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From Suffering to Healing

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An interesting book….. From Suffering to Healing explores..

Possible reasons for your unexpected suffering
Is there a greater purpose to your suffering, your life-changing experience
What really is Dark Night of the Soul and how it is different from general depression/suffering
Finding your gifts that come wrapped in darkness
A practical guide to do's and don'ts during your dark times
How to heal your self. Simple effective and practical healing techniques
If you’re ready to become the best version of your self and shed the parts that no longer serve you, look no further,
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The main focus of this book is to recognize that deep, intense suffering, which the author calls the ' dark night of the soul’, can be beneficial and may result in a true metamorphosis with a higher level of consciousness. The book begins with a clearly laid out purpose and content of the book and each chapter discusses the key concepts. I found it a bit repetitive and the solutions to ameliorate the deepest suffering were brief and generic.
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As a person who is suffering from long covid I am now very interested in books and guidance to help me.

I didn't find the scene setting useful but i can see why it was there. 
This  book would have great at the beginning of my journey whereas now I took it as self affirmation and reassurance that what I have come up  and works for me.

I was given an advance copy by netgalley and the publishers but the review is entirely my own
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I believe and understand my soul, so this book was a wonderful book for me.  When I started going through the transformation of evolving into who I was to become, I had no idea what was happening.  I think there are many people that this is happening to them, and finding this book, will help them understand what is happening. The things the book talks about, I experienced it. 
Reading the title before reading the book, I wasn't sure about that, but as I was reading the book, and thinking back to when I was starting to go through this part of my journey, I knew this was the perfect title.
I think the book will be wonderful for those who have started going through the transformation, but it was helpful to me, as I realized that this happens to a lot of people, and I understand what was happening. I continue on my journey, and life just gets better since I started down this path. 
I received an ARC from BooksGoSocial through NetGalley. I think there are many that will understand this book, It isn't a textbook, it flows along like reading a story, that will give you insight on your soul.
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