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Step into My Power

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I think this book does a good job of breaking the ideas into segments, so readers can digest a lot at once or in smaller doses. The bright, bold colors look great. The text feels very accessible and empowering. It is a book I would have welcomed when I was a young teen girl. Will definitely recommend to teens.
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A colourful and exciting read for younger readers. The illustrations within this book were beautiful and the bright colours make it very accessible and exciting for children to read. This was a very insightful read for younger readers regarding how to become a more powerful and independent individual. It tackled topics such as confidence and doubts and gave tools and activities for them to try to see if they will help them with these issues. Definitely a must-read for children 10+
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This book shares a variety of strategies for resiliency and developing skills to support mental well-being. Topics covered include: setting boundaries, asking for support, and standing up for what you believe in. Over approximately 150 pages, this colourful and aesthetically pleasing book shares some really great information for tweens and teens about building skills to become strong and independent young adults. With real life situations as examples such as: unfair chores, needing help at school or navigating difficult relationships, it will be easy for young readers to connect with the stories and find strategies that might actually work for them. I would highly recommend this book to parents and teachers of adolescents in the children in the age 11-17 range. I don't think there is any content (that I noticed anyway) that is inappropriate for younger readers or that parents should be concerned about, but it does seem to be aimed at middle and high school age readers. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
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OMG! Just get this book when it comes out and gift it to every youngster you know!

This is such a fun, empowering read with amazing quotes, anecdotes and powerful illustrations.

I wonder how the team does it everytime but it's so worth it. My expectations do get higher everytime I read such amazing books!

And rarely do I get disappointed. 

Thank you, Quarto Publishing Group - Wide Eyed Editions, for the advance reading copy.
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