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Finding Happiness at Penvennan Cove

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Finding Happiness at Penvennan Cove is the third book and final book in the trilogy. Kerra’s return to the cove and her integration back into the community hasn’t been without its ups and downs but Kerra and Ross are together at last and seemingly very happy in Kerra’s beautifully restored cottage. The only cloud on the horizon is her dad’s refusal to accept them as a couple. There’s a long running feud between the two families, and father and daughter can’t seem to find a way to move forward.

'Waking up each morning next to the man who first stole my heart more than a decade ago is still a novelty. But it’s also a reminder to count my blessings. No matter what problems the new day ahead might bring, each night when we fall asleep in each other’s arms the irritating worries simply fade away. As for the bigger issues — well, it’s a case of acknowledging there are some things that are outside of my control, no matter how difficult that is to accept.'

Meanwhile Ross is facing a dilemma after being forced out of his business by his father’s machinations. There also are other factors affecting the village keeping Kerra from focusing on her own life. 

Businesses are in trouble and, although the villagers don’t want to see them disappear, some of them don’t like the fact that Kerra brings in people from outside the community to try and boost the failing services. Just goes to show, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Kerra does her best though, while trying to keep the integrity of the village. 

Like any small community there’s a diverse cast of residents. I’ve especially enjoyed Kerra’s interaction with Mrs Moyle and her husband, Arthur, who both have to deal with very unwelcome and shocking news. Kerra’s circle of friends are delightful. Her fears and upset about the circumstances of her beloved grandfather’s death are laid to rest at last.

I enjoyed the conclusion of the characters’ story arcs as loose ends are tied up in a satisfyingly realistic manner. The location is gorgeous, I’m not sure whether it’s fictional, or based on a real place but if it’s real I’d like to visit.
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This book is the third and final part of the series, although it can also be read as a standalone novel. The storyline is nicely tied up and has a good ending.
This is a lovely heartwarming read set in an idyllic location. I  really enjoyed reading this series.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
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I loved this sweet story and will it unfolded. The characters were all so lovely and I found the book very relaxing. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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Lovely heartwarming tale of love. Set in Cornwall it was easy to get lost in the idyllic setting. All in all I would reccomend this book.
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Escape to Cornwall with this beautiful page-turning novel set in Penvennan Cove – third book in the Cornish romance series…. This book is a beautifully written and emotional romance.
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Having previously read the prequel to this book, I have thoroughly enjoyed returning to Penvennan Cove and discovering how Kerra’s life has moved on and how her relationship with Ross is becoming more serious. Beautifully written, absolutely brilliant.
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It was nice to catch up with the characters from the previous books.  
Beautifully written 
Lovely read that made me happy.
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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A great third book of the series set in Cornwall. Likeable characters who pull together when times are hard. A great sense of community spirit in this book. Told from Kerra's point of view, it is time for her to put herself first for once. Despite what life throws at us, we are stronger than we think.
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The final instalment in the series does not disappoint. All the familiar characters are there and you really get a sense of the community and of their lives all continuing alongside each other. Kerra is central to so many of the initiatives. She has a knack of empowering other people. She seems to be able to see opportunities and to put people in a position where they can succeed. She does seem to have sorted out her priorities and knows the value of human relations as opposed to material possessions. 

    As this is the final part of the series, you can sense that lots of loose ends are being tied up. The storylines are managed skilfully and keep you guessing. Ross proves to be a sensitive and vulnerable lead character and a good foil to Kerra’s personality. Friendship and family are important aspects and give the story warmth and depth. I will miss the visits to Penvennan Cove. Perhaps one day…

In short: a stunning setting and well drawn characters come together to add up to a gorgeous story.
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This book is a continuing of the Penvennan  Cove series. Can be read as a stand-alone book but I would read the others first.
I did love being back at Penvennan Cove reading about the lives of the residents of this small village. Kerra's live is very up & down & her return to the Cove, has changed her life beyond recognition. She is now living with Ross & she has to pinch herself to ensure it's real.
Kerra is helping business's that are struggling in the area, wanting to give back to her home, to help others. Obstacles are thrown at her but she can do this!
Love these books & I hope for more.
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The life that Kerra Shaw has dreamed of since she returned home to Penvennan Cove should be coming together nicely, now that the love of her life Ross has moved into Pedrevan Cottage with her. She hopes that this will be the place where they make a future together, but trouble is brewing in the village that is beginning to affect their relationship and make the gulf that has grown between her, and her father wider than ever.

Everyone is unsettled by the changes afoot in Penvennan Cove, as struggling businesses try to adapt and stay afloat in difficult times, and the fact that Kerra's ideas have brought in outsiders to add new life and investment to the tiny community has not gone down well with everyone. But Kerra knows this is the only way for her beloved village to survive. Hopefully her determination can smooth over the cracks that are appearing in this beautiful little corner of Cornwall, but can she also find the happy ending she craves in her personal life too?

Finding Happiness at Penvennan Cove is the final book in this heart-warming trilogy about life in a tiny little coastal village in Cornwall. I am always up for a cosy story about life in a community such as this, so was really looking forward to getting stuck into the trials and tribulations of all the characters - despite the fact that I have not read the first two books in the series. 

It did take me a while to get my head around who was who, and to navigate the extensive backstory Halton has crafted between them, as there are references galore to earlier events throughout this story - and a lot has clearly happened since Kerra made the decision to sell her successful London business and return to Cornwall. However, I soon started to warm to them and the parts they played in both the wider community, and in Kerra's life. There are so many interesting characters of all ages among both the longstanding and newer residents in the village, and their individual personalities carry the story along nicely as you get to know their quirks, and the intimate details of the dynamics of their friendships, family and relationship troubles, as well as the simmering rivalries between them. 

