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Only reason why is because it was written for her daughter who I assume must be highly intelligent as this was not meant for a kid that age given how it was written and it is so lengthy and unwieldy oh my god.. why??

The illustrations - had Indian names but were mostly drawn white?? Save for one latina-ish looking fellow. The irregularity in terms of the two images being on the same oage - one that is 2/3 of the page - the other squeezed below boggled my mind.

I am glad this was a review. I would have chucked it. Great, her kid enjoyed it, though. I sure didn't.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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The core theme about showing kindness is lovely but the execution does not really work. The format isn't quite right for a children's book. The illustrations seem to be taken from some old PC video game. It would need to be reworked with less text and a better layout on par with the genre codes to make it more reader friendly, both for adults and children. The help of a professional publisher and illustrator would surely work wonders. Good luck!!

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I requested for this book on NetGalley because of the colourful and captivating cover. I loved the cover so much that I had to read the book. The Brooch by Sandeep Kumar Mishra is a cute picture book conveying a beautiful message-the language of kindness and compassion.

Just like the cover, the illustrations too are bright, colourful, and attractive. The story teaches the beauty of kindness and how it spreads all around in a butterfly effect.

But honestly, I struggled to read the book and skipped quite a bit. Somehow, the book failed to grab my attention.

These are a few things that did not work in favour for the book.

I felt the book was not perfectly adapted to the targeted audience. Younger readers cannot read this on their own and would struggle to understand even when they are being read to. This book might be appropriate for students in grade 5, but it lacks sufficient content to even hold their attention.

There is a lot of text on every page, with many hard words. The font size and style could have been adapted to grab the interest of early readers. The images, though colourful and bright, do not go hand in hand with the text. Also, too many details are captured in the illustrations, which again makes the reading challenge.

The story needs another round of editing and proofreading. There are grammatical errors and sentences requiring restructuring.

The Brooch has a lovely message to share with children and the world but fails miserably on account of poor execution.
Wordsopedia Rating 2.4/5

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This is the first book I've read on Net Galley. On a whole the message of the book, paying it forward, being kind and generous, understanding another persons point of view are very powerful and important messages. But I felt the books format was lacking. Too much text on a page. Illustrations did not match with the text. Not sure what age group book is targeted to.

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Good message. But I think the illustration in the cover didn't rendered perfectly. So, It looks a little bit off to me

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Even though this book had a good description I felt like there sadly were elements that let it down a little. It felt quite wordy for a children's story and the illustrations were bright and colourful but felt to be more on a budget.
I am sure though that a physical copy would be much more vibrant and enjoyable.

I did like the story itself but I don't think on the whole this one was for me Im afraid.
Huge thank you to the publishers and netgalley for allowing me a review copy though.

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The story is sweet -- simple ideas and a powerful message. The illustrations are sweet- colourful and smooth. Parents will enjoy reading to their children and we continue to discuss the ideas in the book after. A must for every library. Nice work.

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