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Finding Elevation

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Lisa has written an emotional moving open real look at her life.She shares her battle with cancer difficult relationships and her awe inspiring bravery I’m petrified of heights and Lisa. Limbs to the highest elevation facing danger obstacles but she forges on.Brave is an understatement for the way she lives her life.#netgalley #girlfriday
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I love a good nonfiction book, but lately I’ve struggled with rating my reading experience. I read for enjoyment. Rating a true story feels like judging. But who am I to judge? All I will ever climb are stairs and here I am writing down my 5 cents about tough mountaineer? Ha! 

But it’s fine. Completely fine. Because I loved every page of “finding elevation” and as picky a reader I can be, here I came across a fantastic read. 

The author grabs your attention right from the start. The writing is outstanding! A story of heartbreak, struggle and suffering. But also a story about passion, determination and success. Lisa wrote about relationships as well and here I felt so much raw emotion. But she writes with honesty and respect, such a rare, beautiful combination. I rooted for her, but there’s no need. She wins multiple battles AND wrote a book about it that is just awesome. Go ahead and read it.
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I read a lot of books on mountaineering.  Ever since reading Into Thin Air, it's a sport that I find very intriguing, but am definitely too afraid to actually do despite enjoying other endurance activities.  Most books are written by third parties and focus on deaths and severe hardships of tackling the world's highest peaks.  This book represents a refreshing change to the genre.  First, it's a memoir, and written by a woman.  She brings a fresh perspective!  Her focus is much more on the "why" of climbing, which is something I'm very curious about.  Why risk your life to stand on top of a mountain?  

Lisa shares these psychological aspects of the sport in edition to sharing her experience of climbing K2, arguably the hardest mountain to tackle.  She's an engaging storyteller, and I read this book in just a few days.  The suspense is mitigated a bit by the fact that you know she survives to "tell the tale", but it was offset by her personal story of growing up in a family where she never quite felt she was enough.  

Very good and unique addition to the books exploring this sport.
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A life of adventures

"Tenuously standing thousands of feet above Seattle forced me to release control. Not to lose it, but to release it to a mountain that would always be bigger and fiercer than me. With control out of the way that morning, I felt its counterbalance: freedom."

Lisa Thompson didn't grow up in the mountains. Instead, in her home state of Illinois, she spent her days exploring woods and cornfields. The first person in her family to go to college, she became an engineer and moved to Seattle. It is there that she started climbing mountains, ultimately climbing Mount Everest, completing the seven summits and being the second American woman to summit K2. In this book, she shares how she got drawn to climbing mountains. 

I really enjoyed Lisa's life story, especially the 8000m peaks she summited and her struggle with self worth and self doubt, as well as her fight with cancer. Her writing is quite captivating. I wish she'd also mention her other mountaineering feats in the book, as it mostly covers the pacific northwest, Manaslu, Everest and K2. She never really even mentions completing the seven summits. Overall, this a fascinating book for those who enjoy reading about mountaineering.
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