There is a lot to delve into here, as to be expected in any small community that is suspicious of how outsiders might influence their way of life, and I really liked how Halton explores many of the issues that affect small villages like this through the dilemmas that face her characters - especially around how to keep the charm and essence of Penvennan while moving with the times. But for me, the real beauty of this story is simply the way Halton examines the complexities of her characters, and ties you up in the emotional side of their lives. There are no bangs and whistles, just ordinary people living, loving, and finding ways to come together, and yet their personal journeys are more than enough to keep you absorbed. Halton's Penvennan Cove seems so real that you can almost taste Mrs Moyle's saffron buns, and feel the sea breeze in your face as you stroll along the beach before stopping for a pint at the Lark and Lantern to get the gossip from Zacky. Who would not want to live among them?

I thoroughly enjoyed this homey, quiet story with its gentle romance, evocative location, and charming celebration of second chances. It carried me away to such a lovely Cornish community for some uplifting escapism, and made for perfect snuggle on the sofa reading.
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Finding Happiness at Penvennan Cove is the third book in the series by Linn B. Halton (who also writes as Lucy Coleman). This series of books should be read in order, beginning with Coming Home to Penvennan Cove, then Making Waves at Penvennan Cove. The series follows Kerra Shaw who has returned to her Cornish hometown after she sells her London, and becomes a valuable member of the community, bringing together the residents, and the new people who fall for the beauty of Penvennan Cove and want to make their homes in the midst of this wonderful community.

In this book, we find that Kerra’s boyfriend Ross has moved in with Kerra into the home she has made after inheriting it from her grandmother. Ross is struggling to feel settled in what has become Kerra’s domain. As the story progresses there are significant highs and lows that affect the locals, and Kerra is in her element helping the community with her skill for problem solving. However, because she focuses so much on what others need, she does not give her own needs any priority. It’s heartbreaking to see her and her Dad at complete odds, and unable to get through to one another. Family estrangements are always difficult, but living in such a small place and living across the road from one another makes it even harder for them. What will it take for them to resolve their differences?

The other characters, in addition to Kerra, Ross and Kerra’s Dad have also really become such vibrant and familiar characters through the series that I feel connected to them all. I also have a soft spot for a certain miniature schnauzer who sounds much less woofy than my two! Linn writes her characters in such a clear and personable way that it’s clear these characters are important to her too.

This was the perfect conclusion to a wonderful series, with an ending that left me feeling satisfied with the way in which all of the characters had reached a satisfying conclusion to their storylines, albeit with a rollercoaster of emotions before it. The fictional location of Penvennan Cove, and the characters who live there will stay with me. This captivating story will bring you feel-good vibes by the bucketload!
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Third book of this series and I loved the continued stories of all the characters. This book reads like a real community and it could easily be a tv series where you can’t wait to see where or what each character does next.  I’ve become invested in the lives of each and every person and their stories to happiness. Just what a good book should be ……I feel like I am walking the streets and want to be the newest resident at Penvennan Cove. 

I received a free Advanced copy from NetGalley, all opinions are my own. I would recommend this book to friends and family and my book clubs.
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Another great book set in Cornwall, following on from Linn's last book. Well written and an entertaining read. Loved it!
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This is the third in the Penvennan series.
Ross has now moved in with Kerra and is settling in.
Kerra's father is still not speaking to her because of her relationship with Ross. Can they resolve their differences?
Kerra's next door neighbour Drew has his girlfriend Felicity move in and not a moment too soon as baby arrives.
It was lovely to return to Penvennan and catch up with everyone. How each of there lives are evolving. Exciting new opportunities and also some drama.
Thanks to Aria and Aries for the widget in return for an honest review. Also thanks to Netgalley.
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Book three in the Penvennan Cove series is the best yet. Knowing the characters and their stories made this book heartwarming and welcoming. Told from Kerra's viewpoint, the reader experiences her emotions, immersed in her life. Kerra is a quirky character who always puts others first. In this story, she learns that sometimes she has to think about her happiness too. This book has a good mix of individual and community conflicts that tug at the heartstrings.

I love the community, Kerra, and the setting.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
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I'd like to live at Penvennan Cove as there's always something going, the people is lovely, and the place is a dream
This is another heartwarming, compelling, and well plotted story. It made me smile and kept me hooked.
Many thanks to the publisher for this arc, all opinions are mine
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This is the 3rd book in the series and the focus is on Kerra. 
Kerra is now living with her boyfriend Ross but has fallen out with her dad and doesn't know how to make it right again. Believing things are finally going well for her she is looking to the future when Ross gets some bad news and leaves her needing to be alone to work out what he is going to do going forward
Will Kerra get her happy ever after ?
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

I loved reading the previous books in this series and was excited to go back to Penvennan Cove, and catch up with the lovely characters.

We meet up with Kerra, as she begins to settle in the cove, but as she’s thinking that everything is fine, and her boyfriend Ross is now living with her, but, her life may not be rosy as she thinks. 

It seems there is something troubling the community in the cove. Kerra tries to make things right and begins to come up with some  plans that will help her friends overcome their problems.

In this story Kerra not only has the problems to sort out for her friends, but, she also has things happening in her private life too. 

It was lovely to see how the author had the community feeling running through the story. A story of love, friendships and a feeling of being a part of a community. 

Beautifully written, makes you feel like you’re at the gorgeous Cornish shore. 

I recommend this book.
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A wonderful return to Penvennan Cove and a welcome update on all my favourite characters.  Full of warmth and realistic life choices it was an enjoyable instalment in the series, especially meeting the Cove’s youngest new resident!  I hope to hear much more of the story in the future.
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