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Rich in Your Love is book #2 in the Tickled Pink Series 
I totally loved the first book and was excited to dig into the social media queen Tavi Lightly.  
I was surprised to find out that Dylan had such a bad boy backstory.  Dylan was a huge bully in the passed and has still been in love with the one girl he's loved all his life - even though shes..married

This is a very adorable story of opposites attract .  

Tavi is trying to find ways to get more tourism into Tickled Pink by showing Dylan off on her social media platforms to help him move on from his past and date other women.  Through these times shared they start falling for each other...
Will the secretly sweet caring Tavi find her HEA with the previous bully turned town hero?
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Five stars just isn't enough for this second installment in the Tickled Pink series!!

Tavi is forced to Tickled Pink like the rest of her family in order to keep her trust fund. Having to leave her farm behind to spend quality time with the family she can't stand isn't on her agenda but neither is falling for local plumber, Dylan. Dylan has his own share of secrets and taking on a bunch of Tavi's isn't on his agenda either.

I loved watching these two fall in love!! No pretense here, no angst either, just lots of Tickled Pink fun, steam and romance. I hope there are more Tickled Pink books in our future
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Tavi was such a surprise and Dylan has way more going on than the hometown good guy. These two were seriously perfect for each other even though I wasn’t exactly sold on their pairing in the beginning. They are exactly what the other needed and I loved how they let the other just be themselves no matter what.
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“Dylan Wright is not the kind of man you scowl at. He’s the kind of man you toss your panties at.”

Tavi Lightly, rich socialite/influencer who has lots of secrets. She comes from a well known family but the image she shows the public is definitely not the real her. Now that she’s stuck in the middle of nowhere she’s trying her best to keep up with both her lives. She doesn’t need another complication aka Dylan Wright.

Dylan Wright, “local reformed bad boy” who is her ticket out of Tickled Pink. Her goal is to make him social media famous which will make Tickled Pink famous. This will make her Grandma realize she’s doing good in the world and she can finally focus on what’s really important to her, her Cacao farm in Costa Rica. 

What she didn’t plan for is to slowly fall for Dylan. She plans to get out there as soon as she can so she has no business falling and attaching herself to a local that has no plans in living his hometown. But the heart wants who it wants……

In true Pippa fashion, we get a laugh out loud, swoony love story with lots of steam and relatable characters that touches your heart. 

Tavi and Dylan seem like such different people but in reality they’re pretty similar. They both just want people to see them and love them the way they are. 

This is the 2nd book in the Tickled Pink Series and Im just completely in love with this quirky town and townspeople.
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Pippa Grant keeps bringing the laughs, love and steam to us time and time again.  This time there's chocolate too!! She takes us back to Tickled Pink, Wisconsin, where the family is under the matriarchal direction to "Live a better life".  The secrets of Tavi and Dylan bring them together and their journey is LOL funny and sweet.
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This is a good book. The two main characters are Tavi and Dylan. They meet in a town called Tickle Pink. Ravi’s grandmother has called all her family to town to find out what they need to be a good citizen. Tavi makes secret chocolate truffles in Costa Rica, she doesn’t want her family to know. Dylan is a plumber. He is trying to be a better person. There is an instant attraction. Together they work on their issues and fall in love.
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Tavi Lightly is known as a vegan, sugar-free fitness and fashion guru but she's hiding her true self. In reality, Tavi has a farm in Costa Rica that she's been secretly working on for three years. She's got a secret chocolate business and no one knows the real her. Tavi is at once famous and completely unknown. Her famous brand is something she fell into after realizing college wasn't for her and she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life. 

Now, Tavi wants to be a success on her on terms, doing the work that she loves. 

Unfortunately her grandmother suddenly interferes in her life and threatens Tavi's trust fund if she doesn't go and live with her family in Tickled Pink, Wisconsin for a  year where they will all attempt to "save their souls'. 

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, "The One Who Loves You" and I always enjoy a Pippa Grant rom com. I found this book difficult to engage with. Perhaps because it is book two in the series and very much functions as such. You need to have read and remembered the first book because this one doesn't really give you much of a cheat sheet to pick up on the action. I found the pacing to be off and it doesn't really propel you into the story. The story muddles around for a while trying to explain who Tavi is exactly after she's been lying to everyone around her. 

Ultimately, this book wasn't for me and I won't be continuing with the series. This is definitely an outlier in my experience with Pippa Grant's books.
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I loved being back in Tickled Pink. I was worried about finding my footing after so much time away, but “Rich in Your Love” does a great job of setting the stage, making it perfect as a standalone. Tavi and Dylan were such fun, dynamic characters. It was a joy to be along for their love story. I laughed and swooned in equal measure.
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Oops I thought I added the review after reading! I loved learning more about Octavia and Dylan. Pippa always brings her stories alive with humor and wonderful banter. We were given the opportunity to see the journey of the couple. While also learning more about her family along the way. I love this series.
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I typically love Pippa Grant, but was eh about the first book in the series. For me, this one redeemed it. I loved the small town setting, I loved the characters, I loved the humor. Just an all around good, fun read.
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I liked Tavi's story a lot. She's basically living a double life and working to find a way to just be her true self. I also adore the town of Tickled Pink (and it's next door town of Deer Drop). Tavi is easy to like, when she isn't being her fake influencer self.

