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Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy in exchange for a review.

Beautiful cover, really pretty and drawn including real life examples of ideas.
Easy to read and understand, well written and explained. Uplifting and great book. I will be recommending this to others.

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Refresh you Hope
By: Lori Hatcher
Pages: 272
Release Date: January 3rd, 2023

✨this is not like other arcs I have received from NetGalley this is a devotional so I will be reviewing it differently✨

Thank you @netgalley and @ourdailybreadpublishing!

This is a great 60 day devotional! There is three parts to this devotional, Gods Nature, Gods Works, and Gods Word! They each are 20 days long and they each dig into a different part of Gods goodness! At the end they also have resources if you are new to faith and want to know more!
You have every reason to hope.
How can you hold on to hope in an uncertain world? Especially when experiencing disappointments, setbacks, and discouragement? In Refresh Your Hope, Lori Hatcher invites you to renew your confidence and courage by calling attention to the remarkably good news—you have a hope greater than you could ever imagine.
An unshakable hope.
In this uplifting, Scripture-driven 60-day devotional, Lori returns to our rock-solid foundation—God’s amazing promises and His faithful character. Each warm, story-based reading will help you grow closer to God as you reflect on His assurances, His generous nature, and His unwavering commitments. Strengthen your prayer life with thought-provoking prompts. Replace anxiety with joy, peace, and trust while encountering Bible truths about the ultimate Source of hope.
Wherever you are today and whatever your situation tomorrow, know on a whole new level that God is with you,

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I really love this devotional. Hatcher dedicated it to God, which is usually a good sign for me. But the stories were uplifting and they remind us never to give up hope because we can't count God out. We don't know His plan or why He's planned these things, so we have to trust Him. Great book.

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We all need hope. Like a train going through a long dark tunnel, we all want to see light sooner rather than later. Journeying through dark times can be scary and suffocating. Hope carries the confidence that the journey will not end in the dark but pull one through toward the light. Yet, in a world of ups and downs, hope is not always present. That is why we need to have hope refreshed and this book shows us 60 devotions to help keep up our hope and trust in God. These devotions are classified under three parts:

1) God's Nature (20 devotions)
2) God's Work (20 devotions)
3) God's Word (20 devotions)

Each devotion begins with a passage for meditation on the theme of Hope. This is followed by a story, illustration, or observation about the verse. We learn about the many dimensions of Hope, especially biblical hope. This includes knowing that God never forgets us. God is ever-present and faithful. God's Presence is Peace. God who has created the world knows best about what the world truly needs. Author Lori Hatcher probes the theme of Hope through reflections on the world we live in, the work of God in this world, and the Word of God. Each chapter concludes with encouragement and prayer. As a devotion, the chapters of this book take us back to the Word of God, showing us the Source of all Hope. There are many different aspects of life that readers can relate to. In "He Remembers Our Sin No More," Hatcher relates her experience as a dental hygiene student, how in the midst of great discouragement, she was able to shirk off criticisms and press on. In "Every Gift Matters," we learn not to let our hopes diminish in the light of others' gifts. Instead, we let God shine a light on the gifts we already have. In "God Will Sustain Us in our Old Age," we see how the same God who showered grace on others can also do the same for us. These and many more forms the bedrock of devotions to direct us to the Giver of Hope.

Readers wanting to inculcate a greater sense of Hope can use this book to guide their thoughts and hearts to trust the providence and faithfulness of God. It is not so much about us trying to believe but more about encountering God in our everyday lives. The short chapters are highly suitable for those of us with busy lifestyles who have very little time to read. Hopefully, consistent and disciplined reading will not only give us the discipline to develop a regular reading habit, but it can also build up in our hearts a greater knowledge and deeper love for God.

Lori Hatcher is an author, blogger, pastor's wife, and women's ministry speaker. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications including Our Daily Bread, Guideposts, Revive Our Hearts, and A contest-winning Toastmasters International speaker, Lori uses high-impact stories to impart transformational truth. Find out more about Lori and her well-loved 5-minute devotions at

Rating: 4 stars of 5.

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Thanks to Our Daily Bread Publishing & NetGalley for a digital advance reader copy. All comments and opinions are my own.

I really liked this book! Some days after reading a chapter, I found myself wanting to hug the author. She expressed the same feelings I have felt and, using Bible verses and personal examples, provided inspiration and support. I found so much comfort, hope, and encouragement in these pages.

