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The Ripple of Awakening

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This book actually contains two stories, the first story is the very interesting and fascinating journey of spiritual awakening taken by the author herself. This is written very honestly and refreshingly and she does not hesitate to let the surprise and at times pain show through.
The second story is a companion or guide on how to begin one’s own path towards spiritual awakening. Her sound advice is given for various situations, also some affirmations or  ‘prayers’ are presented.  Overall, I found both stories interesting and very authentic. The tone is gentle, very relatable and never condescending.
 I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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Ann-Marie Marchant states that this book is based on her journey of connection and remembering the truth of who she really is, and her learning from a real-time Spiritual Awakening (SA), as she feels one can only teach from one’s own experience. She states her intention is for this book to be a companion for those of us who find ourselves tentatively or wholeheartedly on the path of awakening too, and that her words will always be authentic, real and, at times, raw, for she knows that our soul want the truth and nothing else will do. She suggests that her readers take what feel right for them and disregard the rest; and don’t feel obliged to do anything that is shared, but have an open and curious mind, and set an intention to listen to your own heart and build a relationship with the radical honesty that will flow from it.

Spiritual Awakening The First Step Here we are together on our first step – thank you for saying yes! I absolutely know it is no accident that you have been guided to this book, as I believe there is a part of you that has been asking for another way and wants to wake up from the dream of who you thought you were. That calling is an ancient song of your heart; I promise you your heart never lies, and I also promise you that if you listen deeply, you will receive an abundance of love notes directly from your heart as this process unfolds. They will be delivered in many ways and at different times from many sources and I would, therefore, recommend that you take time to write them down, thus building a journal of insights to inspire and support you along the way.

The author states that taking responsibility for our physical, mental and emotional well-being walks hand in hand with our spiritual awakening. That through meditation and prayer, we can build on our Spiritual Awakening and still find ways to maintain alignment and open our hearts.

She suggests that readers should take some time out where we'll be undisturbed, have a pen and paper handy – light a candle if you so choose and have an intention to open up a Space of Grace; take a few deep breaths, and little by little drop down into our heart and settle into that spaciousness. She provides the below prayer to aid in this meditation process. She suggests altering anything that does not feel true for you. 

Dear God, 
I am willing to see, with compassion and kindness, the ways in which I have been ego-led into believing  I know it all. 
I understand that I did not perceive my own best interests and I, inadvertently, chose to be the higher power
 for someone else. 
I no longer wish to be in control in this way and my heart’s desire is to see the way you would have me be and how I can best serve others through your Grace. 
I am coming to understand that I do not need to fix anyone 
or indeed preach to them. 
I will trust you to guide each person home. 
If you wish for me to be a part of someone’s awakening,
 you will guide me in ways I can be truly helpful, 
which are in alignment to the laws of the Universe. 
I look forward to opening up to your Love more, 
and will see this opportunity as a powerful pathway of growth and part of my awakening journey. 
And so it is. 
Thank you…………………………………………… (insert your name) 

The author states that the start of a Spiritual Awakening can happen to anyone, any age, colour, race, religion or gender – if you have a heartbeat you’re a prime candidate! However, not all people will take the path in this lifetime, as crossing the river of change is too hard to comprehend and the familiar feels much safer. Rest assured, you will come to know the truth once you leave your physical body behind, but my question is, why wait until you take your last breath?

The author discusses Spiritual Awakening at great lengths providing a lot of beneficial information that is helpful to anyone pondering taking up their Spiritual Awakening journey. Highly recommend.
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This is an interesting mix of wisdom from the author and other sources, and is a nice mix of helpful info. Certainly, it won't resonate with everyone, but I suspect it will help many that pick it up.

Thanks very much for the free ARC for review!!
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me review this book. This book had some  good pointers and tips for growing with God. I liked reading the various quotes dispersed through the book.
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The timing of this book is much-needed in our world right now. It can be challenging to see that your life is on the right track when there is so much destruction out in the world. “The Ripple of Awakening” shows how each of us can do the inner work to then effect the outer circumstances of the world. My highlighter ran dry after marking up this book with all the insights and practices I want to apply from reading this book. I can see getting a copy for yourself and a friend and going through it together.
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This is an intensely personal account of spiritual awakening by a facilitator of spiritual workshops and meditation groups. It combines her wisdom with wisdom from A course in Miracles, Abraham, Dr. Joe Disperza and many others distilled into a guidr to help you find the freedom you are. Discusses what is a spiritual awakening (SA) is, how to deal with obstacles to spiritual growth,building trust and forgiveness.  Interviews with those who have experienced a  SA. Resources.
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