Dylan is an easy to like plumber. He had a not so great past, but learned and grew from that experience and he is a great one to help Tavi be her true self. 

As with the first book in the series there are shenanigans, and they are great.
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This is the second book in the Tickled Pink series.  The basis of the series is that Gigi, a rich grandmother, had a near death experience and now wants redemption for her whole family.  She up and moves them from NYC to the middle of nowhere so they can become better people.
Octavia, aka Tavi, is a social influencer.  Her grandmother moves her to Wisconsin to try and help her become a better person.  The problem is that Tavi is already a good person but no one cares enough to look.
Dylan, the local plumber, is one of the best people in town but he used to be the town's bad guy when he was in high school.  When Tavi convinces Dylan to get on TikTok to help the town, the two become close.  Dylan's heart is set on someone else though and Tavi is not convinced she is good enough for him anyway.
Dylan!  He is the perfect man.  He has redeemed himself from being the town pain as a high schooler and has turned into the man who considers everyone and their feelings.  I would "totes" swoon if I got to meet him in real life. 
Tavi is great too.  Apart from hiding the real her for most of her adult life, she has a good heart and deserves the best.
This book?  Probably one of the sweetest books I've read in a while.  While I loved the first book in the series, this book is better.  I simply cannot wait for more in this series.  This is a great series for those who love to read about redemption of the main characters faults.
Many thanks to Net Galley and Montlake for providing me with an ARC of this book.
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3.5 star
This missed the rom-com mark for me. It had elements that were enjoyable though. There were references that made me miss home. Then there were others, like snowshoe baseball that living over 30+ years in the Midwest, I had no clue existed. All in all, a quick and easy read.
Octavia “Tavi” is a social media influencer totting her “sugar-free” lifestyle. Her grandmother froze her trust fund which she needs access to in order to restore a cocoa farm. If only it were truly as easy as helping the reformed hot “bad boy”. Dylan has regrets and secrets of his own.
Tavi and Dylan prove that while we all screw up from time to time, life always holds new chances and opportunities. Sometimes the most important thing is to forgive yourself first.
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Truly Pippa Grant books are an original. No one writes like her, Her humor her romance its all adorable.. Thank you to Montlake for the advanced copy
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I adore this series.  This is book two in the Tickled Pink series.  Even though you could probably read it as a standalone, it is much more enjoyable if you read the books in order.  I was so excited to get Tavi's story because I knew it would not disappoint.  The build up from the first book helped to set the stage for this one and I jumped in enthusiastically,

Tavi and Dylan have a rough start when she misreads his signals and tries to initiate a tryst that he promptly shuts down.  Feeling humiliated by his rejection, it takes Tavi a while to come around and be able to associate with him again without feeling extreme embarrassment.  As the two are able to get to know one another, they both learn there's more to the other one that they knew and it draws them closer together.  Tavi agrees to help Dylan establish a social media presence which she believes will help Tickled Pink maintain its status once she and her family leave and Dylan helps Tavi with her undercover chocolate project.

Tavi and Dylan's romance is a slow build and it's all the sweeter for it.  

Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC.  I voluntarily chose to read and review it and the opinions contained within are my own.
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I enjoyed this book. I felt sorry for all of Tavi's embarrassing moments but she did make me laugh at the craziness of her life. Dylan went down a life path to get over his stubbornness. I loved reading about these two and the journey they both went through in the story.
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Once again I managed to request a book here on NetGalley, thinking it is a lonely book (meaning NOT part of a series) - but, alas, no such luck - this is book 2 in the Tickled Pink series. This is just SO ANNOYING - Come on, NetGalley - Get it together. 

I don't believe that I am able to give the review this book deserves, because I am just so irritated that I am missing information from the story... information that might have been available in book 1... 

So... I'm sorry...
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Oooh, I loved this one even more than the first one. Dylan and Tavi's story is definitely a unique one and it's so entertaining that I couldn't put it down. Everything about their story is so addicting. I had so much fun reading it, their banter, the storyline, and the characters are all great and very much well-written. I'm obsessed!
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Rich In Your Love is wonderfully funny and lighthearted rom-com with a touch of family drama and dose of spice. I loved being back in the world of Tickled Pink, with its hilarious cast of small town characters you can’t help but love.
The real stars, of course, are Tavi and Dylan. I loved seeing their story unfold, and watching these two fall in love. There’s so much more than meets they eye to both of these characters, and I love that they really have an unflinching acceptance of the other, no matter what. An absolute joy to read
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A highly entertaining, heartwarming and laugh out loud fun adventure filled with witty and engaging charters, heart racing twists and exciting emotional turns. An edge of your seat emotionally thrilling roller coaster journey from beginning to end.
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