The Auschwitz Twins

A Dark and Gut-wrenching WWII Tale of Unimaginable Terrors

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Pub Date 04 Sep 2022 | Archive Date 30 Aug 2022
The Book Whisperer, Roberta Kagan

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A bloodcurdling drama unravels in the shadow of Mengele's dark, twisted obsession.

Ernst must face his nemesis as he battles to save Shoshana, Bluma, Perle, and ultimately, his heart.

Marcel Petoit has weaponized Gisele's dark secrets. Will she escape his evil grip?

Will Herschel and Naomi ever see their girls again?

The Auschwitz Twins is a thrilling finish to Roberta Kagan's gut-wrenching WW2 historical series set within the grim walls of the dreaded Nazi killing floor.

A bloodcurdling drama unravels in the shadow of Mengele's dark, twisted obsession.

Ernst must face his nemesis as he battles to save Shoshana, Bluma, Perle, and ultimately, his heart.

Marcel Petoit has...

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Featured Reviews

I just finished your book, and I am still crying. I loved your book and could n’ t put it down till the end, and what an end…
I have been interested in Mengele and his experiments on the twins, I’d very much like to know if you have some reference book to suggest.
I highly recommend this book, if you are a fan of WWII you’ lol love this trilogy,

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Another heartbreaking yet truly amazing read by Roberta Kagan! This story was just despicable reading about Mengele and the experiments on the twins that he performed. It needs to be told. A great ending to this series that was wrapped uo wonderfully. I would definitely recommend this book. Thank you netgalley for letting me give an honest review of this book.

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I could not put this book down!
A story of WW2 and concentration camps. Based on events, and the sadistic behaviour of doctors and their fascination of experimenting “just because they can.”
The story explores love, and how it can appear even in the darkest of times. How even an enemy can be your true friend.

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A triumphant finale to a great series! I’m so glad Ernst and Shoshana, Naomi and Eli found their happy endings and I hope Bluma found peace.
I just have one quibble, in real life, the bodies of the Goebbels were found because there wasn’t enough petrol to burn the bodies. The bodies of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun Hitler had been doused with most of the bunker’s petrol and thoroughly reduced to ash before that and there is enough eye-witness testimony to that effect. Stalin refused to allow his people to confirm that for months because he wanted more territory than he would have gotten if he had admitted Hitler was dead sooner.

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I couldn't put this book down. I am fascinated by world War 2 stories and this book didn't disappoint.
A fictional story featuring some factual characters. The book follows several characters throughout. Some Jews some German's whose stories all intertwine. This is a story of triumph and redemption along with love and heartbreak. There was a lot of focus on the characters without going deeply into the horrors of concentration camps and life for Jews and sympathizers at the time.
I recommend this book to history especially Jewish and world War 2 readers.

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Thank you NetGalley for this ebook. Who can resist a WW2 story? I know I can’t. Loved the characters and the story. Highly recommended!

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A Jewish family is promised a life that's better than what they have in the ghetto if they work hard. They are not afraid of hard work and accept the offer. They arrive at the train station ready to go. The eldest daughter, estranged from the family, comes as boarding begins. The parents are loaded into a train but the eldest daughter and twin daughters are not in the same railroad car. The people are packed so tightly into the car that no one can sit down. No restroom, no food. As the train ride goes on, people begin dying. The parents, Naomi and Herschel, are worried about their daughters. They hope that the girls are in the next car and that they will reunite at the end of the journey. At a stop, Herschel hears the German guards discussing the fate of those on the train. Where are they headed? Was the promise of a new life just a ploy?

Roberta Kagan's WWII book examines the Nazis' lies to deceive the Jewish people and the incredible cruelty of Dr. Mengle. His horrific behavior in the name of medicine is truly sad. While we now know of the awful conditions, we will never fully understand how such things could occur. Kagan shows the survival of atrocities such as these depended on the strength of the human spirit.

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Book three in this series and wow what a book.

