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Kingdom of Acatalec

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This was such a wonderful read and I devoured it instantly! The world building was excellent and I love almost all of the characters xD

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Tyler Beryl works as a public transportation drone monitor and delights in opportunities to take manual control of the drones. Flying drones gives her a sense of freedom not often experienced since an accident left her confined to a wheel chair. She and her best friend often race drones and are looking forward to the race which could leave her with enough money to get ambulatory. When an illegal drone race begins with her friend being kidnapped and puts Tyler in a precarious position at work, she will push her limits to survive. If only she had known about the aliens with magical powers before she entered the race.

This book was almost a did not finish for me. The first third of the novel is heavy world building with a repeated use of the word drone that make me want to quit. Once the plot began however, this book flew straight to the finish line. This is an aliens among us type story with parallel universes and magical powers. I very much enjoyed the second half of the novel and look forward to what happens next.

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This is what the world has been waiting for! Why didn't a streaming service come up with a physically challenged anti-heroine? Seems like this has been a long time coming. The fact that our heroine is also follically-challenged (challenged only by how her hair won’t behave) will make her much more relatable to many readers.

The world-building is strong. The character development is done at a terrific pace. The romance in this book is a pretty slow burn. The burn is almost what you get from very cold ice. The action scenes are also reminiscent of an old classic scifi movie. At times, the reader is challenged to figure out if the events are real or simulated.

There is no lack of people who are evil, dark or simply mean. It would do the balance of yin/yang good that by the end of the series there could be systemic intensive payback/justice to this entire crew of 'people'. Good, it appears, is being the best in your biz and being always late for work. Personally, I always found the BEST was to be the best in your biz and always on time or early.

Fans who hunger for a certain kind of games will really love this book and probably the entire series. Some of the drone action is truly fast and sometimes furious. If that is your ball of fun, then this book should be for you. A great start to what should be a very popular series.

Disclaimer: I received a copy from the author in the hopes I'd review it. My thoughts are all my own.

My Rating: 5 stars

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I'm not sure about this book. The world building was confusing, i'm still not sure what all I read. Is she in love with the Prince? Is her Boss really evil or just misunderstood? What is Shand's roll in all this? Who is this mysterious person who wanted her dead? I'm not quite sure and the story was confusing as hell. Since this is the first book in the series, i'm sure there will be more reveals. Hopefully the story will become clearer.

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Great story and characterization. I found the book quite interesting. Kudos to the author and please keep up the good work.

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