The format is easy to read and relate to. Each chapter is brief and takes only a few minutes to dig into. Of course, you may want to spend more time in contemplation after reading. Each of the daily devotions has a personal example from the author’s life or describes someone she knows or has read about. She includes bible verses that confirm the truths of that day’s reading, then adds a brief “Take Heart” summary with a comforting explanation, reminding us of God’s power. Each chapter then concludes with “From the Heart” which is a short prayer specific to that day’s emphasis as well as thanking God, asking for strength, comfort, grace, etc. The prayer always returns to the reality of God caring about me and my life.

In the introduction author Lori Hatcher says, “Every day we have a choice of where to look for hope. These 60 biblical reasons are God’s version of hope and will fill you with joy and peace.” I can attest that the book does provide joy and peace. She says she wrote this book so that on its pages “you’ll find unshakable reasons not to lose heart, no matter what storms come your way.” I found myself looking forward to reading each day’s chapter and did indeed feel the hope and encouragement promised.

This would make a wonderful gift for both believers and seekers.

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Sweet stories written from the heart of good storyteller, these Lori Hatcher devotions celebrate life through the lens of faith. I especially enjoyed the personal stories and memories from the author’s own life. “Refresh Your Hope” by Lori Hatcher is a sweet devotional book with warmhearted stories.

I liked the stories about her granddaughter and the “nightmare fix-it-kit”. The devotional story brought up memories of my own childhood and the comforts of grandma. The story of a family battling a job loss is another example of the connection between author and reader. She understands what readers struggle with, and writes devotional responses from the heart.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy from Netgalley.

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Refreshing Your Hope is a devotional that will bring you hope as your start each day (or that’s how I used it). I really liked the simplicity of this devotional; each chapter starts off with a current story and then the author ties it into a scripture from the bible followed by a prayer to end the chapter. This little devotional would make a great gift for yourself or someone you love who is going through life’s challenges. I know I will reread this over and over again!

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Each devotional starts off with a story about the author or someone they know. From there it moves to verses and biblical application and encouragement. It's not bad but also not my favorite devotional either.

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Ms. Hatcher uses her own life experience to bring her readers hope in a dark world. She is a wife of a minister and she tells of times in their lives when they clung to hope and the promises of God to get them through. Would recommend highly.

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In her book, Refresh Your Hope: 60 Devotions for Trusting God with All Your Heart, Lori Hatcher demonstrates once again why her Refresh series is so loved. The stories that fill each day’s readings are relatable—to all ages, genders, and walks of life. Her story-telling skills are unmatched, seamlessly flowing into a thought you can ponder throughout the day. I especially appreciate her prayers to our Father, the God who sits with us as we begin our days under His watchful care.

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I enjoyed reading a galley copy of this devotional. I suppose there are authors whose writing persona is different from their actual personality, but Lori is the genuine article, and her authenticity shines throughout this devotional. The book is testament to the fact that she has the life experience and the writing chops to create something fresh and practical for every reader. The organization is simplicity itself, with a format that is repeated every day, but with content that provides each day with richness and variety. Lori is careful to include relatable stories that draw the reader in, supplementing them with Scripture and sage advice gleaned from a lifetime of living for God. I am grateful for her willingness to see this project to fruition and I can recommend her devotional enthusiastically!

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Pub date: 3 Jan 2023

This is broken out into 3 Parts:
God's Nature (Who God Is)
God's Work (What God Does)
God's Word (What God Says)
with 20 Devotionals per Part.

I liked how this book is laid out. Each chapter begins with a story of more current times, tied in with an applicable story from the Bible; and then followed by a prayer at the end of each chapter/ devotional. There is probably a story & accompanying prayer/ devotional that anyone could find to apply to their current situation, hardship or life event. I'll be keeping this book close by for times I need a little extra guidance.

Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for the ARC to read and review.

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Refresh Your Hope: 60 Devotions for Trusting God with All Your Heart by Lori Hatcher is an inspirational book of devotions. It is well-written, uplifting, and very easy to read, with real-life examples that brought the "hope" more to life. I love the line, "we hope tomorrow will be a better day."

A very good book to get in the right frame of mind and start your day. I will read this book over and over again to ground and center myself.

I would recommend this book and give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Wonderful reflections based on real-life stories which are related to scripture to inspire hope in your life. I benefited from reading this book and I know I will will be keeping it close to my heart as I go through difficult times.

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This is probably a good book, but the formating made it difficult to follow. I will have to pass on reading it any further. Thank you for the opportunity.

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Beautiful cover and wonderful real life examples. Easy to read and understand, well written and explained. Uplifting and great book. I will be gifting this to others. Wonderful. Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy.

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