I was drawn in for the beginning and having read the other two books and this one doesn't disappoint. It is a book that will grab you, grab your heartstrings, grab your mind and emotions and I just couldn't put it down.

The atrocities that happened to these families and especially the children will make you want to cry. The strength that the families had through such horrendous times will make you marvel.

This is a well written book about past events in history that none of us today could possibly imagine. The characters are great and really do come to life in this story and the story itself is so real and so frightening.

A great read and highly recommend it to all who love a good historical fiction novel.

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Captivating story about the cruelty of Germans during the Holocaust. The torture that children went through was very difficult to read. It really made me despise the German doctor for his cruelty and made me satisfied with how it ended. It was also heartwarming to see that some Germans risked their lives to help Jews survive.

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This is book 3 in a series, which I have not yet read. However, I was still able to follow the book with no problems.

I've already started reading another book for review. However, this one keeps hanging on to me. So many emotions. I wanted to reach through my Kindle and slap some, hug others and cry for so many.

Naomi and Herschel are separated from their children as they are loaded onto the train from the Warsaw Ghetto. They are told they are being sent to a work camp. While Naomi is sleeping, Herschel overhears the true plans for them. He thinks quickly of a plan to save Naomi.

After escaping the horror of the train, still not knowing it's fate, she runs until she finds shelter. There she makes an unlikely friend to wait out the cold weather. Her desire to find her children keeping her going through the more tragic events to come.

The children are all at Auschwitz where the horrible Dr Mengele uses them for his experiments, showing no heart or compassion.

Dr Neider took holiday from working for Dr Mengele, returning with a beautiful bride that all feel is out of his reach. Why did such a beautiful woman marry a man she wasn't attracted to or love?

Will Naomi ever find her children? Will the children escape Dr Mengele horrible experiments?

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This remarkable piece of Historical Fiction from Roberta Kagan is as compelling as it is devastating. She brings to life the horrors of concentration camps and the twisted evil of Dr. Mengele and his obsession with twins.

Kagan writes characters in such an authentic and heartbreaking way. I only learned this was the finale to a series when I started, and found it just as readable on its own, though enjoyed it to the point that I’ll certainly be starting from the beginning now.

The weaving of characters throughout the story was done in such a delicate way, and truly built the tension and drove the plot forward perfectly. I couldn’t put this book down. Now, to read the rest!

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The book is a very dark fiction novel that is totally based on facts. It is a very difficult read, but it is a important story that needs telling. Thank you to the author, NetGalley and the publisher for granting me an advance copy

Was this review helpful?

The book is the third book in a three book series.

The book depicts the horrors of WW II and especially the horrific treatment of children singled out as special, by the twisted doctor Mengele. The many medical experiments done by doctor Mengele on the twins during the war were twisted and particularly horrifying.

The book is a very dark fiction novel that is totally based on facts. It is a very difficult read, but a story that needs telling. Have plenty of Kleenex ready. This one is a particularly sad story.

The complete three book series is so worth the read.

Highly, highly recommend.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for granting me an advance copy in return for my honest opinion.

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The Auschwitz Twins is the third book in The Auschwitz Twins Series. Roberta Kagan has again written an absolutely fast paced historical fiction novel about a a German doctor named Ernst Neider who goes to work at Auschwitz Concentration Camp for Dr. Joseph Mengele and shows his experimentation of twins and the horrors he inflicted. Kagan weaves the characters of the previous two books into this novel so expertly. It is a fast paced page turner in the typical Kagan style. Dr. Neider shows his disgust for Mengele and the things Neider is willing to do throughout the book that are ethically and morally correct restores our faith in the goodness of man.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley for providing an ARC in return for my honest review.

I haven't read the first two books from this series, but I felt that this book can quite easily be a stand-alone. This story didn't disappoint with making you feel a connection towards these fictional characters that are set in a backdrop that is based on real events. We get to follow a mix of characters, some Jewish and others German, as we get to see how these characters stories twine together. My one critique would be some character interactions and inner-thoughts were a little stiff at times.

