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Kaleidoscopic Shades

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this boo;k was very scary and a great read.....this book really made me think.....I enjoyed the author's writing style

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Although i carried on with the book it seemed very slow to get started. The story wasn't intriguing enough at first to good the readers attention. The book itself is well written and the characters are realistic and well built but the story line moved too slowly for me.

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I enjoyed this book. It’s funny how it was able to stick with me. I started reading this book Back in Oct, got away from reading for quite some time yet I still had this book with me when I picked it back up to finish it.

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This was something a little bit different, and in all the right ways.

Horror, scifi, paranormal, thriller – it’s tough to pigeonhole this into a genre but I saw another reviewer put it perfectly insofar as if Twin Peaks and Twilight Zone had a baby. Yep. That sums it right up.

The main character is Bob who has some demons that he thought he’d left in the rear view mirror, but alas, they continue through his son. Plot, characters, timelines are all imaginatively and fantastically written.

I urge you to step outside your literature comfort zone and read this badboy.

Kaleidoscopic Shades Within Black Eternity has introduced me to David A. Neuman and I’ll be checking out any other works of his I can get my greedy eyes on!

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This was quite confusing and I eventually gave up at around 25%. The concept just wasn’t for me, but I’m sure others will enjoy. Thank you for the advanced copy.

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Started good but as I kept going through it I just couldn't keep focused on it. Really good ideas just not for me.

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Bob thought that he escaped his demons from his past, until he realizes that he passed those memories onto his son. They move across the country to seek answers and to find away to escape these memories. An imaginative time travel thriller with suspense and fantasy mixed in. The plot and characters are fantastically written.

Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for this review copy, I received this review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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I was so confused by this book. Is it a horror novel? A science fiction thriller? A dystopian adventure? The simple answer is yes.

The exploits of young Joshua Triplow and his family is a weird, twisting tale involving time travel, dreamwalking, aliens and secret cabals. It's dark and creepy and a little disturbing at times, with scenes of child abuse and references to sexual acts (but no actual sexuality).

I'll be honest, I didn't understand all of what happened or why. I'm not going to read it again to try to understand more.

Thanks to Netgalley, Donald Neuman and Gatekeeper Press for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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