (and I will go back and read them). Of course, we all know the story, but I'm morbidly fascinated by Holocaust stories. How can something so horrible interest me so much? After reading and seeing so many things on the subject, maybe I'm still just trying to figure out how human beings can be so cruel, but also how people can make beautiful things out of such darkness. This book is a heartbreaking historical fiction with a hint of romance.
I received an advance review copy for free and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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This is book 3 of the Auschwitz Twin Series.  This is the final book in this thrilling series.  Each of the twins must decide what they are going to and if they are going to be destroyed due to what they have been through.
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Being sent to concentration camps in WWII was essentially a death sentence for those who passed through their gates, but for those subjected to Mengele’s sadistic experiments, a cruel and barbaric end was imminent.

Ernst is a young doctor working alongside Dr. Mengele, but when he witnesses the atrocities being performed on twins, he is determined to protect Shoshana, Bluma, and Perle from meeting a similar fate. While Mengele is often referred to as the “Angel of Death”, Ernst becomes an “Angel of Mercy” for these young girls he has grown to care so much for. But Ernst has problems of his own brewing and his focus begins to waiver as his new marriage is threatened by ghosts of their pasts. Will he be able to save Shoshana and her sisters, or will they become victims of Mengle’s brutal experiments?

I started this book not knowing it was the third book in a series, but luckily I had no problem following along as it can be read as a stand-alone. I thought it was a wonderfully written and heart-wrenching story, and though I enjoyed it, I felt there were some aspects of it that were unnecessary. For example, the portion of the story about Marcel Petoit and Gisele. It just seemed to me like it was an excuse to remove Gisele from the situation and didn’t actually add to the story as a whole.

Overall, I do recommend this book and I look forward to reading the previous two parts of this series. 

*Thank you to NetGalley and The Book Whisperer for providing a copy of this book to review.*
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This is the conclusion to Reberta Keagan's trilogy the Auschwitz Twins where all of the threads collide and we learn the fate of the Aizenberg family.

I received this book from NetGalley in in exchange for a review all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I honestly had a very hard time getting through this book. It wasn't just that this book covers a very dark time, I had a hard time staying interested.

This book follows multiple perspectives that were set up in the previous two books. One that gets a lot of page time is Gisele,  and I can't stand her. She's flippant, self obsessed and honestly fairly stupid. I just don't understand why she constantly makes poor decisions. 

I wanted more of Sashona, and her sisters Bulma and Perle but despite the fact that they are the titular Auschwitz Twins there's barely anything from their perspective until most of the way through the book.

Truly I wanted to like this book and I did enjoy the first two in the series. However the final book was a major let down. It just focused too much on characters that I didn't care about. The people I cared about were crammed into the last quarter of the book to the point it felt incredibly shoehorned and forced.
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I loved this whole series and the ending was perfect! Kagan does extremely well interweaving many different characters and story lines. I loved that she gives us the POV of each main character when necessary. Like any story set during the holocaust there were times it was difficult to read knowing that things that horrendous actually happened. Thankfully Kagan gives each character the ending they deserve. This is not the first book I've read by this wonderful author and it won't be the last!
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This was so sad! I mean the title tells you all you need to know about that.  This is a series and I wasn't aware of that beforehand so I had to go back and read books 1 and 2 first.  This is book 3.  I like this writing style of alternate chapters so much!  Lots of twists and turns here that continue from the previous two books.  Just know that it's heavy subject matter with concentration camps and WWII so you need to be in the mood.
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Super powerful emotional ride .. The kind of book that stays with you.

There are 2 previous books to this series, which I wish I'd read before. 

Review via Netgalley
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Twins of Auschwitz was an excellent, suspenseful novel of a family of Jews, including twin girls, who are sent to Auschwitz to Dr. Mengele. From what I know the story is historically correct with a few exceptions (would a German working for Dr Mengele help a Jewish family escape Auschwitz? Successful escape from Auschwitz was not done , with very few exceptions) As with a lot of good Holocaust books, this was read with a lump in the throat and a feeling of being transported to a very dark time.
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This is the third installment of the Auschwitz Twins trilogy but it can be read as a standalone, the writer provides enough details in the book for the reader to follow along and immersed in the story without having to have read the preceding two books.

As with all of the books by Ms. Kagan this book is an excellent read with lots of research and a plot that grabs you immediately when starting to read the book.
It isn't easy to read a book about the Holocaust and not needing to stop to breath because of the horrors portrayed in the book, but the way that Ms. Kagan writes accomplished just that, it isn't that the atrocities are not there but her writing is so compelling that you keep reading, even though you imagine what's coming next.

In this book we found the twins Perle and Bluma, along with their sister Shoshana in Mengele's twins room, where he performs his "medical experiments". But they find in Dr. Neider their guarding angel.
Without giving too much away, unfortunately Perle's dream from years past comes true, especially at the ending of the book which leaves the reader with a feeling of satisfaction and peace.

The compassion, empathy and sensitivity that Ms. Kagan used in this book makes reading a book about the Holocaust a not so hard subject.
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As with so many other
 books describing the horror of the Holocaust, this book is equally sad.  It centers on the despicable Dr Mengele, the sadistic Nazi doctor, who, in truth,  performed horrendous experiment on twins and people with deformities.  The details are difficult to read, but important to know in historical context.
The story also brings to light the fictional kind hearted doctor, who despite wearing a Nazi uniform, had a love for his Hippocratic oath, do no harm. Disgusted by the treatment of children in Auschwitz, he helps a family escape the concentration camp. 

The writing is interesting, with many pages of the character’s thoughts in italic.  The book covers a span of many years, with an epilogue ending in 1976.
All in all, despite unpleasant, but factual subject matter, this was a very good book, filled with glimpses of family devotion, bravery, survival and love.

Thank you, NetGalley, and The Book Whisperer publishing,
for the advance copy of this book. 
4 1/2 stars
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