What I took from this story is that there is good to be found, even during terrible events like when experimentation was being conducted during WW2 in concentration camps. This book was both riveting yet at times hard to read because it made you feel strong emotions.

Was this review helpful?

I will be honest. I requested this book because I thought it was from a different series I read. However, I am glad I did because I loved this book. I love history fiction, and really enjoyed the storyline.

Was this review helpful?

Really enjoyed reading this book. I do love historical books. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. But I wasn’t disappointed. The book was very well written and flowed well. Chilling to read but enjoyable all the same. If you can say that about these type of books

Was this review helpful?

Be aware this is BOOK 1 in a series, but came out (I believe) after book 2! Anyway, I read book 2 first and then this one. I found it to be a good way to read this book. You are introduced to the characters in another book, but then follow their lives in this one. You will continue to read how awful Dr. Mengele is and the ways that a few Germans were willing to help the Jews, especially in this series.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks for sending to me I have read all the other z Roberta Kagan books and this one was very emotional and sad to read, but also about bravery in the midst of all that horror.
Naomi and her children were separated going on a train going from Warsaw in Poland to auschwitz.
Her children were sent immediately to Auschwitz and as they were a set of twins they were sent with their older sister to be experimented on.
There was one doctor who was horrified about what was going on with the experiments and tried to save the children fro having extra pain.
He then showed extreme courage in attempting to save the twins and their sister and to get them away from the camp.
The story is of bravery In the midst of terrible horror in the camp.

Was this review helpful?

This is the third book of the Auschwitz series and the final book of the series

PS, it would be better if you read the second book of the series so you could be familiar with the background before reading this third book.

The story continues with Ernst bringing his new wife Gisele to the house where Ernst is working as a doctor at Auschwitz under Dr. Mengele known as the "Angel of Death". Gisele meanwhile is trying to find a way to talk to Dr. Mengele who she believed is her biological father. Eli helped Naomi to escape and while running, she meets a deserted soldier Friedrich with whom she developed a friendship. Shoshana and her sisters are at the Auschwitz camp and Shoshana and Ernst become friends.

The story is beautifully written and is emotional. To me the most interesting part was reading about Ernst's slow developing friendship with Shoshana and about Gisele how she used Ernst and at the same time have mixed feelings towards him. Overall, the medical experiments that were carried out on the twins, Dr. Mengele's cold hearted nature and indifference to death was too shocking and disturbing to read, and the fact that it happened in real life...too emotional to read.

Overall, this book will make you cry and emotional, and will keep you on the edge--worth five stars.

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Was this review helpful?

A wonderful follow up to the previous books in the series. Horrifying and compelling. Any books by Roberta Kagan always a good read. I know it’s fiction but those horrible things I would think happened in one way or another. The author brings out some of the awful atrocities that did happen. So looking forward to the next book in the series that I hope is in the works.

Was this review helpful?

The Auschwitz Twins series, book #3

A Dark and Gut-wrenching WW11 Tale

Closely following its predecessor where we were left flat wondering the outcome, of course, we all know by now it was definitely not good. Robert Kagan excelled in penning one top notch historical fiction to wrap up her trilogy. Although the novel can be read on its own merits I highly suggest reading the 2 previous books to enjoy the story at its maximum and to understand where the characters came from.

What to expect:

Set within the grim walls of the dreaded Nazi killing floor “The Auschwitz Twins” gives us a bloodcurdling drama that unravels in the shadow of Mengele’s twisted obsession. The doctor is Ernst’s boss and nemesis (we came to know him in book #2) is tormented by what he sees and very much conflicted. He must stand his ground in order to save Shoshaha, Bluma and Perle.( book #1&2 introduced them to us).Being prisoners they only faced torture and death. Then shows up Dr. Marcel Petoit (book#2) a sadist and murderers who fooled a young woman, Gisele, to help him round up Jewish family in the pretext to help them escape but killed them instead, Gisele was scared and had to disappear. She found her way into Ernst’s heart and married him. Book #3 tells us what happened next till Petoit found her....Then we continue with the story of Herschel and Naomie (reading book #1&2 gives us previous details).

