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So Many Lions, So Few Daniels

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I selected the book because the title appealed to me. I know Comfort's work and he clearly has a strong following with his videos and tracks. And his style works. For a particular audience. I'm just not that audience.

I find his style is one that focuses on peoples fears ... of death and what happens after we die. I believe Jesus's message is a love-based one and that in discovering how much we are loved by God, learning how to receive such love, we are able to live in communion with God and not fear death and what happens afterwards.

Comfort works through Daniel to emphasise his perspectives and each chapter features 4-5 pages of 'example' evangelistic encounters which I found a little bit strange and didn't read them after the first two chapters. The testimonies at the end of the book are lovely to read which confirms that Comfort's ministry does have a positive impact for certain people which is good. In addition, there are some good perspectives on sinfulness but this isn't my sort of book. It's modern-day fire and brimstone which just doesn't fit with my theology which is one based around love. Love really can change everything, it being the greatest force in the universe.

I received an early ebook copy from the publisher via NetGalley and this has no bearing on my review.

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This is a review of Ray Comforts new book So Many Lions, Too Few Daniels, and I have to say right away this book is amazing!  Ray Comfort is am evangelist, and he wants to share his message of how Jesus saved and transformed his life in a very powerful way.  He wants to help fellow believers put aside their fear, and begin to share their stories of what Christ has done in their lives, so we get the Gospel message out to a hopeless world, and this book does exactly that, it shows us how!! 

I chose this book because I too have been saved and transformed by Jesus Christ, and I wanted some help on how to share my story with others, so I chose this book because God has been using Ray Comfort for decades to share the Gospel, and now he helps people, like me, who also want to share the Gospel, but aren't always sure how. Well if that's you too, then this book is for you!

This book is not a how to save people in 10 easy steps...NO, but it is a book that will guide you as you seek the Lord and His word which is truly the way we learn to evangelize others, we go to the source, Jesus and His Word!  Ray points us to Jesus and His word, and gives examples of conversations he has had with people, which is so helpful.  I felt like I was right there listening in, and I learned so much. His way of is not pushy, disrespectful or anything like that, but it is truthful and filled with love and hope for a fallen world filled with sinners in need of a Savior just like him. 

I learned so much about the Gospel, and the Scripture verses he showed in the book really helped me to grow even more as a long time Christian!  This book is well written, easy to read, and so vital as it helps us to release our fears, and teaches us how to start a conversation with someone, and hopefully lead them to the Lord.  It is not our job to save them, but it is our job to tell them what Jesus has done in our lives, and then come alongside them and help them draw close to the Lord in discipleship! 

So I think this book is so vital right now, and after reading it, I feel good about being more equipped to share my faith without fear, and have asked the Lord to give me courage and opportunity to share the hope that both Ray and I have found in Christ. This book will definitely be a book I will keep referring to.  It is a short book, but full of great truth and ideas to share your faith!  So I give it a 5 out of 5 star rating, and highly recommend it!!

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For Christians struggling to hold on to their faith in a society wholly against it.
This book explores the book of Daniel and how Daniel chose to stand alone in his faith, no matter what. He resolved to hold his faith before the trials came, and he remained steadfast in throughout his trials.

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I was looking for a book on spiritual warfare (which I thought was what I'd be getting). Instead this book is full of redundant conversations with evangelical cliche. It also has. a lot of book placements for what I'm assuming is the authors other books. I'm not going to look into it too far, as this book kind of turned me off. I was looking forward to the topic, but this sadly just seems to be a replay of the well known conversation, you're a sinner and you need Jesus, which in today's world needs a little more depth than what this book seems to provide.

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Ray Comfort does an amazing job at evangelism. He is definitely an inspiration and whether watching his channel or reading his book you can really see his love for all people and his desire to share the truth of Christ.
I would definitely recommend this book!

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I give this book 1.5 out of 5 Stars.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC of this book.

I’ll be perfectly honest, this was the worst book I have ever read. I say this as a fairly devout follower of Christianity, this book is not it. What feels like 60 percent of this book is direct quotes from the Bible, with little to no context. The author makes a claim of a sentence or two and follows it up with half a page of scripture. It felt more like a “Christianity for Dummies” literature review than anything else. The other bulk of this book is the author sharing “stories” of his encounter which usually boil down to “we’re all sinners, let me advertise my other books”. This all felt like over simplified preaching and a high increased sense of self promotion. This is not a book I recommend.

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Thank you to Baker Books and NetGalley for allowing me to read this ARC of Ray Comfort's So Many Lions, So Few Daniels. My thoughts are my own.

Initial Thoughts
This was my first time reading Ray Comfort. Overall, I found So Many Lions, So Few Daniels to be a good read. What really impressed me was that at the end of each chapter, Comfort includes actual conversation scripts that he has had with people over the years, conversations asking if they believe in God and know where they are going when they die: heaven or hell. Each conversation is unique and offers a glimpse into the lives of the people he has witnessed to.

While I found Comfort's book to be a good read, I found the title and subtitle a little misleading. They both sound like Comfort will engage his readers with how to be more of a Daniel who encountered the lion's den, e.g., "how to face your lions". Instead this book focuses heavily on how to witness to people in today's culture. Don't get me wrong: this is our ultimate mission! I just find Comfort's title misaligned with his message. While he does speak to "the lions we face", I think his ultimate message is to witness to those around us, something we as Christians should all endeavor to do.

I have plenty of passages highlighted, their messages having impacted me. And I've already started speaking about this book to people around me. (It publishes March 14, 2023, by the way).

Bottom Line
If you're looking for a book on how to engage today's culture, to present the Gospel to them with the myriad of religious thoughts and aversions and turning from Christian ideals, Comfort's book is the ideal guidebook for you.

One final thought: at the conclusion, Comfort provides feedback from people who have been impacted by his ministry over the years; many of them purchased tracts from his website and ended up leaving them around their communities. My biggest goal is to do the same; what an easy way to spread the Gospel message. We're called to plant the seeds; only God can foster and bring people to him.

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