My thoughts:

The story of all the players unravel in alternate chapter and at time cross paths. We follow several characters throughout; the focus is on them rather than on the horrors of concentration camps. Although the story highlight the fascination of experimenting medical procedures on prisoners by sadistic doctors just because they could it does not do so with too many gruesome details...Of course WW11 stories are sad this one is no exception.

This novel read well, it is smooth sailing from the opening pages till you reach the conclusion. Even in the darkness of times, love can be explored and enemy can be a friend...The novel is engaging, the plot is fast-paced and the characters are charismatic.

Well-done, well-said

Was this review helpful?

I love reading books on this subject and this book did not disappoint. Having visited Auschwitz for the first time, it put things into perspective for me....

Was this review helpful?

This is one outstanding book I was so excited to read each and every page of this book.It is so hard to believe all the heartbreak that young people endured in a life time.

Was this review helpful?

This book was wonderful, but so hard to read. The torture that children received at the hands of Mengele is truly repulsive and disturbing. The story is wonderful and heroine.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley and Roberta Kagan for allowing me to review this book.
This is book three of three in a series and while I am just tuning in at the end it did not take away from my enjoyment of this book.
Mengele and his infamous experiments are a well known horror of the Holocaust. This series gives faces and names to the victims and participants of those experiments.
This story packs a lot of punches. I definitely need to go and read it’s two predecessors to get more of this story. I really appreciate that this author doesn’t shy away from the hard and the sad and the tough parts of this time period, showing the brutality but also keeping the humanity, a delicate balance that is perfectly maintained.

Was this review helpful?

The Auschwitz Twins by Roberta Kagan

This is Roberta Kagans Third and final book in her latest serious “Auschwitz Twins”.

Book three starts in 1942 in Poland right where the second book ended with Naomi and Herschel in the overcrowded cattle train going to an unknown destination meanwhile their twins, Perle and Blume, and Shoshana, their oldest daughter, have been taken to Auschwitz to the private experiment rooms of Dr Josef Mengele where they meet kind Dr Ernst Neider. The book ends in 1979 Tel Aviv Israel.

I enjoyed this book very much. I liked how the characters we have come to know from books 1 and 2 come together. Roberta wrote about some very sensitive subjects in this book with great compassion and empathy.

I especially loved the ending; I do not want to give anything away to future readers but the ending gave me a feeling of satisfaction and the feeling that vengeance has been done.

I would like to thank Net Galley and The Book Whisperer for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Was this review helpful?

I requested this book from NetGalley not realizing that it was the third in a series. However, I do not feel like I missed anything by not reading the first two books.

There were a lot of things I liked about this book. You can tell the author really did her research in regards to Dr. Mengele and the experiments he did at Auschwitz, especially in regards to twins. The chapters were also short, which made the story seem to move quickly.

But, there was a lot more that I didn't like about this book. I did not like that there were a lot of phrases basically repeated throughout the book. At one point, I was thinking I just read the same paragraph a few chapters ago. I also did not enjoy that it flipped back and forth between so many perspectives. I did not get to read as much about the twins as I wanted to, as we spent a lot of time on Ernst, Gisele, and their marriage and personal problems.

Also, I did not enjoy the development of a friendship between Ernst (a German doctor who works with Mengele), and Shoshana, a Jewish prisoner. It just screamed inappropriate and I didn't care how much remorse and how bad Ernst felt. He was literally a doctor in Auschwitz, so for me, this didn't make him redeemable at all.

I have read other books by this author that I enjoyed. This one just was not for me.

Thank you to the author, NetGalley, and the publisher for the advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

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